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🔶🔸Cera is **THE** chillserver to hav fun on and relax🔸🔶

We offer you:
- Active staff. 👥
- Active community. 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️
- Weekly giveaways (Soon monthly bigger giveaways) 🎁
- Special giveaways for people who are active on the Server. 💝
- Leveling system for chatting, with different rewards. 💯
- 3 Music bots, Tatsumaki, Giveaway and more. 🤖
- Many roles. 😛
- Economy system with buyable stuff. 💸
A new and welcoming server for people of earth and magick based religions such as wicca, paganism, and satanism to get to know each other and have fun. Come join us if you're interested in learning more about witchcraft, if you're an experienced practitioner wanting to give advice, or if you just want to hang out and chat. We're an chill, open minded community and would love for you to join!

This is NOT a debate server! Christians are welcome to join but trying to convert others to your religion will result in a ban.

☆ all religions are welcome
☆ multiple bots to interact with
☆ our own homemade server bot
☆ self-assignable roles
☆ active staff and members

☆ created 11/18/18 ☆
Hello everyone! 🔔
Let out your inner demons in our channels and finally speak out all the unsaid things that keep you awake at night. Illuminate your inner self.
Make friends in a well managed community,
Everyone is welcome!

🔮Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

😉 1.200 New Possible Friends 😉

🔥Channel for art and personal stuff
🔥Cute emotes & Animation emotes for nitro users
🔥Active & Hardworking staff
🔥Over 120+ self assignable roles
🔥Giveaways & Events (Win money, games etc every sunday)
🔥A clean organized environment
🔥Active chat & Voice channels
🔥Full of welcoming and friendly users
🔥Leveling system
🔥Channel for advertisments (Insta, Snap, etc.)

🎐 We're in need of some partner managers. (Best partner manager gets money every sunday)
🎐 Staff applications are now open !
🎐 Accepting partnerships with servers from 50 members.

💖We hope to see you around!
Yeni bir sunucu açma girişimi. Aşırı manyak aktif olmayan Türk sunucusu. (Güvenle sohbet edebilmeniz açısından onaylanma sistemimine sahibiz, onaylanmak için @Yetkili rolünü etiketleyiniz)
"Want to come to our resort and be pampered by the most beautiful maids and most handsome butlers? Then come to Sakura Resort and Spa! We are here to cater to your desires from rest and relaxation to a nice stress reliever. The staff here from Maids and Butlers to the Management will help to make your stay as enjoyable as we can! We hope you enjoy your stay!" Server is 18+. To enter you must read and agree to our rules. If you have any questions please feel to DM our CEO or other Managers.
Welcome to Little's Empire!
We are a 14+ server, with tons of DDLG, CG/L, and BDSM activities to offer for ALL AGES!
Owner: Jasi
Co-Owner: Rora
Things we offer:
Tons of text and voice channels for everyone to share thoughts, selfies, stories, etc.
Positivity channels to spread positivity and reminding you to take time for self care!
Places to share your drawings, coloring pages, sketches, etc!
Monthly contests, movie/karaoke nights, game sessions, etc.
Friendly and welcoming staff!
NSFW chats and bots
Drama free relationships and conversations!!
This is a place for you to make new friends, relationships, and meet new people!
Remember to be kind and have fun!
Enjoy features like:
► A high fem:male ratio
► Ladies, wanna be mod? Just be active and it's all yours
► ACTIVE VC's and chats
► NSFW Channels and bots
► Self-assignable roles
► The ONLY server that has both, hot-or-not AND smash-or-pass (must be 18 years or older to play)
► A developer-friendly atmosphere that allows for bot testing
► 6k + members
► Offer partnership for other servers to grow with us!
► Memes, memes, and more fucking annoying ass memes
► No fucking rules (obey laws though, idiots)
The Red House. A small fun community, with alot of space for more members. Everyone is welcome! This is a multi-purpose server for people to hang out and chill with other members. You can post memes and edit them with the bots, play some music in the voice chat and others can join, earn or rob money so you can buy stuff in the shop, go to the casino and bet money to earn more, level up to earn colors you can equip. Server is also Tatsumaki supported so you will get XP here. Staff Cycles constantly changes the staff so that all members can have a chance to help the server out. Come join The Red House and enjoy your stay!
Coolest fast food server on Discord! Share your memes and posts all you like, let the chaos ensue in the restaurant! Our employees will treat you good service.

Anybody is allowed, but nothing NSFW and no spamming, read the menu! You can chat in our diner, restroom, or outside at the dumpster! Place your orders so our good bot Carl can take care of you. If you're in a hurry, tune in on Arby's radio or speak through our Drive thru!

Side note: We are employing people to help program Carl to make our server safer and better. You don't need to know coding/programming, but if you do, make sure you know javascript/discord.js.
[Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!]

Disclaimer: Organized, special ranks, specialized roleplay, and an amazing community to thrive as a writer. We are for the more mature audience and have darker-themed plots, being themed around old "primitive" times for clans causing us to not be your typical rainbow and sunshine server. Proceed at your own risk.

Waking up from a deep slumber, gasping for air, you scramble to your paws and look around, dazed and confused as to where you are. How long have you been out, and how did you get here? Parched, you pace to the edge of a crystalline lake and crane your head down to take a drink.

A low growl erupts behind you. Whipping around defensively, your eyes widen at the sight before you. A larger-than-life, rugged gray tom towers over you, dark vaporized matter floating from his rippling pelt. "You are in Primitive Remnants territory, peasant," he growls in a low, raspy voice. "Your fate is not yet written..."

❖ ♡ ❖ ♡ ❖ ♡ ❖ ♡ ❖ ♡ ❖

We are a Warrior Cats Roleplay server, inspired by the Erin Hunter book series, Warriors!

Primitive Remnants is set in a diverse region of upper North America, its wild lands inspired by Glacier National Park & Yellowstone National Park. Around this mountainous area are glaciers that feed into a basin-like lake which wanes to a river, surrounded by forests, moorland and streams, rest three Clans: CirrusClan, ShaleClan, and HollowClan. Within these undomesticated forest cats' territories lay at its heart the way of the Warrior Code, in which the inhabitants of Primitive Remnants swear by, lest they be cast away or die by thereof.

❖ ♡ ❖ ♡ ❖

We are a literate, mature server, focusing on writing and character development at our core, with fun out-of-character channels to chat and make friends! We hope you give us a glance and choose to stay and chill with us.
Welcome to City of masks were a small server (for now anyway) an here's what we have
Good staff non toxic community memes a dark and offensive joke room good memes and honestly from my view as owner I'd say it's nice so please join because who knows you might make some forever friends in here anyway that's all I got and I hope to see you in masks city bye
SoupLand is a chat server with
Leveling up system - MEE6
Economy - Unbelievaboat
Muted Role
Hidden NSFW category hidden behind a reaction role
And Much Much More!

Join SoupLand with the invite link
Site 17 is a cyberpunk RP set in post-apocalyptic America. Characters can explore Site 17, the corrupt trading hub of the Sites, and choose to fight the corruption or be a part of it. The RP features a custom RPG-style combat system, different factions, classes, and secrets galore, as well as certain specialized mechanics to keep everyone wondering just who is actually human.

18+ ONLY. This shit gets real bloody, real fast.
We are a trans-only server looking to grow into a big community! Join us and make friends and be surrounded by supportive people!
Apple pear group - A small server for talking about anything and voice chatting. Huge respect for pet pics.

We are an very active discord server and you should join us cause we are pretty cool and like you :D
We are a fun community server! We have everything you want in a server, including:
🤖 Cool bots with fun commands! 🤖
👾 Fun and unique games! 👾
🌐 Advertising! 🌐
💁 Partnerships! 💁
🎵 Music! 🎵
😆 Dank memes! 😆
💦 NSFW! 💦
❓ Question of the day and debates! ❓
🤝 Helpful staff team! 🤝
🖼 Art! 🖼
🖌 Colour roles! 🖌
😵 Fast growing! 😵
And so much more!
A centralized place for thousands of artists to advertise their commission and give large exposure of their art to the community. Ideal server for artists and for customers aswell as customers has huge variety of type of commission to select. Also an art community where we socialize, share artwork, help each other and sharing resources.
An upcoming art community. We welcome artists of all skill levels and non-artists who just want to appreciate artwork :)

We have very friendly staff, active and tightly knit community, weekly challenges, a place to trade art, find artists for work or art buyers.

What are you waiting for?

Join us and make new friends!
•Welcome to SteroTypical•

•Gaming Chats•
•Lots of Art feautures•
•small community•
Tired of getting banned from discord servers for dumb stuff? Then this server is for you. We have fun events such as insulting the owner and regular admin rebellions.
We have over 130 roles as of now.
A community based around anime, gaming & dating.
Loving support from all of you! YOU'RE AMAZING.
Huge member count! >> GROWING FAST <<
If you don't mind, also leave us a review!! <3

This is the Official Discord Community for the YouTuber HUNTRMAN. Anyone is welcome here!
Serveur de qualité plein de génie et sans aucune censure , aucun tabouret on aime seulement les chaises
Martial Arts Club is a martial arts oriented community looking to grow.

We Have:
and various other Martial Arts.

We also have 24/7 Music Bots

Come join us here: