🐍 Witches of the Black Serpent 🖤 is an open pantheon online coven and witchcraft community. The coven does not have a set pantheon, but rather, it is open for you to worship as you wish, we just invoke the gods and goddesses using general terminology and from there you can personally worship to your heart's content. If you’re just someone who practices witchcraft or curious of the craft you are more than welcome to come and join! We are 100% LGBT+ and PoC inclusive and include unique spaces for those communities within the server as well.

We are currently in BETA mode, so some of the features below are not available yet but WILL be integrated very soon! This message will be edited once they are all live.

🖤 Several free to access resources for genuine learning including books, weblinks, and more
🖤 A traditional ranking system to allow you to transition from first to third degree in Wicca
🖤 Traditional events, initiatory ceremonies, sabbats, esbats, etc.
🖤 Open access mentoring
🖤 Free divinatory readings and practice areas
🖤 Spaces to share your artistic, relevant content and advertise it
🖤 The largest selection of divinatory self-assignable roles across Discord, and more
🖤 Daily horoscope readings and more by our server bot familiars
🖤 Shared coven grimoire
🖤 Anti-troll verification system

🐍 Plus more! Check us out and join a hybrid community (and perhaps coven) of witchcraft and Wicca alike. We look forward to meeting you!