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Tainted Love

Tainted Love

Seeking a place to take a break and meet new friends? Tainted Love is a small and welcoming community for all, so if you want to meet new people or just chill in a cozy and funny atmosphere you're in the right place. We discuss a wide variety of topics and are always open to new suggestions. We host different kinds of events regularly so come along and enjoy.
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D4Damien D4Damien
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Decent Server
This Server has a lot of good quality such as Nice Admins, Lots Of channels to text and talk, and Some funny memes All in All good server would recommend to my friends 10/10
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TwiztidTragedy TwiztidTragedy
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nice and fun group of people, very good at helping with guides. and very nice admins and nice to play with. Really enjoy this community and the people on the server.
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