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The Lot is a film discord with the goal of creating a cozy and friendly environment for film discussion and appreciation. We are a small but growing community!

We have a weekly movie roulette event, as well as monthly server lists, a director of the month, ocassional movie trivia events, and other sporadic activities!

Our members range from casual to hardcore movie fans who enjoy anything from the newest Marvel movies to classic art-house cinema.

The server can move at a fast pace sometimes and other times be very slow, so you can get a good mix of activity. If this at all sounds good to you come in and check us out! Thanks!
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..

The year is 6 ABY. It has been two years since the Galactic Empire was shattered due to the Emperor’s death on-board the dreadful, planet-killing, super weapon, the Death Star-II. This left the the galaxy without any major power. Soon after, the Galactic Empire made its final stand against the New Republic at the Battle of Jakku and lost. Now, the New Republic has successfully captured and liberated Coruscant, driving out the remaining imperials. However, the Imperials are still around as warlords and rump states, still fighting to take back the galaxy. The Pentastar Alignment is established to spark hope for Imperials, but are soon crushed by the New Republic (IRP Content). Criminal organizations are taking this as an opportunity to push for conquest of planets.

As a staff team, we strive to make this server fun for you to roleplay in. In Star Wars: Fall of the Empire (6 ABY), we do our best to have:
- A growing community of roleplayers. We are still young, so the only way to grow is with you!
- Active staff who are happy to help. We try to solve problems easily and without too much hassle. We'll do what we can to make it fun for you.
- Plenty of choices for character creation.
- Good rules so we can have as few problems as possible.
- Custom Factions!
- You can decide the galaxy's fate. Will the New Republic thrive? Or will the First Order rise as seen in proper lore? Maybe a criminal organization takes over the galaxy!

Here we are an active community that enjoys Star Wars just as much anyone else. We try to stay semi-literate, so keep that in mind upon arrival. We always welcome our literate crowd. :) We are here to have fun and role play. Enjoy your stay and invite your friends to enjoy the fun, and may the force be with you, always.
This is a sfw server meant to thrive and be a strong community we also do Streaming nights, quizzes, and memes. Please join our friendly little community!
This is a server dedicated to the "Mission: Impossible" franchise (movies and tv shows).
“Where anyone can be anything”

Take part in a tight-knit community where nobody judges you. We here at Zootopia aim to accept all mammals of different species.

Currently we have verified writers and artists who worked on the movie.
This is a server for people that love: 70s, 80s, 90s Nostalgia!

🍵 ⇾ 70s, 80s and 90's Retro and Nostalgia
👀 ⇾ Chatting about Retro, Nostalgia, Old School 70s, 80s, 90s.
🎬 ⇾ Chatting about movies, tv, toys, and games from childhood.
🎧 ⇾ listening to retrowave, synthwave, chillwave, lo-fi
🎮 ⇾ retro gaming talk and play

What we offer:

😎 ⇾ Friendly, active, and non-toxic community.
🎉 ⇾ having a great time!
📢 ⇾ Regularly being updated and refreshed so you won't get bored!
💬 ⇾ Active text and voice channels, and an advertising channel.
👍 ⇾ Super friendly and helpful staff.
🤖 ⇾ Variety of fun and interactive bots.
🎉 ⇾ Events hosted on a regular basis.
💰 ⇾ Active and relaxing server economy, with prizes in the future!
🤝 ⇾ Always accepting partnerships, and actively recruiting staff.

We strive for the satisfaction of all our members!
So give it a try and join us, we hope that you'll enjoy it here!
We are a Marvel 19+ RP (LGBTQ+ Friendly) server, based mostly off of the MCU + X-Men Comics. We are a canon character only server and have many characters still available. Come check us out!
A new server for lovers of TV and film to talk about and recommend with/ them to eachother.
We also have channels for when your like to watch together.
Please be mature and respectful.
Look forward to seeing you there!
This is a fan server for all things nerdy and geeky (StarWars, Marvel, DC, Halo etc.) Its a fan server, made for fans, by fans. Feel free to join!
This is a new discord star wars fan server that talks about star wars lore and movies mostly. We would like new members that cares about star wars.
Are you having trouble to find someone to work with? What about finding someone to give constructive feedback, or teach you a few things? Then this server is perfect for you!
Jest to serwer o tematyce piratów z karaibów, ma ekonomie oraz wiele innych ciekawych rzeczy których nie znajdziesz na innych serwerach!!!
Kapitan Jack Sparow
Welcome to the official MCUMoviesHome Discord server!
Blu-Ray & WEBRip
A friendly server of guys who want to talk about star wars and have fun role playing, if you dont like star wars much, also join, we have game channels you might enjoy!
Come grab a coffee in central perk, and have a chat about Friends (the TV show). maybe make some new friends while you're at it!
- custom colour roles with your favourite Friends characters
- channels for memes, art, pets etc
- active owners
- pokecord!
Muggle Bir Hayattan Kurtulup, Hogwarts'da RP Yapmaya Ne Dersin? Mektubunu Baykuşla Gönderdik. Seni Bekliyoruz :)


⚯ = Sohbet

⚯= Rolepley'e yeni başlayanlar için ideal sunucu

⚯= Eğlenceli ortam

⚯= Arkadaş edinmek için iadeal ortam
The Empire has risen again! Live your life in the Star Wars universe and try to not die!
This is a fetus DC server. Since I’m on a time crunch all I will say is:
We have good staff
We allow OCs that we’ve tried our best to prevent from being annoying to deal with
We Feature movie, comics, and tv show DC characters
We have rules against one lining, other people controlling your characters, and people joining roleplays uninvited
We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and do support people of any religion as long as they’re not being blatantly offensive(ex. Racist, homophobic, transphobic)
And have plenty of channels to roleplay in. So please, join us and help grow our new server!
I’ve tried so many discord servers and so many of them were toxic, unfriendly or over the top. My aim is to make a generally enjoyable server which attracts nice people who will have conversations that are longer than a few words. I’m going to be looking for staff, probably for a while, so if you feel like you can responsibly take something on come join! We welcome all, young and old (over the discord age limit). This is not a Role-Play server.
Disney Cafe is a server for all Disney-franchise fans who can come and chat! We have many fun roles, bots, and members!
The Screenwriting Hub is a film, art, and screenwriting server dedicated to making friends, discussing all kinds of art, and working together. We're small right now, but we hope to grow. If you're looking to get your work out there - this channel is for you!
-Unique bot commands
-Music vc (and multiple music bots)
-Watching movies together
-Interactive chat
-Private channels for commissions (art, scripts, and films)
-Collaborative projects
-Friend making
We hope you decide to join us!
The Grand Army of the Republic
We are a nice community of memers
WE Offer
•Any movie Quote channel
• Movies/Tv Show channels
• Gaming channel
• Discord server Promotion
NOTE:This is a star wars server but you can talk about anything