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Oconia, the world with endless mysteries; with endless mysteries come endless possibilities. Come join this epic, fantasy-adventure RPG and fully explore Oconia with everything it has to offer. You may find out that there are some secrets better left uncovered...
> - What we offer:
> - In-depth lore for a more immersive experience
> - Soft character creation system that allows for creative freedom (however our only restrictions are human characters only and they have to fit into the lore.)
> - Stat, XP progression, and unlockables through quests for your character to level up
> - Bot controlled currency system for a more immersive and realistic experience
> - Diverse country themes
> - Multiple background plots at a time to keep the story engaging and interesting
> - Hidden parts of the world you may uncover that weren't previously there...
> Delve into the unknown in the world of Oconia.
Serwer z miłą administracją na którym gramy w przeróżne gry zapraszam ;)
A (NEW!) Hazbin Hotel Server where you can chill, share art, and role play with fans like you! Just remember to be nice! We hope to see you here to help the server grow!
Hello, Welcome to the North-West 🗾. We are Based in the Untied Kingdom 🔥 We are a growing community ⏫ We are trying to get the North-West out on the Market. If your from the North-West Please join 👻 We are starting off and hoping this can grow into something amazing ⬇️ look below for more information on the Server, I hope to see you in the Discord, and what to do.

• Read all the Rules ✉️
• Selecting a Role 👷
• Dont be a dick
- Things we offer on the 🌀 Discord 🌀
• Chats 💬
• Music 🎶
• Admins
• AFK 💤
• Memes 💀
• Games 🎮
• Dating 💌
• Anime
• Weebs
• Suggestions
• Hangouts
• Chill 😎
• Art 🎨
Hello. This is a fun server with a lot of possible sinning. Don’t worry though, we do have a priest.

Since we’re very new, we need a lot of staff to help us build and promote the server. Would be of great help! :)
This is a community for people to come together and make friends it is a brand new server and joining will help it grow and turn into something big someday

welcome to Aux, here we


announcements, polls etc,

counting, userphone

sweet staff...

concerts for members to host

reasonable guidelines

ty for taking your time to read
this message
***Aux server staff***

Hey, we're a fairly new server - started by a group of friends. We aim to provide a safe well knitted community where people can make friends and more! We ask you follow our rules closely and ensure you obide by them as much as you can.

We allow you to date, make friends and much more, we just ask you listen and respect the people you're talking too.
In A World Where Vigulante's Are The New Crime Fighter's. You Can Now Join The War Between Good And Evil. Hero And Villain. Friend And Foe. Which Side Will You Join? Who Will Win? Join Us In This Awesome Adventure.

New Server!

Lore Writer's Wanted!

LGBT Friendly!

Furry Friendly!


Kind Staff!

Reaction Role's!

Lot's Of Chat's!
ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ᴜꜱ :
The intent of this server is to have a positive and supportive community towards Artists and Gamers, finding and forming friendships, collaborations, sharing art and gameplays!
We sincerely wish, that this server could be a place you enjoy spending time in or have somewhere to come to!
~Okaerinasai~ <3
Welcome to Aether Palace: School of Discovery. Since the olden times, within our lucious planet earth,there have been many secrets kept from us, now even more so than ever before. One day the Earth had been attacked by a mysterious group of outsiders known as the Kaar’lac and the war of these extraterrestrial beings changed how we looked at our giving planet. It seems as of we the humans were up against something we were not entirely ready for,having the war last for hundreds of years, and although we had won,the Earth was a much different planet than we had before, many mysterious occurrences began to happen. The landscape of the Earth had changed, with new areas waiting to be discovered, however so have the creatures who inhabit the Earth as well. Many creatures have become extremely ferocious, in fact even new more deadly creatures have been seen. That's not all however, humans have been given the ability to use magic or even born with a birthright weapon. We are not sure how this is possible,but if you are a person with the prestigious spirit magic ability, or even a spirit weapon, please consider joining Aether Palace. We would love to have you in our mission for our Earth’s recovery and the discovery of many new places!
Ever needed help with creating a new server or had some trouble using and setting up bots or roles?
Well no more!

Introducing a new type of server. The unofficial discord server creation server. Here to help you with all your discord needs, from a bit of troubleshooting to complete server design.

We offer ...
-A helpful community in all aspects
-Complete server creation services
- other normal server chats and channels
**Disclaimer: this server is still a WIP however we are working on making a professional help server so, join today for help or join and become part of the team and help others**
╔════════════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═══════════════╗
Bienvenue dans le serveur de JapanimDream !

✩✮Twitter : @japanim_dream✮✩

✩✮Instagram : JapanimDream ✮✩

✪ ✪ ✪ Pourquoi le rejoindre ? ✪ ✪ ✪

✩C'est un serveur communautaire basé sur les animés qui vous propose✩ :

♫ Un coin pour les artistes et musiciens ! ♫

☏ Des vocaux publics ! ☏

♚Des emotes géniales ! ♛

დ De nombreux salons pour se distraire ! დ

✪Des Quizzs et Blind Tests journaliers sur les animes !✪

❀ ✵ Des membres sympathiques et accueillants ! ✵❀

⁂Un staff rapide et dévoué (et un bg à votre écoute) !⁂

❉ Ainsi qu'une communauté extraordinaire !❉

Rejoignez-nous dès maintenant !
╚══════════════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ═════════════════╝
Come and appreciate hentai in a friendly, open and diverse community of fellow degenerates :D

over 1 billion members
level 69 nitro boosted

Custom bots :)
Friendly community :)
Hella hentai categories :)
Self roles and colors :)
Lots of fun text chats :)
Streaming and VC :)
Roleplay and fantasies :)
No weird ID verification shit :)

The server is intended for 18+ people as it contains a lot of sexual content, duh.
Hello there 🛎️ im Ryan nice to meet you ^^ this server is a stickman server I guess 🔔 but you can chill here as long you follow the rules 🥁 this server is new so...its okay if you join or not 🥁 welp have nice day! ✨
My tiny dead server of emotes for nitro users (mainly myself)
Got nitro? Feel free to come peep the emotes, hell maybe even hang out and shit post or try to talk or something. THAT would be insane. Dare you to.
Greetings traveler, we are happy to inform you that we have an extra space in our kingdom for you, dear traveler. Come stay with with us and make friends or just simply have fun!
Fun for everyone, is a server you can use to find friends, play games, share your creations, and overall have a fun time!
Welcome to chill vibes. A small and a chill place to hang out with friends, or meet new ones

Just join if you're looking for some friends :p

We offer :

~ self assignable roles and colors

~ voice and text channels

~ memes

~ music bots

and more to come
You've been invited to ❤Love Sparkles❤, a 13-18 server! Here, you're guaranteed to get a loving welcome with open arms, and you're immediately loved whoever you are <3 So, lets see what we offer here!
We are a group that plays Anime Fighting Simulator! We do fun things like tournaments, raid servers, and more! We even allow you to PVP! We also help many players who are new! Will you join? o-o
I’ve tried so many discord servers and so many of them were toxic, unfriendly or over the top. My aim is to make a generally enjoyable server which attracts nice people who will have conversations that are longer than a few words. I’m going to be looking for staff, probably for a while, so if you feel like you can responsibly take something on come join! We welcome all, young and old (over the discord age limit). This is not a Role-Play server.
This is Realm of Gods (RoG) a casual laid back server with chill staff and bots, we're all about jokes till a certain extent, we have self roles and RoG is a first of many to come after. We offer:
💬Full on convos
👨‍💻👩‍💻interactive staff
😌chill vibes
🥺supportive members
And open to suggestions to make you feel more comfortable w us. So what are you waiting for? That's a rhetorical question, you better press the joins button or you'll get The Rona.