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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 24 ng 1337 mga server
You want to join a good J4J server?
Our fast growing community contains: self assignable roles, invite rewards and exclusive emojis!
We are currently looking for staff, with a requirement of 10 invites a week!
Hello! We make it simple just advertise and hangout and kick it back with your friends and even play some games to take everything out your mind and chill..
a new and welcoming server with self promotion ♥

share your
♥ youtube channel
♥ twitch
♥ Instagram
♥ discord servers
♥ spotify
and more

this server also has memes, voice and music channels, and self roles
Advertising Portal For Amazing Things

Want to grow your server? no? Perhaps a facebook page? something else?
Then we're here for you!
NO annoyances, straight to the advertising!

We Offer :
Permanent ads - No they won't disappear if you leave.
No post limit! - You're only limited by the slow-mode. But you can post your ad wherever you see fit within the server!
Multiple users can post the same ad!
NSFW Servers are OK
No annoying verifications when entering / posting!
Loads of different channels to post your ad in!
We won't delete your ad! - Only if you post NSFW outside NSFW channels But if you post your sfw ad in the wrong category that's fine, your loss if someone is searching for a specific server and won't find yours!
Partner roles! - With partner specific ad channels where you can post your ad freely!
Activity roles - Unlock more special ad channels being active in the server!

Well? What are you waiting for!?
**WO L V E S A D V E R T I S E M E N T**

Wolves Advertisement is a server offering you with a fresh new server filled with unlimited advertising.

「🐺」 We offer many different channels for you to advertise in such as community servers, bot servers and many more.
「🌲」**Unlimited advertising** limited to the cooldown.
「🐺」There are channels for promoting social media as well such as, **tiktok, facebook, snapchat.**
「🌲」 Weekly giveaway winner gets **nitro.**
「🐺」More to come as we continue to grow and improve!

Staff & Partnerships:
「🌲」Looking for Moderators and Helpers.
「🐺」We are interested to **partner**! Checkout our partnership info!

Join to experience Wolves Advertisement [🌲]
Welcome to [Cosmos]
A server for everything, gaming, chat, cancer, and fun.
= Here's what this server can offer you! =
- Free animated emojis!
- 🎮 Gaming! Find a teammate for your corresponding game!
- 👥 Community Yet another chill, and a non-toxic community...Like all other servers "promise".
- 🤔 Emojis Tons of emojis, the sickest think emojis down town.
- 💰 Economy An economy system to compete against others!.
- 🤖 Bots Tons of bots, about 14.
- 👏 Memes Everyone in this server = Cancer.
- 🔴 Roles React to instantly give yourself a role!
- 🏳️‍🌈 Colour Roles
- 🔊 Advertise You are always welcome to partner with us.
- 🔥 Games Play games like Hangman, TicTacToe and chess with the community!
- ❗ Updates Get updated for patches on your favourite games,The Fortnite item shop and YouTube videos!
- 🥔 Potatoes! Buy one get one free!.
◜ ◝
Ɪɴᴛʀᴏ: Nιɠԋƚ Lιɠԋƚ
1:05 ───|────── 2:53
|◁ II ▷|
∞ ↺
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %
◟ ◞

Greetings Traveler!
You look like you've been traveling for a while. Come rest up at our refuge, Night Light! Our server was designed to give Discord users a place to take a break from the world. We're a kind bunch that offer friendship, loyalty, conversation, and relaxation! We're constantly looking for new members!


♫♪.ılılıll What We Offer: llılılı.♫♪
♫ Friendly Staff
♫ Safe Environment
♫ Cute Emojis
♫ Supportive Members
♫ Game Nights

♫♪.ılılıll Things That May Interest You: llılılı.♫♪
♫ Soft Night Sky Vibe Theme
♫ Partnerships
♫ Advertisement
♫ Affiliations
♫ Hobby Channels
♫ 100% SFW


♫♪.ılılıll Looking For: llılılı.♫♪
♫ Partnership Managers
♫ Nitro Boosters (Will receive perks)
♫ Active Members (Our goal is to become a larger server!)


We hope you'll join us!

🌴Hi and welcome to Content Creator Hub.🌴
🤔You can advertise anything you want here, there are no requirements. Come join us today.🤔

🧙‍♂️We always search partners. Your just need to have a discord server with 50+ members.🧙‍♂️

🥀What do we offer in our server?🥀
🌴Channel Ads🌴
🌴Video Ads🌴
🌴Server Ads🌴
🌴Website Ads🌴
🌴Game Ads🌴
🌴Game Server Ads🌴
🌴Social Media Ads🌴
🍒Tips And Tricks🍒
👨🏻‍🏫Need Help👨🏻‍🏫
🔰Donater/Nitro Booster Perks🔰

🍭If link dosen't work, use this link :🍭
Pikachu's Advertisements is a chill advertising server themed after its lovely mascott, Pikachu. Here we have very few channels, a clean layout, and lax moderation.

We provide you with:

⚡ Advertising channels, only limited by a cooldown.

⚡ Many Pokemon emotes to enjoy for Nitro users.

⚡ Light moderation, feel free to post to your heart's content.

⚡ Find partners, j4j channel, social media advertising, etc.

⚡No unnecessary channels, gets straight to what matters.
Hey, this is the Promotion Center! We are currently advertising. Would you care to join?
Want to gain some members? Want to advertise your server with just only a 1 hours cooldown? You looking at the right ad my friend

Welcome to The Ginyu Force Advertisement

What do we have to offer:

bots wih good moderation

10+ channels to advertise in

Weekly exclusive role giveaway

You can hire some staffs or look for a job in a server and you can even partner with other server if you like.
Join us:
Introducing ◆
Lordreid's Advertise Cafe

[ What is this server for ]
This Server Is Mainly For Posting Ads, Finding Partnerships
And Enjoying Yourself With Your
Preferred Drink & Snacks :hamburger:

[ Can i advertise on this server ]
Yes You Can Advertise Your Youtube, Twitch, Discord Servers,
Social Media, And Many More :computer:

◆ Features Include ◆
• 15 Discord Catergories
• 8 Social Media/Video Platform Catergories
• Post Meme's And/Or Funny Images
• Find Partnerships On Our "Find A Partner" Channel
• Post In Our "Marketplace" To Buy/Sell Anything Digital
• 10 Colorful Self-Assignable Roles

I Hope Enjoy Your Stay Here (If Decide To Join)
Want to Advertise your Discord server or Social media for free ?

We offer:
- 60+ categories to Advertise your servers and Social media
- Active server (22 500+ members)
- Weekly Giveaways / Events
- Different Partnerships depending on your server size
- A steady way to grow your member count

● Marketplace - BUY & SELL
● FREE server advertising
● HQ fake IDs
● Shops
● FREE shit

Join the community now
Owner of original DustIDMarket

Welcome to DGP! Our goal is to help you grow or improve your server and social media, and we provide not just channels to advertise, but resources to grow from effective outside sources, as well as tips and tricks to use these resources effectively.

We provide you with:

🌀 A multitude of channels to advertise your server in (4 ads per day allowed).

🌀 300 amazing, adorable, and funny emojis! (Level 2 Nitro boosted!).

🌀 Channels for advertising your social media, art videos, and more

🌀 Channels for memes, photography, artwork, introductions, and more!.

🌀 Channels for growth advice, finding partners, finding staff, bot help, etc.

🌀 Partnerships, alliances, giveaways, shoutouts, and other extras to help you grow.

🌀 A new modmail system for feedback and direct growth support to help members improve their servers!

So stop on by and join in on the fun! We know that we have a lot to offer you!

Snapcord is a community for snapchat! We aim to be the biggest snapchat discord server. Our server is intended for people to make friends with new people and help them find people on snap!
𝕵𝖔𝖎𝖓 ✨Japanime! ✨!
▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

➶ | active staff and chat 👥

➶ | self-promotion 🔥

➶ | anime and memes 🌸

➶ | partnership friendly 🤝

➶ | everyone is welcome 🏳️‍🌈

➶ | events 🎁

▂▂▂▂▂▂ ▂▂▂▂▂▂

Join us today! We're new but you wont regret it! :handshake:
**Are you a dumb idiot?**
__Well we are too!__
🤗 Here at the retar-I mean obama's warehouse we care that you are taken very serious... __Screw that__, here at this **Chinese knockoff** for a server, we dont care if you are funny or not. We need you in this server ASAP. If you do not join you forgot the funny.
😂 We didn't forget the funny unlike uncle Billy over there
🐸 Dedicated meme channels (dont you dare talk about why the emoji is a FROG)
📊 Self promotion channels because we need this to grow :dab-emoji-that-doesn't-work:
🧠 We have big brains (And big pp's :wink:)
🔪 Join pls
😞 We are mentally unstable just like you!
Join today at 911-youForgotTheFunny-42069! That's 911-youForgotTheFunny-42069.
Or just by clicking this link to get your order of funny FOR FREE! THATS RIGHT **FREE**
Scam link:
Virus download:
This is a server where you can advertise ANYTHING.
-bot channel
-many ranks
-self assignable roles
-advertise any type of discord, or social media
Advertise your server to get new members on your server and grow your community. We support server advertising of nearly all server types and also offer Social Media advertisements. We offer advanced services like our bump bot Open Bump that you can use for free to get even more member on your server and grow even faster.
Pío’s hangout server has lots to offer. theres no reason not to join.
Looking for a place to grow and advertise your server and social media for free? Or maybe, just looking for a new server to join? Well, you've come to the right place!

Digia Advertising Services (DAS) offers just about everything you need to grow your server:

- Discord Growth Experts to give you advice on how to grow your server.

- Different channels for different server categories.

- Our own custom, multifunctional bot that includes many features such as an Economy System, Server Utilities, NSFW, Fun, and more!

- We also offer premium and deluxe advertising!

- Social media advertising!

If you are not interested in advertising your server you can always chat with the community and join in many more activities!

- Community events!

- A wholesome community to interact with.

- A great moderation team.

What are you waiting for? Join now!