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This is a WWE roleplay server up and coming. Join right now and get drafted!

Read the rules and have fun!
Season 3: Rifts and Revenge

The year is 13ABY. There is chaos. The New Republic is in turmoil. The Senate is in dissent and indecision. Its worlds are being ravaged by pirates and insurgencies. The Second Empire, formed through a union of Warlords, is suffering the same fate. Political rifts between Moffs threaten the unity of the Second Empire
Revenge has no place in a stable leadership, but a mysterious faction led by someone unknown has risen with the help of notorious crime syndicates. Is it The Phantom? Will it strike again? Or is this something completely new...

The tight grip of the various governments is loosening, grains fall through the cracks. But soon, these grains could become something larger. Will they be able to hold everything together? Or will they slip through and prove to be more troublesome threats?


You have landed on a fun, interactive and enjoyable Star Wars roleplay server set after the events of Return of the Jedi (Episode 6) and before the Sequel Trilogy. So create a character, (or don't, we have plenty of stuff for non roleplayers) and get stuck in. You won't want to miss what is about to unfold.

🤗 An active, growing and friendly community
🗺️ Open to everyone from around the world
⭐ A Discord ROLEPLAY server set in the Star Wars Galaxy!
👌 Over 100+ channels & roles dedicated to roleplay!
🤖 Cool CUSTOM bots that you can use and have fun with.
😎 Great and helpful staff members!
✏️ The freedom to create your own characters and storylines.
🎉 Weekly events that you can attend in roleplay.
🎊 Serverwide interactive events!

(Knowledge of the films is valued but isn't required.)
So what are you waiting for? We eagerly await your arrival at our spaceport.

We are looking for active staff members and active RPers to help run new factions and stories for the server. Upon joining, please DM the owner if interested.
[ = A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... = ]

It’s a NEW AGE for the galaxy. The Galactic Empire has controlled the vast majority of explored space and those who oppose their regime are silenced. But not everybody has gone quietly; where there is dark, there is light. The Rebel Alliance, when faced with the technological terror of the Death Star, refused to submit and became that light for a galaxy consumed by the dark. There’s no doubt that the Battle of Yavin marks only another chapter...

The year is now 2 ABY. The Rebel Alliance has relocated to Hoth, and they are gaining more and more support from backwater worlds after their victory in the Battle of Yavin. They have also received support from several Force-sensitives, both young and old, who have come out of hiding. The Rebels' victory has given them confidence that the Alliance will win this war. The Force-sensitives have gone on to form The Rebel Knights, who fight alongside Rebel soldiers similar to the Jedi and clonetroopers during The Clone Wars. But the Dark Side remains prevalent. The Inquisitorious continues to gain strength and hunt these Rebel Knights relentlessly, led by the fearsome and ruthless Darth Vader. Meanwhile, rumors have begun to spread throughout the galaxy regarding the return of the famed Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Unknown Regions, fueling further fear of The Empire. Will the Emperor continue to reign across the galaxy?
We are a league based server. Open for all who play league to make friends in a non toxic environment
cafe fantome


Cafe Fantôme is a new Persona server mainly dedicated to the upcoming games of Persona 5. We are a server attempting to build a cozy environment for all who would like to join. We offer:

☆ Organized channels
☆ Pretty dope emojis
☆ Self roles
☆ Level up roles that change color
☆ Cool bots like UNO
☆ LGBT friendly
☆ NSFW channel (18+ only)

and much more! Go ahead and give this new server a try. Thank you ✿◡‿◡
Alola, trainers!

- Trading / Pokedex / Safe Trades

- Battling / Tournaments / Gyms

- Max-raid battles / dynamax + g-max

- Hundreds of Sword and Shield players / Friend Codes / League Cards

- Giveaways / Pokecord / Mewbot / Myuu / Who's that Pokemon

- Discussions / Friendly Community / Fun

What are you waiting for? Join us today! :)
Serveur RP sur un monde ou la magie est au centre de l'attention

Voici, Unisia, un monde la magie peut faire vivre, comme faire mourir

-Le roi d'Unisia vient de mourir laissant place à un trône vide et à l'anarchie totale. Dans ce monde sans loi, Des personnes se distinguèrent des autres et voulurent calmer la guerre.


Nous t'attendons avec impatiente !
After the disbandment of the Phantom Thieves, new persona users arose from the shadows. These persona users are filled with potential, to make groups and more. With this server, we have an original storyline made by the staff team, and me.
Join us today, and your life will be changed in our amazing roleplay.

We use awakening methods from persona 3,4, and 5. We have a combat system that stays true to source material, and also offer the creation of your own custom skills! We also offer an extremely active almost 24/7 RP that isn’t difficult to join, and become involved in. We also have special roles, and are looking for more active community members!

Solstice is a version of Mementos, except it represents the cognitive world of the entire universe.

We offer original teams IRP that you can join, and create formed by extremely dedicated people. We also have requirements for teams, and make sure every leader meets them before creation.

Join us in our roleplay, and your life will change!
Welcome to My little pony~ friendship beyond!

This is a recently made rp server that’s growing super fast!


After twilight’s coronation as the official princess of Equestria, well, life goes on! Join us on this new adventure, where new threats appear and where friendship never ends. Who might you be? A new element? A chillax character? Perhaps a villain!? Well, whatever you choose, you’re sure to have lots of fun!

This server takes place after the finally of the show and includes:

-Many rp channels
-Welcoming and loving staff
-all species or almost to rp with
-fun emotes
-some cool bots
-social channels to show off ur talents
-and much more!!

Hope we’ll see ya soon!
Hello! this is a roleplay server that is set in the post-apocalyptic and I would love for y'all to join! Just so you know this is a nsfw server and you're sure to have fun!
Streamclan, Rockclan, Forestclan, and Sunclan all used to inhabit the valley, but it was rare that they got along. Once their discontent reached the boiling point, war broke out, and Sunclan was destroyed in the process. Now the remaining clans are looking for forgiveness -- or at least, that's what they claim.

Literate / multi-paragraph / third-person Warrior Cats roleplay
Ventures of Tamriel is a brand-new Elder Scrolls text roleplay server that has every single province of Tamriel. From the Summerset Isle to Skyrim, we have it all! Please, join us and adventure with fellow RPers in the lands of Tamriel, and possibly beyond.
-We have joinable race roles! (Dunmer, Altmer, Nord, etc)
-Categories of each province containing every major city to RP in!
-Special roles you can acquire by participating in chat and being active!

We are interested in establishing a relatively lax roleplaying server that everyone is welcome to! We do expect you to have at least a bit of roleplaying experience, and to be literate. If you aren't too familiar with the basics of the lore though, we'd be fine with any questions you may have!
This a Pokémon and café themed server! Make friends to play pokemon and POTCG with here!!

we mostly have:
-pokemon themed roles
-monthly steam game giveaways
-cafe themed roles
-leveling and shop system
-daily competitions for exclusive roles
A roleplay where you can be your own character in the world of Kingdom Hearts after the events of Kingdom Hearts III, although you can play as canon characters, too. We are a welcoming community that will always accept new people.
Dans un monde semblable mais à la fois différent au nôtre, dans une région ressemblant à notre Europe actuelle, la civilisation humaine a développé des capacités nommées Aesmirs. Chaque humains, la développent de manière différentes, et pour certains, un Aesmir ne se manifeste pas.

Pour beaucoup, cette apparition fut un don donné par les étoiles et l'espace, cependant quelques temps après la manifestation des Aesmirs, le danger guette la civilisation.
Des créatures mi-homme mi dragon, dotés du même language que les humains, les Adaemas, volaient les Aesmirs des humains. Encore énormément de mystères planent sur eux, personne ne connaît leur motivation.
C'est pourquoi, une Académie a été créée en temps de guerre. Aersyal, dispersée dans le monde entier, forme les défenseurs de la civilisation, et dirige les forces militaires.

Une paix fragile fut déclarée, mais cela va-t-il durer ?

Quel camp choisirez-vous ? Défenseur de l'humanité ? Ou serez vous un Adaemas, dont l'objectif de certains nous est encore inconnu ?

> Le rp est divisé en arcs, chaque arc sera guidé par une intrigue proposée par un roleplayer, avec ou sans antagoniste. Si vous souhaitez jouer ou travailler sur une intrigue, faites vos propositions dans les channels respectifs/ou en mp un administrateur si vous voulez une intrigue surprise.

> Je suis à la recherche de personnel de staff, n'hésitez pas à rejoindre le serveur et déposer votre candidature.
The RolePlay Outpost is a supportive and welcoming community of mature (read as 25+ and drama-free) writers seeking other like-minded writers. We offer a place to hang out and chat along with channels to receive respectful and constructive feedback on your writing.

We are the original 25+ hub server which also offers open drop in-drop out RP for when you just want to scratch that RP itch.

We strive to provide a place for people who remember the days of IIRC and good old-fashioned AOL/Yahoo RP. We even have a nostalgia channel for when you feel like saying "remember when?"

We offer:
•OOC Community - there is no elitism or hive-minded "mean girl" behavior here.
•Server advertisements, 1x1 plot and partner searches
•Collaborative writing channels
•Weekly writing prompts to help you stretch your creativity
•Character profile and development channels including regular character questions to help you develop your characters
•A caring and supportive environment for anyone who wishes to improve their writing
•Open RP channels with open settings perfect for when you want to relive the good ol' days of drop-in drop-out RP
•A parent channel for those of us who want to discuss the trials and tribulations of raising small humans
•Server events and games open to all members

⭐ From Feb 12-19, we will be playing a game of Guess Who? involving popular characters from a variety of media.

Prizes for this game will be a snazzy new vanity role in the color of the winner’s choosing!

If you are 25+ and seeking a hub to call home then The RolePlay Outpost is the place for you!
Welcome one and all to the first official Pokemon 5e Open world server! A mysterious Legendary Pokemon almost ended the world! With the regions being rebuilt, Johto stands ready for the world to travel. Make a trainer, choose your starter, and join the new order of trainers! Battle Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and become the Champion! Can you become strong enough to help prevent future disasters like the one that fell on the world around us?

This is an open world server and friendly community based on the D&D Pokemon 5e system by JoeTheDM. You create a character and load the Pokemon sheets into the Avrae bot. You start in the tutorial area, and then get your trainer license and head out into the world. So come and have fun with all of us and catch some Pokemon!!
__***Welcome to Ahmena!***__
Hello and welcome to Ahmena! This is a fantasy roleplay server, but that's not all we have. If you're not into roleplaying, we have a chatroom and other chats that you can have fun with the others. We are always open to suggestions and anything you may think to help the server. Come join us in this fantastical world of Ahmena!

500 years ago, that's when it all started. A corruption of the land forced the people of Bertallan to flee. Some traveled to Ahmena and the islands near it. These people went on to form Ollora and Lavoria. The tales of the corruption were eventually lost as the generations went by, now only a few children tales exist, scraps of the truth.
A few decades ago, there's seemed to be unrest in Ahmena. Soon after seers warned of bad things to come, the two elf kingdoms, Darsan and Elra, fell to now unknown means. As the years went by, increasingly strange things seem to happen in Ahmena, mostly in the Kingdoms of Morvian and Ayesal.
This brings us to current times, Ollora is peaceful, hardly aware of the darkness that seems to be creeping in. Lavoria only knows that the fish catches are slowly getting smaller. The villages of Ayesal have seen those that go into the swamp and never return, those that do speak of a glowing portal that they dared not go near, but they cannot find a way back to it. Morvian has lost many that followed the Ethereal River too far and never returned.
Now it's time for you to write your story, leave your mark on this world, but be wary, for who knows what the cause of this mystery is.
__***What We Offer:***__
• Fleshed out roleplay plot
• Anyone welcome
• Fun bots to play with
• Open to suggestions and additions
• Plenty of chats to share with others
Hosted by: @NightShade#8715
***Come Join Us And Be Apart Of The Story!***
A fan made role play server where we make our own persona users. We mix elements of Persona 4 and 5. While the story will be character driven, there will also be nfsw rp available.
Welcome to Desert’s Echoes! This is a role play server that follows people attempting to survive within a harsh and unforgiving desert. However, it isn’t just a normal desert; this world is filled with prehistoric creatures!

No one quite knows how humans, dinosaurs, and other being that are extinct on earth came to coexist with each other. Some wandering storytellers say that it was an elaborate and cruel experiment done by scientists of another world, others claim that the gods led them there, some think that humans and ancient animals have always lived among each other.
Welcome Mortal, you are entering a land of unknown possibilities and potentials. Once shattered by an event called the convergence; the modern times you all once knew are left unto dust in such a cataclysmic catastrophe. Breaking the resolve of humanity in two, wiping away the past endeavors, ambitions and dreams of many for the forgotten world. Instead, it was laid waste to ruin and rot; leaving humanity helpless against the newly emerging dangers they faced alongside their new inhabitants the OR’s. Otherworldly races, peoples of fantastical backgrounds and stories humans had only thought of in fiction rather than fact. Fairies, Dwarves, Elves, Fae. Many things that humanity dreamed of interacting with came at a heavy bloodied price; weighed in those lost to the convergence. Life continued onward, bringing about a complete balance unlike seem by any non celestial body, magic bloomed and blossomed within this refresh it had been advantageously given by such an event. Birthing new branches and mutations that both sides of sorrow hadn’t seen before….this truly was a time for innovation laced with the seeds of the unknown. What could be produced from such a coarsely conducted concoction? What stories may people tell in this new land? How will the primordial pendulum swing in such an unanticipated earthly board? Well, you can find out within the Ashes of Eden.

Speaking outside of ambiguous comments, this is a RP server that explores and vitalizes the aspect of creative freedom of a writer as much as is earthly possible. No restrictions, no certain races, no specific magic, be whoever and whatever you may wish to be. All we ask in return is co-operation and enjoyment of other RP’ers to be respected. Besides that, you are the creator of your make it go in whatever direction you wish it to; or let others influence how your characters develop. Eden is a place where we wish for the integrity of a person's story to be protected and valued as something they wish to see sprung to life. Harnessing the potential that you have as a storyteller to bring something truly unique to the server, and possibly. Change the course of the world, forever.

Within the server we do have an aim to create a close and friendly community that works together to try and accelerate our own writing styles to be the best they can. As well as having a laugh and memeing now and again. Having personalized editors and artists who you can ask to adapt images to fully incorporate your characters aim as their own protagonist within the world, self assign channels to show off your personality and show off yourself within the server environment. Including many more unique details and quirks for our server to be itself, and if there's something you want to see potentially added. Just post your request in our server suggestions channel and our mods will try to include it within Eden. We respect all our members and as long as we receive the same back, we will treat any of our RP’ers with kindness and dignity as an individual who wants to see their creations come to fruition.

So, how about you give us a try? And if you like what we offer stay long term, we’d love to see you develop your own stories and conflicts. Ashes of Eden, a place to fully realize your potential.
The events of red vs blue seasons 10 - 13 was the story of freeing a planet, bound to war for years, but what happened in those years? Make an OC for either the Federal Army of Chorus, or the New Republic. A few Cannon positions can also be applied for.