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Trading server for Rocket League on Switch with free to enter giveaways and competitions daily! Active Price Checkers, a Crate simulator and pokécord Like bot!
Hello and welcome to the discord server of JK 11 XD. I have 1110 subs on Youtube maybe check me out ;). I upload Rocket League and Rainbow videos. In this server you can join the rocket league team J2 and compete in tournaments. Even if you're not playing in the tournament you can still watch all the games!
Team Relucent is back!
We are a new, upcoming, high standard team looking for members in the following fields:
Freestyle, Competitive, Design and Edits.

Our current recruitment status:
• Freestyle :white_check_mark:
• Competitive :white_check_mark:
• Designers :white_check_mark:
• Editors :white_check_mark:


Come join to meet new people to play with, talk to and maybe apply!
-Team Relucent
ResEfed es una comunidad en la que la gente juega online al videojuego WWE 2K19 en la plataforma Playstation 4. Algunos de nuestros usuarios forman parte de nuestro roster de luchadores activos, con el que realizamos shows semanales que emitimos cada domingo en nuestro canal de Youtube (Res Efed).

La gente se entretiene, hace amistades y vive grandes momentos aquí. Se habla a menudo de wrestling y se ven shows de Wrestling en directo. También se habla de otra gran variedad de temas de cualquier índole.

Présentation de la Nyzen

Nyzen E-Sport, a été crée le 20/04/2020 et est principalement sur Fortnite, pour le moment.
De grosse ambitions, passez sous loi 1901, atteindre les 1k membres discord, nos propre maillots faire passez nos joueurs sous contrats, faire des lan.


Tout type de recrutements est ouvert !

Nos Réseaux

Instagram :
Twitter :
Discord :
Notre Logo :

Nos Partenaires :

Bientôt One X Wear
Looking for the best Cricket server? Congratulations, You have found the right place!

Welcome to the ICC-Cricket Discord server!

We are a fast, active and a growing Cricket Community!
Reached 100+ Members in 1 Month!

Here we offer you multiple awesome stuffs in this server:
```🤯Talk to addicted cricket fans like us!
😱Virtual Cricket Tournaments that you can play with others!
🔴Live stream matches!
✅Roles reward and currency system!
😂Cricket memes
📰Get direct news and update from the ICC Official Website
💻Watch today's games and memorable highlights
💭Off topic channels
🎮Games that are related and unrelated to cricket!
🎯You name it!
We look forward for you to see there! Join now!
Rocket league team for all ranks and regions and a good community for anyone who isn’t interested in playing!
Welcome to NBA 2k! Our server consists of many passionate gamers that love the video game NBA 2k. Our server contains amazing things and it would be great if you decided to join us.
Mid Night Club is a 🔰JDM/Euro🇪🇺 Car club dedicated to Forza Horizon 4 and Gta5
Volts Esports is a gaming team for the game Rocket League. We've competed in several tournaments, earning money for our team. Ranks platinum to Grand champs are free to tryout, but don't worry; anyone is welcome to join our server. There are plenty of things to do to get you involved. See you soon!
I know you are looking for a server to play PES MOBILE TOURNAMENTS and for DISCUSSING ABOUT REAL FOOTBALL then WELCOME TO OUR PES MOBILE HUB.We have active Fun chat of pes and football.

⚽️ We organise more than 13 pes mobile tournaments with some qualifications to make tournament tough.
⚽️We have members who loves to discuss about real world football also.
⚽️ player compete to become player of the season of our server and which is very tough.If you think you can become POTS of our server then join our family.
⚽️ Weekly mini events such that 🤔 guess the player and 🏆puskas awards.
⚽️ Talk here about pes mobile and give tips or take tips to improve your game.Play friendly matches.
⚽️Latest updates about pes mobile.
⚽️Gives us suggestion and you can also organise tournament OR feedback for tournaments to make changes in it.
⚽️Many reward for tournament winners.
⚽️ Custom Giveaways and self promotion channel.

Adding many more tourneys and events
Join us now. !!!
You're probably looking for a PES Mobile Discord server and have seen a few options... so let me tell you why you would want to join this one!

- We run a variety of tournaments, such as Champions Leagues, World Cups and many more themed tournaments and leagues!

- We have a custom bot to get all the player stats you crave! As well as helping to make themed draft tournaments

- A friendly and welcoming community who are continuously growing!

So don't hesitate to give us a try!
Bei 90+5 schlüpfst Du in die Rolle des Managers Deiner Wunschnation und kämpfst in den Meisterschaften um Ruhm und Ehre. Gelingt es Dir Weltmeister zu werden?

Setze Dein Torkontingent strategisch clever ein und zeige den anderen was Du drauf hast.

Mit einem zeitlichen Aufwand von wenigen Minuten pro Woche kannst Du großes erreichen! Kostenfrei und ohne Pay-to-win!
Global Spec Racing is an F1 2019 league on Xbox and PS4 that’s growing everyday! We currently have 3 divisions for drivers of different skill sets to come compete against each other in. We hope to see you on track!
Hello! Welcome to Okami High, we are a future real life team, in a few years, maybe 2 or 3, we are going to meet up and we are going to strive to be the best! We are looking for members! So make sure to join!
This is a Rocket League server called E V O L U T I O N also known as (Evo).
This is basically a server for rocket league players to hang around in and find teammates. We have a club representing this discord called EVO.
If u are looking for a server for PES MOBILE you are at right place
You can enjoy the following perks in our server :-

1. Most Active- Regular game related chats , suggestions and tips with server members in .

2.Challenges every week where you can submit and compete your skills with members and winner gets Rewards .

3. Every season TOURNAMENTS: Premier-League, La-Liga and UCL where on winning you will get 4.99$ NITRO CLASSIC .

4. Exciting giveaways and rewards

5.You can also suggest us regarding our servers and your problems , we'll help you and we will surely improve .

So what are you waiting for JOIN and Enjoy the server:
Server link:
A server where all cricket enthusiasts from around the globe can talk about the sport we all love!
Welcome to Football Career RP, we are a nice small community that we enjoy talking and roleplaying. Over here you have the free choice to wether be a player, a coach or even a journalist! If you pick on being a player you will begin on the bottom. Meaning you will have to climb up to make it to a world-class league with an ace club! And you will have to work on your rating to become a champion which is by training which over here he would RP it. If you pick manager you will as well start in a small club but at least it would be easier to get to a bigger club. Now, here at Football Career RP would appreciate it if you could get an understanding of the rules.
1. No mention @ everyone or @ here That will be a strong warning or could lead to a ban.
2. No spamming. If someone spawn, it will be a warning
3.Do not complain if you don't get what you want, sorry but nothing will go your way and take it from the guy who made it to the Champions League finals and lost after he did a mistake...
4. Don't use racial slurs in a manner to offend someone.
5.Do not DM staff-people for useless things.
6. Don't crack jokes that you know offend other people.
7. You can't be best at the start,you have to work hard to get scouted.
8.Moderators Cannot Grade Themselves,they must be graded from other mods,this goes for the members as well
9. If you pick to be manager you have to keep it up and be a good/active manager or else he will be fired from his position in the club.
10. And please remember that your OC must pick a club from “# low class.”
If you are willing to follow those rules then here at Football Career RP would like to welcome you! And we wish you good luck, we don’t know what could happen; maybe you could be a league winner, champions league winner, World Cup winner and hopefully someday a Ballon D’or winner. Till then
Herzlich willkommen in der offiziellen deutschen MiniRacingOnline Community.

MiniRacingOnline ist ein F1-Rennspiel mit einer simplen 2D-Grafik, bei dem man mit Autos verschiedenster Rennserien (F1, DTM, Rallye,
Indie, Nascar......) aus der Vogelperspektive auf Bestzeitjagd geht.

Das Beste am Spiel: Es hat einen Onlinemodus bei dem man mit bis zu 32 Spielern gegeneinander packende und realistische Rennen fahren kann.

Das Spiel gibt auch sehr viel in Sachen Realismus her: Die richtige Reifenwahl, Strategie, Setup und Benzinmenge sind ebenso wichtig wie den Windschatten des Vordermannes auszunutzen, die richtige Runde für den Boxenstop zu finden und ein gutes Gefühl für das Wetter zu haben.

Alle Informationen und Hilfe findest du hier auf dem Server.

Deutsche Community:
Offizielle Spiel Homepage:
The return of X-Kick Online a game long gone but has been revived by a group of fans!
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
High level rocket league player currently 1800 in rocket league and will boost anyone for HALF OFF my regular prices due to season 13 ending soon. I started boosting my close friends for free but decided maybe to spread it to others for a cheap price. Fast. Quick. Easy.

Steam account -
The Discord National Basketball Association is for everyone. It's fun and competitive and the atmosphere is non-toxic. We have about 45 players right now ranging from college to the NBA. We have lots of fun features like the Olympics every 4 years as well as a 3 point contest and we will add a dunk contest soon. Expansion teams will be added in a few seasons as well as high school. Overall, the league is a nice experience and friendly and updates to the league are made regularly. Make a coach or a player. All are welcome.