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=====================> GAY 18+ <==========================
Gay 18+ server is a small organize that easy to use server that focus only for males

It’s channel provides with :
chat🐵 (sfw&nsfw)
self nude (dick🍆,butt🍑,cum💦,full nudes🍌🍑 channel)
meme🤡 (sfw&nsfw)
porn channel💦
animated🌠 (yoai,cartoon)
bots🤖 (music bot ,porn bot,and others)

Team Equip is a clan that currently focuses on Fortnite but will expand to other games in the future.

We are currently looking for:
-Na Fortnite Players!!
-Professional & Casual Fortnite Players.
-Creative Warriors, Content Creators, Social Media Managers, etc.
-More Editors & GFX Makers. (Currently Have 1)

We currently provide:
-A Roster Of Professional & Casual Fortnite Players.
-Support For All FN Servers.
-Future Team Equip Events.
-A semi-solid community.

We hope you enjoy your time in the Team Equip discord. Always remember, look out for Team Equip in the future...
Join the Xbox Social Club 🎮 Over 2000 Members ~ Level rewards ★ Share your stream ★ Find Players ★ Giveaways 🎉 & much more!
This server is to unite all gamers to enjoy games together!
Self role system lets you give yourself roles for games you play sp you can tag the game and get people to join in your gaming shenanigans!
Hacks and accounts
If you love Buying and used hacks for fortnite apex legends pubg ect and also buying accounts, this server is made for you.

If you are trying to buy accounts or get hacks for a game will this server will be perfect, here we have a community that feel the same they love buying accounts and using hacks!

You can as well meet people and play with them.

Cheat safe!
Ein noch kleiner Server der einmal ganz groß sein möchte, bei uns gibt es viele Projekte die wir einzeld auf Servern Zocken und auch auf YouTube bringen, Games wie Ark, Conan Exile, Minecraft, The Forest, Wareframe, Paladins uvm.
Es gibt auf dem DC ein RPG Game Bot, ein MC Miner Bot, Musik uvm.
Wir freuen uns immer auf neue Gesichter die mit uns Zocken wollen und bei uns spaß haben.

Wir sind verrückt und das zeigen wir in dem wir einfach verrückt reden, schreiben und uns so benehmen :-D
This is a server i send pictures of my ass boobies or more then that if you invite 5 people you get a picture of my ass and 12 invites boobies etc.
“We sleep peaceably in our beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.” - George Orwell

The Coronavirus started to appear in China. In response, many nations began to close their border to prevent the spread of the infection. This would begin to significantly harm to the Chinese economy with a large group of senior Generals in the Chinese military growing furious at Xi Jinping. These Generals concluded that the best option to restore China back to balance would be a military coup.

The outbreak began to spread to many of the cities on the Chinese coast. The Generals had amassed much support in secret, but approximately 60% of the Chinese armed forces still supported Xi Jinping. Seeing their country being torn apart, the Generals realized that something needed to be done before time was up. The Generals cut off the communications to the outside world and founded the Revolutionists who opposed the military that was still in support of Xi Jinping, with those loyal to Xi Jinping being known as the Loyalists. The Revolutionists were able to disarm Xi Jinping of the nuclear football, making China a country without nuclear weapons.

The Revolutionists fired 20 anti-ship missiles towards the USS John S. McCain with the ship being sunk. They did this to drag the US to war against the Chinese Loyalists. This sparked a declaration of war towards all of China with the US Military mobilizing it’s forces to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Guam. After intelligence gathering from the ISA, DIA, and the CIA, they were able to see the Chinese civil war and marked the Revolutionists as hostile. At the same time, the Revolutionists has amassed 65% of the Armed Forces to support them. The American Military has begun its assault on China. This is where the RP begins and where our story begins.
Siapa aja boleh masuk, udh ada rules nya disana
Jangan malu buat berbaur
One For All --- All For Game
Hello! We are a Murder Mystery 2 trading server for roblox. But, here you dont even have to trade! You can talk about anything in our server, you can trade your knives in our trading channel, or just talk about anything in our general channel! We have alot of other channels too. Take a chance and check out our server!
Hello, I welcome you to my server, we are characterized by reward guests and Hacking Programming ... etc.
1-Earn Accounts and Discord Nitro
2-Have fun talking with others
3- 128 kbps quality music
4-Because we are the only legal server
5-We can help you in everything you need.
Those are some of the few reasons to enter, enter and exit, we are very professional. Enter and fun! :D

Come join us to meet a close a community of gamers!
Our discord is here to bring gamers who want to enjoy playing online together.

We hold monthly tournaments for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart as well as weekly meetups/casuals.

we do ask that you are willing to voice chat.
we all play a wide range of games and are active so you won't have any problem finding a game to play.
look forward to meeting some new faces!

This is a Hangout server if you would like to meet new people and make new friends join this server though We are toxic Pay no attention for it We also Have E girls. Also Karaoke Custom roles can be requested to our loyal members.
A small community of people just trying to get some players together, we got a music bot, A fallout new Vegas themed ranking system, a nsfw bot, self roles and a friendly community!

*warning we can’t always have someone responding at all of hours of the day please consider that before joining

*talk at least once when you join so we can confirm you for ranger, otherwise you will be left as a default member
👌Heya everyone and welcome to this mess of a discord server!👌
🐸We have a friendly community with over 500+ memers, and Dank Memer Premium!🐸
💸Our server, yes, does have rob enabled!💸
❤️Here are our Bots:❤️
- 🍏OwO bot🍏
- 🔥Dank Memer🔥
- 🌏GCA🌏
- ⚡Pokècord⚡
✏️And Many, many, (many) more.✏️
💜We also host lots of dank memer giveaways and have invite rewards! 💜
❗So what are you waiting for? I mean, we have everything you do need for a dank memer server, so hurry up and click that join button. ❗

🌈(and if that doesnt convince you, all of our roles are in rainbow order, and have emojis :3) 🌈
👌We are now the biggest dank memer based robbing discord server in disboard.👌
We run Cash Prize Esport Tournaments for Fortnite and Rocket League across the World. Free Entry and Weekly Giveaways. Join Up Now!
  . ⋅ • ♡ • ⋅ ∆ 𝙰𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚞𝚜; ∆ ⋅ • ♡ • ⋅ .
♡♡A fun server to hangout and have a good time in ♡♡
♡♡There's cool emojis and we're working on giveaways and events so stay tuned♡♡
♡♡Find others to play games with and chat with the friendly staff and server members. Feel free too join and we will welcome you with open arms ♡♡
. ⋅ • ♡ • ⋅ ∆ Have an amazing day UwU ∆ ⋅ • ♡ • ⋅ .