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Worsaw is an animal RP server with a twist. No wolves or warrior cats here, because there are over a thousand unique species of animals to choose and play as from both real life and extinct species.

The general lore behind this universe is how animals attempt to thrive after a post nuclear fallout has destroyed all civilization and human kind many centuries ago, back in 1957. Animals have evolved to talk and read and use medicine, albeit still walking on all fours. Some animals were fortunate enough to not suffer any radiation, however others were subjected to radiation mildly mutating their color morphs, eyes, behaviour, bodily features, etc.

Due to the animals never agreeing with each other in harmony, many factions, clans, religious cults have since formed, all with unique views of what is the ideal utopian future to thrive for.

There are also elemental mutation clans. These clans were formed based on the mutation one developed pre-war. All the mischevious fire numbats, squirrels, squirrels gather in the fire clan and cause havoc, whilst the ice clan, albeit fragile, have to constantly flee, just to name a couple of the clans.
Are you an artist looking for chill people to chat with, fellow artists, or just a place to hang out? Come join us here in Art&Chill! We're a growing community and we'd be honoured to have you as a part of our family!

We have:
♡ full emotes
♡ a music channel to hangout and just listen to music
♡ a discourse channel that talks about about a lot of serious issues and tackling of opinions within the server!
♡ deep-talks channel where you could talk about your existential crisis
♡ Several voice chats with different purposes
♡ an AFK channel for when you're doing art
♡ LOTS of bots to play with
♡ a lot of art channels for your liking!
♡ A very welcoming group of fun people!
♡ Monthly and weekly prompts for art with themes!
♡ A lot of spam channels for when you're bored
♡ daily CAH games, drawpile, and games!!!

We're always open for new suggestions that would help improve our community! Come join us and just barge in there! Come art and chill, we'd love to have you!!!
LGBTQ friendly discord server for relaxing and fun discussions about pretty much anything. We have an active community, events, server currency and more.

lgbtq lesbian gay bi trans queer open minded progressive drag crossdressing transvest transgender rainbow fun lgbt safe word anime dating social justice colors
We are a social friendly server where everyone can get along and just be chill.
Things ya got coming:
Homework help
Chill Hangout SERVER
Active friendly admins/mods
Competition for top xp ranking hehehehe
Game Theory Help
Making New Friends
Meeting New People

Welcome to ERP (Erotic Roleplay)

❗ 18+ Only❗
⭐ Features: ⭐
➡️ Custom Bots 🤖
➡️Top Rated ERP Roles 🥇🥈🥉

🌟 ERP Place🌟
➡️ Home
➡️ Hotel
➡️ Hospital
➡️ Library
➡️ Police Station
➡️ Club
➡️ Beach
➡️ Coffee Shop
➡️ Mall

🌟 Set your own Character 🌟
🌟 Set your own outfit 🌟

(Many more exited features 😉)
Serveur francophone existant depuis le 20 Mars 2017.
Au départ nous étions sur les jeux vidéos, puis nous avons fait connaissances et sommes passés à autre chose. Nous discutons de sujets de la vie de tous les jours, comme la cuisine, la politique, les jeux vidéos, la lecture, les films et séries, l'actualité, la technologie, etc...
Si vous avez envie de sociabiliser, et que vous cherchez un petit serveur tranquille pour discuter le soir en rentrant du boulot, vous êtes au bon endroit.
La taverne des 4 hiboux n'est pas un serveur industriel, on fait plutôt dans l'artisanal :
- Environ 15 membres actifs régulièrement;
- Moyenne d'âge autour des 25 ans.
Nous organisons régulièrement des petits jeux, ou des loteries, afin de faire gagner des jeux à nos membres les plus actifs, et les plus impliqués dans la vie du groupe.
New RP server based around the rules set by DC for Gods, Man and other.

In the world of DC, there is the Skylands. A place where many different mythologies and religions co-exist. With these Skylands there also comes the Underworld where Condemned Gods, Angels, and other evil creatures from these mythologies and religions exist with the dead. Now, these Condemned Gods wish to break out from their prison in Hell. How do they plan to do it? By weakening the Gods of the Skylands who had imprisoned him, attacking what they love; the Humans. Demons and their children now roam the Earth, killing whatever they please. Raping whatever brings them joy. The Gods of the Skylands must now band together to defend the Humans while He stands by and watches His creation be destroyed. What will the Gods of the Skylands do? They will create defenders; Ø Daemon Venator, better known as Demon Hunters. These two Demon Hunters are the spawn of strong Gods and will protect the people, but they can’t do it alone. What will you do? Help the Demon Hunters? Or side with the Condemned and attempt to destroy these Demon Hunters, the Gods, and all of what they hold dear?
Free Nitro Giveaway!!
Safe Space
Going through a rough time? We can help! :)
Active Community
Open to everyone!
Project Inkblots is an amazing community where people with mental health issues can speak in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. We also offer one-to-one support with our fantastic supporters. Join our family of members today!

We offer the following:
- Moderated, automated one-to-one support rooms where you can speak to someone in full confidentiality.
- A varied, diverse community, with roles and rooms for different interests.
- A responsive and relaxed staff team.
- Various events, such as Karaoke and Movie Nights.
💗JOIN NOW! Social-Platform Community Server! 💗
» F U N I N T E R A C T I O N - Meet, chat, share, chill and play games
» R O L E S - Easily describe yourself with a few clicks
» C R E A T I V I T Y - Share your arts, music and edits
» T U T O R I A L S - Get inspired to create and improve
» I N F L U E N C E - Are you skilled? Become an influencer for a function
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !


Ban Appeal:
-A server that's focused on anime and gaming and where we can all chill and have some chats, come be part of our growing community.
/r/goth official server.

Where we discuss things relevant to the goth subculture. Your favorite Sisters of Mercy album, the possibility of a Bauhaus reunion, who did it best Siouxsie or Robert?
A Host Club filled with all your favorite Idols! Join as an idol or just choose to interact with them as a fan! But remember, have fun and don't do anything your bias wouldn't do!
Lonely peeps is a very friendly server that is looking for people that need or want to find new friends. we hope you join!
A new server for learning and knowledge exchange. We aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for people to expand their horizons and exchange information and ideas, to get or provide help and advice. Languages, IT, social and natural sciences, mathematics, homework. The server is a cancer-free zone.
Super Smash Bros Ultimate tourneys, events, character training, matchmaking, and more!
Now have smash ultimate Tournaments!
We also have a NSFW channel complete with background noise.
Music channel
Categories for 3ds and Wii U players
Training room
And Lots more!! ❣️
A server for all seeking meaningful and intellectual conversation. Dialogue is a safe environment that promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic. The server is a cancer-free zone.
Zapraszam na polski serwer "Rynek Reklam".

Co Oferujemy?
●Miła atmosfera
●Pomocna, ogarnięta administracja
●Giveaway, w którym można wygrać super nagrody
●Dobrze zredagowany regulamin, pozwalający jeszcze lepiej spędzać czas na serwerze
●Osobne kanały na reklamy: twitch, youtube, discord itp.
●Dobrze dobrane kanały tekstowe
●Wspieranie akcji charytatywnych!
●0raz dobra zabawa!
𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙏𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙀𝙣í𝙜𝙢𝙖! 𝘿𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙖 𝙗𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙚𝙖𝙢.
In this server, we believe that everyone is unique and should be accepted regardless of how good you are as a player. ♡ We play all sorts of games such as fortnite, apex,, mafia and even roblox uwu. Don't be afraid to say "hello" when you first joined! We promise we'll make you feel at home! (:
*Do note that this is a newly created server by me and my friend so there's not much people yet. So, let's grow and create a wonderful community together* <3
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. We have high moderation and a PG-13 main chat so you can feel safe.
Hello all!!
We're a server for selling adoptables, commissions and sharing your art!
Ofcourse you can also just come here to hang out and chat! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Maybe you'll even make some new friends!!

Some things we've got:
-An entire section dedicated to selling adoptables and commissions!
-A channel to share pet pictures!
-Fun bots to play around with!
-Nsfw channels to share your spicier creations~ (only accessible to 18+ members!)
-A lot of colours to choose from for your name!
-A channel for freebies!

We're also LGBTQA+ friendly and do not accept any hate or discrimination towards this group!

Envie de discuter avec d'autres gays ? Le site vous propose son serveur Discord ! Venez partager votre Snap, envoyer des nudes, ou tout simplement discuter avec des jeunes hommes !
elo tu Gangsterka, czillowy serwer prowadzony z ziomeczkami bez zadnych wymyslnych zasad, community otwarte na kazda nowa osobe jak na razie tyle essa benc
Cafe Fur, open for business!
Feel free to join us for some coffee, or maybe some hugs and muffins, if you like!
We welcome furs and non-furs alike, as well as our scaly counterparts!
What makes our server special, you ask?
- Friendly and accepting staff!
- Cool bots with many functions!
- Special, role-locked NSFW channels!
- Role-play channels for all your RP shenanigans!
- Special roles to help us identify who you are!
We can't wait to see you there~