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A server dedicated to allowing everyone to diversely enhance their experience on the enthralling existential-holiday that is human life. Our community provides camaraderie, emotional support, valuable information in the form of useful links and videos, music, and a warmly receptive environment in which everyone is welcome: regardless of what their background, tastes, and lifestyle might be.
💎 Welcome to The Eeveeverse 💎
Mainly a pokecord based server but with a wide spread server with many different and fun things for you to do! With our small but active community theres youll be entertained for days!
What we have,

⭐ Amazing Staff!
⭐ Toxic Free Environment!
⭐ RP chats!
⭐ 100+ Amazing Emojis for everyone!
⭐ Server Factions!
⭐ LGBT & Furry Friendly!
⭐ Pokecord, MEE6, OwO, Gam esROB, etc...
⭐ Showcase Area!
⭐ Server partners!

⭐ And yes, Eeveelutions, yay!
*Always open to suggestions*
💎 So whats the hold up? Come and check it out! 💎
📎 📎
Bienvenue dans L’Arche !

Bien que le nom du serveur ainsi que le nom de certains rôles proviennent de l’univers de The 100, L’Arche est avant tout un lieu communautaire où peuvent se réunir les artistes et amateurs d’arts, musiciens et amateurs de musique, amateurs de débats, amateurs de photographies, gamers, littéraires et écrivains !

> [📈] Une communauté grandissante

> [👨🏻‍🎓] Un staff compétent avec de l’expérience

> [💬] Plusieurs salons textuels et vocaux regroupés par thématiques

> [🎉] Des événements réguliers !

> [🎮] Des jeux en continu !

> [🤖] Une belle poignée de BOT pour permettre d’avoir un serveur bien organisé !

> [🔎] À la recherche d’un post staff ? Nous recrutons !

> [⏩] Et bien plus encore !

Parlons un peu du serveur...

Nous voulons créer une communauté sympathique et amicale dans une ambiance agréable pour pouvoir parler entre nous, faire de nouvelles rencontres et s’amuser !

Si tu recherches un serveur communautaire pour pouvoir parler de tout et n’importe quoi (enfin presque), tu es au bon endroit !

Bon voyage parmi nous ! 🛰
Hello! Welcome to the BAY. Dedicated to sharing the culture and energy of the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope to bring together its locals and beyond for a good time. Come hang out with our charmingly interactive staff and a reliably active set of members! Participate in weekly calls, weekend games, and answering the question of the day! And, lastly, enjoy your stay. We hope to see you there!
- Melonbun and the rest of the BAY

Note: Although young adults in the Bay Area are our primary audience, we appreciate anyone outside that range to visit our server! We believe that it's important to coexist with people of different backgrounds and perspectives, as long as they come with an open mind.
Chcesz się wybić na YT, Twitch, Instagram? A może dopiero otworzyłeś serwer i chcesz go szybko rozwinąć? Dobrze trafiłeś! Zapraszamy!
We're all just a group of friends who just want to chill. Come join us in the Lounge, we play minigames although It's mostly been Town of Salem & Cards against Humanity. This is an 18+ server although our rules align with Discord's ToS.

Welcome to Nova, a community discord server.

Here on Nova, we strive to be a healthy community full of friendly people who will accept anyone, and we have fun! We also have many features, some of which are listed below.

We offer:

◎ Art
◎ Bots
◎ Events
◎ Selfies
◎ Memes
◎ Movie nights
◎ Free advertising
◎ Active members
◎ Self-assignable roles
◎ A channel for your pets
◎ Politics & debate channels
◎ Outstanding staff members
◎ You can level up by talking in chat
Welcome to the Expansionist Empire! This is the third Expandia that was created with the same reason the second one was made. This is mainly an inflation server, but a lot of kinks are accepted! We offer:

Roleplaying rooms..
Art sharing..
and a 'growing' community!
You miss, You loose!

This server is jampacked with the fun package, A server to be yourself and where you can be treated with respect. You want a server full and active then this is the server for you!
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We're a light-hearted, non-toxic social server, so don't be anxious! Relax, pull up a chair, and most importantly, be yourself! You'll fit right in.

Active, engaging and friendly. Appreciate the wholesomeness of everybody from staff to users very much.
Shalom! This is a server for Jews and non-Jews to hang out, chat, and debate about gaming, religion, politics, and pretty much anything under the sun. Mind the rules, gather your sources, and enjoy!
Hi! Welcome to Bad Reputation,

this server contains many things to do, chatting, calling and tons of memes coming your way. We would love for you to come and meet new friends as well as entertain yourself throughout your stay.

Out staff is friendly and is ready to help when you need it. Anyone is welcome to this server!

Hope you join and stay here! <3
Hey🖐. Dies ist ein toller Discord Server mit netten Mitarbeitern und einigen Bots.

Hier gibt es:

📊General Chat um mit allen aus dem Server zu schreiben
🌐Link kanal um Youtube Videos oder andere Links zu teilen
💚Philosophie channel in welchem du über Gott und die Welt reden kannst
🤖deutscher Pokemon Bot
🤖einen Work and Buy bot zum spaß haben
🔊Voice Chat

mittlerweile sind wir eine kleine Gruppe, benötigen trotzdem noch mehr Mitglieder um die unangerührten Kanäle aufblühen zu lassen.

➡️Ich freue mich darauf dich in meinem Server zu empfangen👍
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .. *     ✦ . *     ✦ . *     ✦
──Welcome to Sleepy Times!──
─♡ Sleep on call with people!
─♡ Watch and Request Movies!
─♡ Watch and Request Anime!
─♡ Potentially a Minecraft server if theres enough demand~

looking for active members, or lurkers who enjoy just watching as everything happens.
please keep the server Drama free and respect everyone, positivist is key ^~^
Welcome to 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕟𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖 ♥

A server created for all plant-lovers! English only please ♥

In this server, you will be able to:
🌱 Meet people who also love plants
🌱 Talk about your plants
🌱 Share your propagation's
🌱 Share photos of your beloved plants!
🌱 Learn and grow with your fellow plant parents
Welcome to ミアのサーバー (Mia's Server!)

We're still a new server, but we're opened to a lot of things!

What we have to offer!
☁️Non-Toxic Community ☁️
☁️Friendly Members☁️
☁️LGBTQ+ Friendly☁️
☁️Furry Friendly ☁️
☁️ Self-Roles☁️
☁️Laid Back Staff☁️
☁️NSFW (Given upon 18+
☁️Partnership Friendly☁️
☁️Lots of bots☁️
☁️Brand New Art Section☁️
☁️And so much more!☁️
⋆︎✦︎˚︎∘︎✥︎═︎ ‹︎✧︎ **electra** ✧︎›︎ ═︎✥︎∘︎˚︎✦︎⋆︎

♡︎ ─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎ 🎀✨ ♡︎ ✨🎀 ─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎─︎ ☾︎
we are a chill sfw based sever! we welcome anyone who joins! so why don't you make your way to electra right now! シ︎

✩︎⋰︎∙︎∘︎ what we have to offer ˎˊ˗
╰︎▶︎ we provide/offer many things for our members! (✿◠‿◠)

⚡️ | sweet admins/members
🧸 | bots
⚡️ | custom nitro emojis
🧸 | self-roles & colors
⚡️ | light moderation
🧸 | partnerships

∘︎◦︎◜︎∙˚︎﹒︎♡︎ open positions! ˎˊ˗
╰︎▶︎ please dm either level 2 admin/ owners if interested in any positions!

🧸 | partner manager
⚡️ | level 1 admin / helper
🧸 | event manager


Welcome to Oof!

❤ Active Chat Rooms
❤ Large Gaming Community
❤ Tons of memes!~
❤ Laid Back Staff/Rules
❤ Events and Giveaways!
❤ Large Anime Community + Emotes
❤ Egirls and Eboys
❤ New People Everyday
This server is for people who are alone in life and struggleto get relationships and sex. We share our pain for life here as loveless virgins. We share memes but also real talk. If you are going in and out of relationships, or had a very recent relationship or have sex too often you dont fit in here. Only sad depresses loveless doomers. Therefore we dont accept:
- Thots
- Normies
- Orbiters
- Simps
- Must be a virgin if 20 and under, if older you can be non virgin only if ur not having sex every so often
- ABSOLUTELY NO ZOOMERS (If you are under 18 get out)
- Females will be vetted with extra scrutiny because they tend to be in relatiops easier than males

Bonjour et bienvenue à vous tous sur notre serveur de dessin!

Nous espérons que vous allez vous plaire ici. Venez partager vos oeuvres d'art et nous en mettre plein la vue! Et si vous avez quelque difficulté en dessin ne vous en faite pas nous vous aiderons avec joie!
This is a general server that can be used by just about anyone for just about anything!