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2020 Election Hub

Welcome to the 2020 Election Hub! We are a BRAND NEW political server (founded on August 18, 2019) and are looking forward to meeting new people and talking about all the new political current events. We offer roles for every current Presidential candidate and colored roles! With chats ranging from politics to bot chats, there's no boredom at the 2020 Election Hub. Stop on by!
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TedResurrected 2.0 TedResurrected 2.0
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Very Welcoming
Where do I start with such a marvellous place, I mean there couldn’t be anymore of a better and active political server than this If I am honest, this server is definitely the least racist and homophobic I have been in a while. It’s a breath of fresh air knowing that there isn’t any prejudice, discrimination or offensive jokes against people from different ethnic minorities. It’s like a discord heaven where everyone gets along in harmony and peace. Also a huge congratulations to the owner of this server, he has achieved this all by himself from nothing to absolute greatness in just a few months. For those who are thinking wether or not to join this server, it’s ok join people are welcoming and accept and respect your opinion no matter how unusual it may be. Just join.
SpookyHonolua SpookyHonolua
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Needs Improving
Needs alotta improvement, they do not even have a partner message, the owner is wayyy to inactive, and they send ads in CSS just because that is regular stuff with partners, it was designed to have no CSS in the partnership messages