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This is a server about the classic prog rock band Pink Floyd. Formed by Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barrett and later joined with David Gilmour they have rocked the universe with extremely well-acclaimed albums like Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall. Any new or old fans are welcome!
Do you like classic rock? Come join our pre-'95 hangout and listen to some songs suggested by our members! Come talk about Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles, David Bowie, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix and more!
This is not the Official Pink Floyd server, or a Pink Floyd server made by the subreddit, it's a server a friend and I have made, for the Pink Floyd fans on discord, for there is no big Pink Floyd server, hope this one can be ''that'' server.

Sincerely , The Owners
Welcome to The Wall! We're all about Pink Floyd and their album of this name. Join us to discuss, post or even joke with us about the album. We'll be waiting for you!
Not really just a weezer server, just a place to talk and make new friends 🙂🙂. We also have support
Welcome to the Pink Floyd Early Years Discord! Here we will discuss topics about the early years of Pink Floyd with founder Syd Barrett (1965-1968) as well as the early years with David Gilmour. So come along, come along.
Welcome to Gru's Pink Floyd and gaming hangout. we have lots of bots, userphone, great staff, and a growing community. We welcome fans of all video games and music
Welcome my friends, welcome to the server! Join us as we enter the universe of Pink Floyd