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✿ Aurora Springs ✿


The land of Aurora Springs is a beautiful oasis to behold. Majestic mountains, crystal clear waters, and luscious greenery all around. Unlike any other, the inhabitants of this town hidden away in the Rockies vary in species. Humans, elves, deities, demons, vampires and so many others...they all have come to find peace and find something or someone to occupy their time with. Whether it be earning an education at the prestigious Mountcrest University, starting a business to gain riches or partying the night away in the entertainment district, Aurora Springs has something for everyone to enjoy and a plethora of characters to meet!

✿ - ABOUT US - ✿
This group has been running since November of 2018. We are a no-nonsense, serious roleplay group. not a hub A welcoming and friendly place where young adults and adults alike join together to create stories in a single setting. Find friends, or what some of our members refer to our server as, a second home.

✿ - FEATURES - ✿
❀ -A Mature Crowd of Misfits, 19 Years of Age or Older! (Verified)
❀ - An LGBTQ+ Accepting Community!
❀ -Active and Helpful Staff!
❀ -Literate Roleplayers! 1-3+ Paragraphs per Response!
❀ -Themes: Casual, Erotica, Light Fantasy, Romance, and Slice of Life!
❀ -Roleplay Events + Fun, Earnable Roles!
❀ -The Most Patient Roleplayers You'll Ever Meet!
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MomentoMori MomentoMori
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Very different compared to other rp servers
This server is more formal and structured compared to the other servers I’ve encountered. They press for lit/semi-lit format which is something hard to find in other rp servers. The people are welcoming and you never feel left out
cariad cariad
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This is a pretty good and advanced server that has a great community who seem to reallybe close with one another. There is an ID check at the door so you know you are RPing with people who are of age right off the bat. That really shows with the quality of people in the server.
A cute snek A cute snek
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Excellent Server, such an original title.
I'm still in the server at the time of writing this and have been there for over a year. There are rules in place to keep the server in tip-top condition. Namely, the age rule and literacy rule. People who join and get all the way in the server will find an amazing group of caring people who can belt out AMAZING stories when they get in the right gear.
Miss Maree Miss Maree
Mga Pagsusuri
Welcoming members, a safe environment and staff that actually care? What more could a person ask for. I've only been a part of this server for a few months but in those short few months I've made some amazing friends. Through this server I've finally been able to let my creativity show and that means a lot to me.