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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 24 ng 31799 mga server
Willkommen in der Welt der Maids!

~ Hier kannst du viele Leute kennenlernen, welche ebenfalls an Gaming und Anime interessiert sind. Zudem bieten wir viele Selfroles, sowie ein Level- und Ranking-System.
Wir sind ein sehr offener Server und freuen uns über jedes neues Mitglied ~
Welcome to King's Game! The sadistic bloodbath where there's an extremely high chance you'll die early!

King's game is a roleplay server that runs via seasons! Every season of king's game a group of people aged between 12 - 60 will find themselves in a room, unsure of how they got there. In King's Game, you wake up in plain white clothes, with nothing but your cellphone. You'll receive orders from the 'king' via your phone. If the order isn't followed within 24 hours your character will receive punishment.

Welcome to King's Game.
Ara Ara you stumbled upon our server! We are a small(and new) chill gaming and anime/manga centric server that's friendly and open minded! We are hoping to grow into a more active community with you. We are small and are looking for ACTIVE members! :)
We have lots of bots(mudae, owo, mantaro etc), economy system for use! We hope to welcome you to our server!
Aki's Hideout is a friendly community for anyone who wants.

We have our own bot called Aki which is public in case you wanna use her. For the rest we're just a normal fun server that's looking for more members and plenty of suggestions to have fun!

Hopefully we will see you around here sometime soon <3
- Emily
Hewo ^^ we currently have 50 normal Menhera emotes and 16 animated Menhera emotes for nitro users, JOIN US!
gonna add more soon if you can boost our server then go ahead...thanks in advance.
We added chat n giveaway channel for some people who like to talk n make new friends ❤️ giveaways for them who don't have nitro only doing nitro giveaways for now.
Join n suggest us some new emotes to add ^^

Join us for a chance to win nitro
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 ~ a server based on the upcoming pirate warriors 4 rpg one piece game. As a community, we also discuss the one piece manga and anime and chatter sometimes go into active VCs. We have a variety of perks along with the server such as:

One Piece/ Pirate Warriors 4 Update
Discuss One Piece Anime/Manga
Server Ranks
Self-Assignable Roles
Active and Friendly Community
Active VCs
Server Boosting- Level 1
Over 100 Global Emotes

Join to chat with your fellow One Piece fans!🍒
만화 애니 터널 서버입니다
코니찬, 애니사진, 얀데, 단부루, 제이마나, 마나모아, 히토미, 헨타이
업로드봇이 매일 100개 이상 업로드합니다
⭐️〉 Welcome to Kimono
We are a fun anime community full of amazing people.. Anyone up to 13 year olds are allowed to join! Share your favourite anime series and your interests by joining us here! We have bunch of things to offer you
━━━━┅ Join Us Now For More! ┅━━━━
Naruto and pals have been gone for nearly 70 years. The new wave of Shinobi are set to take place. With none of the events from Boruto ever happening and the Akatsuki being destroyed (so we thought) the great nations live in peace. This is your chance to take control of your destiny. Will you be a great Shinobi or will you die trying? Will you help take down the nations and succeed, or will you parish trying?

There have been new advances in technology, more modern, one could say, and there have been rumors of a new nation forming on the east. Who knows, rumors are just rumors. This is Naruto: Ninja Alliance.

The best new destination for Bleach R34! This server is a perfect place for any consumers and connoisseurs of Bleach hentai as well as any artists looking for a place to make their work known. Come hang out with us, or have some alone time... 18+ only.
Talk about weeb stuff and games

We hold tournaments often for fun

Non-toxic chat

Have fun with our bots including mudae and pokecord!
Welcome to 2027, the year of board beats and cliché melodies. Who would've thought that robots could take over the music industry? They call it Beat-BOxTs, and as the name claims, it's all computer made material. And the crazier part? Society seems to love it! It's one of the fastest growing musical genres in this past year or so, and none of it is even- well,- real music!

That's not how music should be, right? Where's the soul? Where's the thoughtful lyrics, the heartfelt melodies, the passionate solos and the different sounds? Where has it all gone? Why, it's in you! Yes, you! We're putting our faith into you, our world's upcoming generation, to bring back the meaning of music, and what it really means to be a musician. Or, more specifically, what it really means to be a band.

Привет, хорошо что ты это читаешь значит ты хочешь узнать что это за сервер такой.
Just Melon - просто сервер который красиво оформлен.

Здесь есть:

♡ Умереное количиство ботов ♡
♡ Хорошая администрация ♡
♡ Много чатов ♡
♡ И много интерестного ♡

Популярный сервер Black Panther переехал иммено сюда!

Тэги: Арбуз, аниме, комюнити, сообщество, творчество, ♡JustMelon♡

♡JustMelon♡, Creve
We're a friendly server looking for more peeps to join!
We're active with nice staff willing to help you!
Now with pokecord gyms and channels!
Join our Attack on Titan Hub Discord community server!!
Themed for Attack on Titan readers, watchers, and its fandom! We are two years old!!

We provide:
AoT news
AoT manga chapter leaks
AoT anime episode leaks
AoT emotes

Come watch, read, chat and talk with us all about it!

On top of the AoT Anime/Manga channels, we have:
General channel (You can chat about non-AoT subject matters here.)
Gallery channel (Post your artwork, drawings, images, poetry, photography, fan fictions for all to see!)
Other franchises channel (Chat about movies/TV shows.)
Video games channel (Chat about games!)
Meme channel (no u)
Spam channel (Spamalamfam)
Leveling system (Level up to gain roles, or self-assign to your favorites!)
Welcome to ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ѕку ραℓα¢є⋆⋅☆⋅⋆
                              ┊┊┊ ❁ུ۪۪ ━ ❝
                                   ┊┊⋆               ❞

☆彡 This is a nice and friendly community server, where you are free to make friends, talk to other like minded people, and overall have a good time!
                                   :   .
                                     *   ˚ ✵
          ╭┈what we offer~.· * • ˚            
           │ i. custom roles          ✶   : · •
          │ ii. channels for your interests!   .· *
           │ iii. tons of voice channels!           ✵ ˚ : ·  
           │ iv. fair and friendly staff!
| v. an aesthetically please theme!*   ˚ ✵
          ╰────────✬ * ˚ ✶
                                                     . · *
                                                          ˚ .

                 ꒰☁️┊͙We hope you enjoy your stay! ꒱
                  ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ
A simple little server for jojo fans :)

we have;
- welcoming staff!
- a non-toxic community!
- several bots to mess with
- friendly members!
- self-assignable roles!

this is not exactly a role-play server, we're only here to hang out , but it's easily mistaken as a rp server lol

Partnerships are always open! feel free to DM the owner or staff/mod.

This is simply a server for fun, we don't ask for much, we're only here to goof around! anyone is welcomed.

we do get a little wild- just a heads up
A place where Weebs can hang out and chat with other weebs or look at hentai :D
Want an action packed mecha roleplay with great passive content as well? Come check out Endless Abyss. A pve/pvp roleplay set during the One Year War of the Universal Century. Don't worry about being new to Gundam, we'll gladly help you with any questions!

Using a unique map and sprite system, it's like playing a real tabletop. Come in and join the war.
Heyy :) This is an anime and gaming server😊 For all anime lovers! We are hosting anime movie nights! We have levels roles and a lot of stuff☺️The server is new so we need u to grow❤️ feel free to join💕.
Server Name : Revolving Incarnate Nocturnal ( RIN )
Desc : Server Hangout, Mau Kamu itu Anime Lovers, Gamer, Youtuber, Apapun, Welcome asal mematuhi Rules yg ada,
Server Link :
Kami Menyediakan Fasilitas :
* Chat & Voice Chat
* Room Buat Mabar
* Owner & Staff yang Ramah
* Music bot yang Siap Menemani Kalian Di Voice Chat Kalian
* Bot Menarik yang Harus Kalian Coba
* Kedepannya Kami akan Melakukan " Giveaway "
* Kami Sering Melakukan Voice Chat
* System Roles & Roles Shop
* News Daily
Dan Kami Selalu Menerima Member Baru Disini. Kami Tunggu Kehadiran Kalian Di Server RIN.
Hi we’re a new server just starting out join if you want to have fun and joke around with some friends and who knows maybe find your special someone
✨ Hello there! ✨
Welcome to... Epilogue: A BNHA Roleplay! This is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server for the manga/anime, My Hero Academia. This server is 20 years in the future, and based around the next generation of quirk users, villains, and heroes!

In this server, we offer:
•An active event system!
•Fun bot commands!
•Cool and helpful staff!
•An LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 friendly community!
•Partner servers!
•Canon characters and OCs!
• OCs related to Canon characters!
• And a creative and fun RP experience!

✨ So, come on over and join in on the nerdiness we have to offer. And remember... Go Plus Ultra! ✨