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A safe space for trans people of all ages and identities to hang out, talk about their interests, and other trans related subjects, as well as non-trans related subjects, whatever really as long as it doesn't break the rules, I can't tell you what to talk about, I'm not your mom.
DON'T JOIN IF YOU ARE NOT GONNA BE ACTIVE. We have a nitro giveaway for who can invite the most people. Nitro Giveaways happen here a lot so if you are looking for nitro come buy here and invite your friends.
Things we have:
🎉 Game Bots 🤖
🎉 Flirt Channel 😏
🎉 Multiple NSFW Channels 😳
🎉 Self- Customized Roles ☺️
🎉 Active Mods 👀
We also do partnerships for those who are looking for partnerships, but you must be 50+ to even have a chance at being a partner. Keep in mind you might not be partnered at 50+ it is just what we decide.
Pretty chill place to have fun and meet people. Moderation is pretty lax. Edating is allowed, but Pedophila is not. Anyways, we hope you join ☺️
[Lointain Méros est un serveur encore en beta mais bientôt officiellement ouvert !]

۞ஜ Lointain Méros ஜ۞ C'EST QUOI ?

Pour faire simple, c'est un serveur mul-ti-fonc-tion, accueillant tout le monde à bras ouverts ! Une partie pour vous partagez peu importe votre plateforme, une zone pour les joueurs de jeux vidéos, des salons pour les créateurs en tous genres, un univers bien pensé pour des rôlistes en soif d'aventure et des événements organisés chaque semaine.

Nous avons pensé à optimiser le serveur pour le plus de confort possible, avec une gestion de salon personnel via emoji. Même la section Roleplay à été repensée !

L'entraide entre membres est la bienvenue et le staff sera ravi de vous donner conseil donc n'hésitez pas si vous avez des soucis !

Point tout aussi important, une brigade fait partie du serveur, elle sert principalement à traquer des individus à intention juridiquement sanctionnable par la loi (pédophilie, harcèlement, etc...) qui seront signalés au support discord. Vous serez donc prévenus des comptes mal intentionnés via une annonce.
- A new NSFW Roleplay Server with friendly community :)
- We are focusing on really detailed roleplays (nsfw,sfw) well not really that much detailed but we want to enjoy it as much as we can.
- If you are a shy person we can easily get you in it don't worry :p
- Bunch of roles, races you can choose from :)
- Or if you need just a nice talk with someone friendly just join we gonna welcome everyone!
Join our supportive, welcoming family today! You can meet new people and have fun along the way. This server is open for partnering. We also have a variety of roles to offer. Staff applications are now open (we are accepting ALL partner managers). There is a suggestions channel and polls, so everyone has a say.
Старающийся развиваться русскоязычный чат ждёт новых людей! Постоянной тематики нет, её задают сами участники, иногда мы играем в настольные онлайн-игры вроде Монополии, Карты против всех и Своей игры.
NSFW каналы могут быть легко скрыты по вашему желанию.

Russian chat that tries to grow is waiting for new people. No specific discussion topic. Role management allows to easily hide NSFW channels.
✨━━Best YouTube & Content Server: JOIN!━━✨
5.0 stars -- 80+ reviews and counting!
Welcome to YouTube Creators (Twitch). We are the FASTEST and most active YouTube server out there! If you create content whether you're an editor/artist/YouTuber/streamer, join! You won't regret our amazing helpful community that will help you grow and rewards: organic, free subscribers!

- Invite a few people or stay active and earn cool ranks & roles! 🎊
- Get free advertising & sub4sub/follow4follow if needed! 🎉
- Giveaways (subs, views, etc.), events, Creator VCs, amazing discussions! 💬
- 24/7 Music + Fun Economy/Bots. 🤖

Join today, the 45+ reviews are there for a reason :D 🌟
Vox Anima is a friendly and chill server made for anime lovers and gamers alike, We have a caring and warm community, We offer a support channel and self advertisement (Twitch, IG, Steam, PS4 ect). We are a small community, Self roles are avalible and events coming soon. Come hang out!
Welcome to ❇The Lost Isle❇!

We are a (so far small) community of people who support all races, religions, sexualities (LGBTQ+ absolutely welcome), furries, and more!

Here we have:
💜A supportive and friendly community
💙An active owner
💜Reasonable rules
💙Self assignable roles and colors
💜Daily Questions
💜Server-opinion based choices
💜Opptional ping roles
💙and more!

We would love if you decide to join our little sector of this huge world! ^w^
Welcome to Furry Anarchy!

This server is a growing community of 13+ furries and like minded people, we are all very accepting and like to have a joke around, join now for

× Active members and friendly staff

× An 18+ nsfw section

× Art channels and an art market

× Fun hand drawn emotes

× Channels for all your anime, meme, and rp needs!

× Active voice chats

× A wide selection of self roles

Join now to start your journey into the rabbit hole of fun and absolute anarchy! We will be glad to see you in our server!
You wants memes? We gotta it! You want e-girls? Oh we gotchu covered baby! Thots? Easy! Welcome to Thots United, ran by Audrey, co-owned by Murr._.Hehe and Queenie! We have a laid back server with chill people.
-NSFW channel
-Self-assigned colors
-1:1 Female:Male ratio
-VIP exclusive voice-channels
And tons more! Join THOTS UNITED!
Welcome to The Wolves Den!
This server is currently growing with wonderful members, and you could be next!

⛔ Raid Protection ⛔
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
😊 Fandom Friendly 😊
🎖️ Self Assignable roles 🎖️
🎮 Gaming Channels! 🎮
🎨 Artist Channels 🎨
👉 Roleplay Channels 👈
🎵 Music Channels 🎵
🔊 Voice Chats 🔊
🌈 Custom Username Colors 🌈
And much more!

We would love to see you join! Come on and meet some new people! 💚
we are gunk.

1,000+ members. we’re sometimes toxic but we don’t give a fuck.

・the prettiest e-girls and e-boys are here
・dark humor
・drama & fuck shit, live voice chats, + much more

come join us!
Super chill area for Drama & Friends Hence the name Tea n' Chill!
In search of active, chill members :)!
16+ server!
Get yourself a Boo and/or Friends~
A nice place to meet awesome new people!"#
Welcome to Sunflower Lounge, a place where you can meet friends, listen to music, and play around with a variety of bots. We aim to have a nontoxic community and for your experience here to be a good one. We hope you enjoy yourself here.
We have self roles and a big selection of things to do, from mudae, to Pepe, to VC, to singing! Show off your skills in VC with instruments and your voice. We also have areas for edits and art, and much more.
Austria-Hungary Empire is server for all people from land that was part of this empire before

This server contains

Welcome to peanuts, A very active community server where our goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, our community is relaxed and chill; and we have plenty of awesome members in the server. Any new members are welcomed with open arms. We have dedicated chats to gaming, memes, and furry related chat, as well as many fun activities. Hope you join and have fun!!
We are the Pestle and Mortar, an inclusive server for ANYONE of any religion to learn more about Paganism/Wicca, as well as for Pagans, Wiccans, Witches and others to come and be part of a community and discuss their craft.

Anyone is welcome here, so long as they are respectful. Disagreement is fine, but openly saying that you think witches should burn in hell, for example, won't be tolerated.

We offer:
-Active staff!
-Reaction roles!
-Respectful debate!
-Teaching and student roles!
This is a server to make new friends and chill out with your already made friends. This is an extremely new server and is here for the long run. We accept as many people into our server and treat the new members like family. We are all very nice and talkative don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions. My discord name is yvule#3329. I hope you join and have a good time. Biggest Rule: Keep this a secret shhhh.
A community just to have fun and chill, or maybe if you have a gamer ego you can try playing games or even try-out for our Fortnite clan! 6 bots are included for individual channels so you can listen to your own music! We love and accept anyone who is special or maybe weird in a good way! :3
Discord dating is a dating server. made for teen's but anyone can join! Discord dating is a discord server for everyone 12+! so what are you Waiting for? Join Now
🎀Welcome to UwU🎀
🌸We are a friendly aesthetic!🌸
🌟We can offer:🌟
Cute emotes!
Friendly staff!
Fun bots!
Color roles!
LGBTQ+ friendly!
And much more!
Come and take a look🌷!