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EDH Unchained

We’re an EDH/Commander oriented MTG server for every power level. We primarily offer players: a place to discuss the format, build/tune decks, and play paper EDH in our webcam games section. We’re geared for debates and jokes alike in a friendly, inclusive community. If that sounds fun, consider yourself invited.
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This server is alright. It has good webcam games. I will give it five stars. Yes
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EDH at Any Level
A server for anyone who enjoys EDH in any form. The server's mantra is that any power level is a proper way to play whether you enjoy winning round 4 or playing with friends, beer in hand, until no one recalls the turn anymore. The staff and regulars are knowledgeable on the format with varied perspectives. It's comprised of players who like to talk the format to death whether they be brewing, tweaking lists, talking about the latest cards, or everyone's day or favorite anime to mix it up.

Full disclosure: I am a moderator/admin for the server so take this as you will but I encourage you to give it a shot whether you only learned that acronym today or played it since before there were precons, there's probably something here for you to enjoy.
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