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Smash Throne

This server has been on ever since the launch of super smash bros ultimate.
-We grew up to be a very family based community!
-We have amazing members whom we ended up meeting in real life after meeting in this server.
- tournament players from streams
Over thousands of people
- We hold tournaments every week!
Can win money, Eshop cards, nitro
- various other games such as paladins, realms royale, minecraft, Mario kart.
- you enjoy karaoke? You enjoy movie nights? We have those too :)

Most importantly, were always present for our members.

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GooseJuice GooseJuice
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The server has good people and has a lot of cool things to do!! Go check it out and see for yourself!
Slayer of megami tensei Slayer of megami tensei
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Very open and friendly
This server is essential for Smash Bros gamers. It has match making, friend searching, movie events, and perks for members. Above all, Smash Throne is a supportive and relaxing environment. I greatly recommend joining!
Zerg Zerg
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Y’all Should meet the family sometime!
Everyone here that comes within the moment of joining is welcome with open arms, we love always having someone there to keep you company in the server hence why we joined the whole “Bump” program! We can’t help but contain how cool this place is so I hope as you come to see this place just it of curiosity, that you could stay for as long as you need. Who knows maybe could join one of our tourneys and snag the next Champion spot. (¬з¬)
~ Tostones ~ ~ Tostones ~
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The Mandatory Smash Server! ୧⍢⃝୨
If you’re looking for a nice place to just hang out, Smash Throne can fulfill those needs in a jiffy! Genuinely good players are settled here, but every type of player can also be a blast to spar with! At least someone will make you have a sense of community as you play, meme, or just have fun!
∠( ᐛ 」∠)_