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One of the fastest growing and most unique discord server up to this day!
We have amazingly entertaining community and loads of fun in our server!

Chaos Devils is a server full of entertainment for basically everyone.

We have:
-Active community of over 1600 members and over 18k average messages sent per day.
-Loads of bots and games, including Pokécord and Mudae.
-1/1 male/female ratio.
-Very well organised autoposting channels.
-Unique events for discord nitro's like selfie competitions, artwork comptitions and voice chat talent shows.
-We also have +18 hentai channels and porn channels, and ever our server member's nudes channels.
-More than 8 music bots.
-Custom commands and exclusive features for server boosters.
-500 Global Emojis.
-Level 3 Boosted Server.
-And More!
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My review.
Server design - 10/10
Community - 8/10
Things to do - 10/10
Spefix - -100/10

Fuck you asshole, I made you and you don't even remember me and ban me and mute me instead. STAY IN XX SHADOW FOR EVER LOSER!

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Weazand接辞 Weazand接辞
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Chill ong
• Cool staff.
• Super active during the days.
• Unique events.
• Overall, has everything that perfect community needs.

• Not much voice chat activity.
• Dead during early mornings in EU, because of lack of people from US.
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clair❣ clair❣
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They call me fake,
I love the hate,
Spefix is great,
I love you mate.

sad retard is shit,
His dick never hit,
Pull virginity trigger
and trigger the nigger.
Spefix Spefix
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𝙍𝙖𝙬 𝙍𝙖𝙬
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Good to chill with them bois
I already said, good to chill with them bois ong ong, also the owner is on cocaine all the time is honestly really cool
Spefix Spefix
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