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The world of Karak is a world full of fantasy, magic, and steampunk tech. Come RP and erp in a world full if diversity, fight in a tournament or court a princess. This is a newer server and still a little rough around the edges, if you have any advice upon joining feel free to contact an administrator.
❘༻ 𝐊𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐔𝐒: The Wastelands ༺❘

Kalius is a world similar, yet very different to our own. An alternate reality, where style, culture and the general vibe is based off the late 1800s to the early 1900s of Europe and America, with some areas of this world being reminiscent of even the early 1500s of Europe. Some things are so different its almost alien.
⚔️ Start a Faction of your own kind! A Political Party in one of the many Nations to a Bandit Guild roaming the wilds! You lead events in this world.

🗺️ Discover the Mysteries of this world and the reasoning behind it. Theres many stories waiting to be unfolded.

🗡️ Technology and Culture varying wildly! From fighting with Blades to Fighting with Tanks in this everchanging world.

🔥Explore our Wellmade Rune Magic-Like System where you can obtain and progress in power!


♔What is the history of this world? Well, that depends on who you ask. The Republic of Americinia will claim that we roamed this land for millenia, working together for higher purpose and power, before said power left us to our own devices.♔

♔The Monarchy of Calforlina tells us that the gods bestowed upon the royal dynasty the power to rule the known world - supposedly the blood of the dynasty must remain pure for said act to occur. ♔

♔Damitria, the Southernmost nation, lets us believe that the gods have gifted them the right to rule the skies, living amongst the clouds - the bottom dwellers being unblessed.♔

♔The Wastelands... we don't need to get into that. There's all sorts of answers out there, the most popular one being from the famous arms dealing family - the Oculus', who disregard the past and look only to the future.♔

♔In reality, no one knows what truly happened. History, at the most, only stretches back to a thousand years back, the only remnants of the era long forgotten being the vast abundance of ruins and technology. Thanks to this, the modern world uses steam-power, with airships ruling the skies, robotics and cybernetic enhancements being common place and weapons such as boom-sticks being the norm.♔

♔What do I think? Eh. Who cares? Like the Oculus' say, look only to the future - the past is irrelevant.♔
Greetings DnD players! Welcome to Paxmond, a City with Steampunk setting! I hope you will have a great time playing and a fun time here! We have homebrew and more! Good for new and experienced players alike!
A server which you can lead armies, do quests, fight monsters, become a business, make lore, own a kingdom, be an assassin, BE ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING! NSFW content is only able to be seen with a role.
The year is 1995. The screams of the innocents bellows through the world, after the bombs dropped in 1991- leaving a consuming mushroom cloud to lay waste to all in its path. Set in a seemingly bright and cheery 'Utopian' future, the over-world has become a wasteland filled with radiation over nuclear warfare by multiple warring nations. The last bastion of society lays in the clouds, in Liberty-Line city. The city in the heavens is quite heavenly. Smiles are abundant, and technological wonders have been made. Flying cars and robots are a dream come true, and genetic augmentations are a thing of today. It truly is a flying wonderland, a place of hopes and dreams! A new dawn for humanity! But is everything as peachy as it seems? The police force brutalizes citizens who could even maybe have some relation to crime. Businesses control everything. There is a growing rebellion in the city. This utopia is just a dystopia in disguise. Will you work for the government to keep order, or work against it to bring freedom? So come, join our city- and explore the depths our perfect little floating paradise! The Future is Rising, and Tomorrow is Today!
~Set in a Dystopian city that Contains Themes of Racism, Sexism, etc.
~Cybernetics, Genetic Augmentations, Robots, Sci-fi is ripe in this city!
~Will you fight against the monopolies, or perhaps work for them? Or maybe in the end- even make one of your own?
~Expansive events to take you to the highest and lowest parts of LibertyLines shadowy silhouette.
~Fun, welcoming staff who while may enjoy joking around a lot- are genuinely aiming to be helpful
~Unique Items, Weapons, Currency, and more all for Immersion
Can you Rule the Skies?
Bienvenue dans le MistFall !

▷ MistFall est un serveur RP sur le thème Fantasy/Steampunk

▷ Nous sommes une communauté ouverte et bienveillante

▷ C'est une surface de jeux évolutive, c'est à dire que toutes vos idées et actions serons acceptés et auront un impacte sur l'univers qui évoluera selon vos choix.

Les Humains vivent dans de grande cités, bénéficiant d'une très grande technologie. Cependant, les riches écrasent les pauvres, les Nobles sont devenus la lois. Ici, ce sont ceux qui réussissent qui dictent la morale. Seule la réussite sociale compte vraiment. Les descendant de la famille Royale, les Watkyns règnent en maître à Taclys, la capitale.
Dans les mêmes temps, les hybrides vivent seuls et séparés. Les Lycanthropes tente de fuir le braconnage et l'esclavagisme, les Kitsunes et Nekos tentent de se réunir pour former à nouveau un clan.
De plus, chaque nuit, un étrange et épais brouillard recouvre le pays..... Faites attention, le soleil tombé, des monstres peuvent apparaître....*
Dans ce monde divisé par l'horreur de la pauvreté, divisé par l'histoire, vous, qui serez vous ? Quel sera votre destin ?

En rejoignant le monde de MistFall vous aurez accès à :

▷ Un nombre inconsidérable de races jouables !

▷ Un système de magie précis et permissif

▷ Un univers développé, simple et incroyable

▷ Une grande dose de fun !

Dans cet univers, c'est vous qui écrirez votre histoire, en toutes libertés.

It started with a town simple right? Juno a haven for all types of creatures from all walks of life. It blossomed into an ideology a way of thinking much differently from the rest of Gemora. It spread like fire across the land igniting a change in the world that would cast its inhabitants into a new era.

It wasn't the technology that changed but the people, wars that raged for decades seemingly ended in a blink of an eye. However, old ways run deep in the people, change is hard for some. The echo of war whisper in the ears of the people far and wide.

Clockworks fight for there freedom, shunned classes, and race come from hiding into the light. What will this do to them? How will the other races and classes greet them? You can't hide forever not when the world grows smaller and smaller every day.
It started with a town simple right? Juno a haven for all types of creatures from all walks of life. It blossomed into an ideology a way of thinking much differently from the rest of Gemora. It spread like fire across the land igniting a change in the world that would cast its inhabitants into a new era.

It wasn't the technology that changed but the people, wars that raged for decades seemingly ended in a blink of an eye. However, old ways run deep in the people, change is hard for some. The echo of war whisper in the ears of the people far and wide.

Clockworks fight for there freedom, shunned classes, and race come from hiding into the light. What will this do to them? How will the other races and classes greet them? You can't hide forever not when the world grows smaller and smaller every day.

❇Lots of Races to choose from
❇Friendly staff
❇Victorian Steampunk!
❇Guns yes guns...
❇Clockworks as oc if you wish!
❇Own areas, make new places, add to the story of the world known as Gemora. It's a sand box server. Meaning you can add to it as long as what ever you add makes since and is approved.
:・゚✧ :・゚✧ :・✧:・゚.✧:・゚.✧:・. .✧:・゚✧ *:・✧ :・゚
┊  ┊  ┊  ┊ if you were
┊  ┊  ┊  ❀to make a choice,
┊  ┊  ✧ which would you follow?
┊  ❀ Mind? Heart? Or soul?

╭      ╮
Kingdom of Prominece
╰      ╯

Long years ago, as the dust forgotten the certain events, a man from the forest has bestow a kingdom of unfortunates and immorality a power to change their world. The kingdom has advanced themselves into something they though they would never achieved. The Kingdom has created peace and resources for their daily lives.

But, they did not create harmony.

Factions to choose from
Encounters and Quest
RP Based Lore
Character and RP Development
Steampunk and Fantasy themed
Literate RP Server. One Liners are not allowed.

Take heights. Achieve greater things than you did yesterday. ・‥…━━━☆

In the early 1800s, the Earth was changed. A smog, deadly, killing all plant and animal life, descended onto the ground like a thick mist. The humans of the time lost much, but desperately sought a solution - which eventually came in the form of floating cities. The people took to the skies, and abandoned the ground below, taking what they could before succumbing to the toxic air. This first city in the sky, built by the geniuses - and financially powerful - of the time, was named Laridae. And many cities were soon to follow, creating an entire civilization in the air.

The characters are all members of this world, no longer new now that generations have passed. They have all applied for the honorable position of Scavenger, working under the government of these flying cities, the S.O.S. The characters all risk life and limb for their work, travelling through the smog to the tops of mountains below, excavating ore and metals from the old world to keep the cities working properly. Everything is fine - dangerous, but fine.

However, not everything is as it seems. The government keeps up its façade, convincing the public and even the characters, but cruelty and tyranny lie beneath. Sometimes, the true danger is hidden in the fog.

Venetia is a hyper-realistic, third-person roleplay server for original characters with an original setting and plot. Characters work together as a crew for the scavenger ship The Venetia, working to survive, earn their pay, and maybe even start a revolution.
Salutations aventurier !
Je te prends quelques secondes de ton précieux temps pour te montrer un nouveau serveur rp qui viens à peine d'émerger !

C'est un monde créé de toute pièce dans un univers de type steampunk ou tout être vivant possède un pouvoir plus où moins utile. Le pouvoir pouvant aller d'un crachat de feu à un pouvoir permettant de faire apparaître des petites cuillères !

Maintenant regardes ce que nous nous à vous proposer !

-->un staff cool, actif et proche de ses rôleplayers

-->une communauté sympathique sans cancers venant vous embêter tout le temps !

--> un rp créé de toute pièce

-->un univers entraînant et plaisant !

-->des salons garantissant l'amusement quotidien de la communauté

-->des animations hebdomadaires au quelles vous pouvez participer !

Voici ce que nous vous proposons ! Allez donc tenter l'expérience et rejoignez Arcania !
Welcome to Novus Imperium! After a deadly plague struck the world in 1816 with the low temperatures. Raise your empire from the ashes of the industrial world and lead your nation to former greatness, and be remembered in history with historical RP, events, friendly roleplayers, and active staff. Focus on diplomacy and be the backbone of foreign relations, or be the mastermind of trade and hold any nations economy hostage, or wage war and become the next Caesar. The choice is your to persue!
The fate of the world is at stake: A dark wizard is amassing an army to take the land, and the only people who have the capability to stop it is the united armies of Swesora, and the students of Cedarion Academy. Will you help save the world from the wizard's reign, or destroy the world?
Irdra: Factions in war

Idra is a semi-literature and literature roleplay server based on world war one. The server offers plenty of things to choose from and has plenty of OOC (out of character) things to offer also. The server is fresh so some things could be missing but active staff members are working to fix all they can. The server staff members are active on a daily base and the community is friendly to everybody.

Short server lore
Irdra is a world made out of 5 factions located at the start of the20th-century (1900). Each faction has a unique culture and style. Some factions are monarchists while some can be democratic. From 5 current factions, 3 went into another great war caused by an attack of ˝League of Antar˝ on colonies of other nations located on the main continent that made chain reaction of war declaration between 3 strongest factions. Currently, all factions are in full mobilization and preparation for war.

What can I be there?
It all depends on what you want to be? You can be part of a mighty army or be a simple citizen that works to survive throughout yet another war. Maybe be politician or part of the royal family that rules over one of the factions? The choice is yours
Welcome to Kingdoms Deliverance!

Set in a fictional steampunk/gaslight kingdom, where both fantastical elements and technology, similar to the second industrial revolution, are intertwined.

Forty years following the last war between the nations of Lanstern and Polita, conflict has once again arisen, plunging our kingdom into anarchy.
The lands are running amuck with criminals and bandits. The economy has fallen and famine has spread throughout the country. The eastern border has turned into a wasteland of trenches and barren grounds, trampled by armies, burned with fire, and destroyed by airstrikes.

What is your story? A Prince, attempting to save his kingdom from depression and war? An adventurer on a quest for riches and redemption, as you battle beasts of legend? A member of the Military Police, charged with protecting the homeland during these times of tribulation? Or perhaps a Revolutionary, seeking to put an end to what you deem, is a failing and unethical monarchy? It's your story to craft, as you join the journey that is...

Kingdoms Deliverance.
Griseveine, 1743.
Cela va maintenant faire 16 ans que la guerre entre Renlord et Griseveine est terminée, gagné par la dernière. Pourtant, la Cité État a perdu beaucoup de biens matériels et humains pendant cette guerre. Malgré ces difficultés, Griseveine a su s'en remettre, étant à présent une ville riche et prospère, notamment grâce aux coeurs qui sont la principale source d'énergie (ayant ici remplacé le charbon).
Mais, la victoire ... À quelle prix ?
Les inégalités entre les plus riches et les plus pauvres ne cessent de s'accroître, engendrant une montée de la criminalité et la création de nouveaux organisations criminelles.
Le pouvoir du roi est de plus en plus autoritaires, supprimant ainsi toutes libertés. Récemment, Griseveine a ouvert ses portes aux restes du continent et le Roi s'intéresse désormais au Dehors, un endroit hostile infecté par des Anomalies et habitées par des nomades coupés du reste.

Alors, qu'attendez-vous pour nous rejoindre dans ce monde ? Vous seuls avez le pouvoir de changer le cour de l'histoire.

• Il s'inspire de l'univers Dishonored sans pour autant être un univers emprunté. Il en va de même pour Horizon Zero Dawn, adapté à du Steampunk.
• C'est un RP "sérieux", mais quiconque en a la volonté peut participer. Sont interdits les monolignes, tout action doit respecter la cohérence de l'univers sans aucune exception. C'est un peu comme le RP sur forum : du lore, des pavés construit et un rythme "lent". Pas de fast-RP donc, pas d'hyper activité, il n'est pas mort pour autant et à, aujourd'hui 11 mois.
Welcome to Novis.

The Year is 2341, the apocalypse has occurred through devastating wars and fallouts in the year 2064. The end of the mayhem was seen in only 2200, and since then, the world has been aiming to recover. Novis was once a country that was part of Europe, but since broken up through many nuclear threats.
Our server is based around a Mechanical Virus that was released during a war, resulting in the breaking up of cities and countries! This is something new to the members of the server and we hope to do well!
We are a BRAND NEW Roleplay server, with a mix of Steampunk and Apocalypse elements! Lots of new races and experiments to explore, with rich lore and a dedicated community!

We allow a wide variety of characters, races and abilities, and are a complex roleplay server!

Please DM Cinder#0775 for more!
Here we hail our almighty emperor Hat Cat and defend the Nation
"Welcome to Aeyvaur, a fantasy style role-play. Want to be a hero? Want to be the villian? Want to be a loner? That you can do that here, enjoy our open world with multiple nation's you can go and visit, a free-form character designer that allows you to make any class, race, magic ability you want, within reason of course. Make friends with the people around you. Enjoy your time here"

Aeyvaur. A server that is large but just opening its eyes on this new world. We encourage player involvement, and over all wish to grow even larger. We want an active community, and one where nobody feels pressured, and everyone feels welcome to talk and converse on varying topics in our lounge in an open and caring environment. We are making not just a server where people can show their creativity and individuality, but a home.

Owner's Word:
Greetings Disboard user, I am the rights holder of the server and one of three community leaders. We are a young and growing world both in play and in community, I welcome the chance to be part of both. This place has a developing player base and a sandbox style world (Within reason that is), we allow players to build and contribute to the world of play and weave together stories of their own. This server is mostly RP based with your basic sever functions, we are a somewhat steampunk setting with a large map to explore. Should there be interest in this server feel free to join and get to know us, staff are expected to be around if needed and leadership as well. Come join us in this vast world if you love to roleplay.
Cognitionis, a land of bleak hope and joyful despair. There is little to say about the land, save that it is madness incarnate. A land of forgotten ancients and modern-day inventors creating weapons of mass destruction to say they have. Life teeters on the edge of chaos and order each day, unsure where the cards may inevitably fall. The Council of eyes watches over the main city of Cognitionis, Qarsoon, with rigid judgment. They are secretive and mysterious, just like the rest of the world. Now creatures from within the depths, creatures of...unspeakable horror have begun taking notice of civilization's progress. These entities have begun setting up their chess boards to see who shall become victorious. As the Forgotten District grows restless as a new leader begins uniting rebels. Long abandoned constructs reactivate with the discovery of emotions. As the woods once more lash out to reject civilization. All chaos and order battle each other. But what horse will you back? And what choices shall you choose to make to help forge the world?
Nous sommes en 1850 dans un Univers assez différent du nôtre, la machine à vapeur fait fureur depuis de nombreuses années et de nouvelles technologies commencent à voir le jour et notamment les noyaux. Une nouvelle source d’énergie révolutionnaire permettant de faire fonctionner des machines encore plus incroyables. L'Empire Constitutionnel de Shir est prospère et traverse une période de paix assez inhabituelle, permettant ainsi aux entreprises de se développer. La religion et la magie sont au bord du précipice et sont condamnées à disparaître... C'est dans ce cadre de paix durement établie que des rumeurs apparaissent...

Une étrange épidémie mêlée à une secte sombre et cruelle. Il ne faut rien de plus aux différents journaux qui reprennent ces rumeurs les clamant haut et fort malgré les différentes tentatives de censure de l'Etat. Les religieux et de nombreux manifestants de la basse société accusent les différents dirigeants et autres politiques de leur cacher la vérité. Des tensions règnent et l'Empereur fait taire la plupart des dissidents...

Dans quel camp serez vous ? Un politique ou bien un dissident ? C'est à vous de décider.

Ce monde a de vastes territoires à vous offrir. De nombreux siècles désormais devenus vestiges de lieux ou légendes racontées.
⎛—————< Aenatar - RP >—————⎞

Ce rp se déroule dans la fin des années 1900, à l'époque des premières machines à vapeur ect... Il est inspiré du roman la boussole d'or (à la croisée des mondes) de P. Pullman.

⟨—————< Contexte >—————⟩

Dans la ville d'Aenatar et ses environs régnait autrefois calme et bonne humeur. Chaque habitant possédait son daemon, un animal qui représente son âme et qui est lié à lui pour toujours. Cependant, les temps n'ont jamais été aussi troubles que ces dernières années, car une secte très puissante sévit dans la ville, sans que les autorités ne parviennent à l'en empêcher... à moins qu'elles ne le veulent pas...? En effet, la secte semble avoir le bras long, et agit dans l'ombre. Leur but ? Séparer définitivement les humains de leurs daemons, qu'ils présentent comme une faiblesse, une entrave à la liberté et à l'évolution. C'est pour quoi cette secte se fait appeler les "délieurs".

⟨———< Informations Complémentaires >———⟩
Ce rp est constituées de personnes ouvertes d'esprit et le staff sera présent pour répondre à vos questions. N'ayez pas peur d'avoir un "trop mauvais niveau de rp", nous acceptons tous le monde, débutants ou non ! Nous espérons vous voir bientôt parmi nous!

Lakanthris is a High fantasy roleplay with elements of lovecraftian horror and a dash of steampunk. It is based after the world is destroyed by the eldritch monstrosity at it's core, and new life begins on the shards of land rotating around the burning core. It features open world gameplay, a detailed magic system and fully custom skills professions and characters. And a sanity system to boot. and a pretty sweet backstory if i don't say so myself.