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Soupical Soupical
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Nice Server
Nice server to learn about other religons and its very good thank you. Nice server to learn about other religons and its very good thank you
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Peace Peace
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Great place to learn about Islam.
Has all types of facilities which let you do different things, like a channel which is based on asking questions on the religion.
Server is really up to date with everything
Best staff I've seen in my life too, MashAllah.
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Mane Mane
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Great server to seek the truth
Server is good if you have any questions regarding religion, or if you're simply just into theology.
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danielpbarron danielpbarron
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Stuck in verification limbo. And banned.
They've got me in a verification channel. Will update when that silliness is finished. Okay they banned me at some point.
Hudson Hudson
Tugon ng Admin
Verification is literally entering one word and he is refusing to do it and asking me to do it for him and now he wants to keep the review despite he never even entered the server.
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Hudson Hudson
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Good Server
Good server.
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Xaylen Xaylen
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Nice server
It's is a nice and calm server where the people in there tries to answer your questions as best as they can.
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Banaftahi Banaftahi
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A great server
Everyone is super friendly and nice, all misconceptions about islam were cleared
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