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Magic: The Gathering Players Group

Join us and chat about your favorite cards, play web games with other players, and make new friends!
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Amazing group
Everyone in the group is willing to help, whether you forgot the order of your turn or if you want to learn the game entirely.
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Hi_there Hi_there
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The Gathering
Great server, friendly members. A lot of players looking for games, the games rooms stay very active from cEDH to Standard. There is a room for “Rules Questions” with some very experienced players who help anyone with any Magic questions. Commander deck techs were players will give you good recommendations, Rules enforcement so everyone can be in a safe environment. I strongly recommend joining the server you’ll enjoy it trust me
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TriAdX TriAdX
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Great community!
They have something for everyone, webcam/phone games and arena. They have ambassadors that help deck build and judges for rules questions. They also have some very good bots for looking up rules, cards, finding games and assigning power level roles for commander.
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