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One Love

`♡` — welcome to __One Love__ ♡˚.

this is an 18+ discord nsfw dating and community server Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
meet new people, make new friends and meet your significant other in One Love!

💕 — exclusive matchmaker, confession & gif bot ♡
💕 — nsfw focused ♡
💕 — welcoming community ♡
💕 — secure and simple verification process ♡
💕 — partnerships ♡
💕 — fun self roles to express yourself ♡
💕 — clean layout ♡
💕 — 18+ nude/teaser/chat channels for 18+ verified ♡
💕 — exceptional moderation ♡

come join us & don't be afraid to talk!
💕 .
ban appeal server:
💕 .
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NeoLux NeoLux
Mga Pagsusuri
Great Community
Great community full of good people. Met plenty of friends here and you will too!
325 araw na nakalipas
SoraKH18 SoraKH18
Mga Pagsusuri
OL 18+
Fun, friendly, enjoyable. These three words best describe this server. Great place to meet new people make new friends. Could find love if you try.
338 araw na nakalipas
TheCrow TheCrow
Mga Pagsusuri
A family
Simple as title above, literally I ve been look ages to find a place i was happy with. Mods of the server and admins are doing a great job, people over there are simply amazing
Very friendly and open to any sort of relationship ( depending what you looking for obviously)
The owner of the server it is always very active, and make sure rules get respect,extremely important under my point of view.

I would suggest anyone to give a go.
Won't regret it
345 araw na nakalipas
Linky Linky
Mga Pagsusuri
One Love highly recommend
Everyone is real friendly and I have made some real good friends for life there :)
princesskhloex princesskhloex
Tugon ng Admin
Thank you for your review. We are happy you are enjoying One Love.
346 araw na nakalipas