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This is a server for females only! Growing community, not many members now, but hopefully more!! A small, safe, and friendly community. All women are welcome here!
I am sorry to say that we do not accept transgender individuals, however these people are still respected and viewed as valid 💖
I am sick and tired of servers advertised as female only and then either including males, or not having a valid invite. Especially with how rare these servers already are. There is a verification process. All women are welcome!! 💖
16+ Please! Not an NSFW server, but we do discuss mature topics, so join at your own discretion.
Important to note, we have had issues with some people who aren't fond to our particular sense of humor, so if you are easily offended, I would recommend joining another server. However, if you can see past our offensive jokes, you have a very loving community of supportive women waiting for you once you get in. 💖
Hello~ it's nice to meet you all! I'm Aspen or whatever you want to call me. This is my sever and we are VERY new so please bare with us. We are a very friendly little group. We are working 24/7 to make sure that this server become lively as possible with many possibles.

What will we offer:
-An active roleplay
-A friendly staff and an LGBTQ+ safe zone
-An paranormal nerd sever


In the quiet parts of Nickitsu, Japan strange supernatural activities have been popping up across the abandoned town. As Nickitsu tries to cover up these events an new mysterious high school appears, Akita Academy. Along with the principals the school has may secrets. The population started to spike, as many students were reported missing as trying to live the strange somewhat calm life on campus.
~Welcome to The Hentai Emporium!!!!~

~Please enjoy your stay and please abide by the server rules~

(1) Be friendly-keep all problems between each other in the DM's!
(2) Keep all NSFW content in the designated chats!
(4) Everyone who joins is required to choose roles!!
(5) Enjoy yourself!!!
~Anyone who doesn't obey these rules will be warned~

~After three warnings you will be banned, absolutely no exceptions~

With a near 20 member milestone, we are growing vore server, centering ourselves to it (You will need to claim vore roles in out bot commands channel to have access to them). With our server growing we hope to have an official description here, as well as an icon unique to our server. If your interested in this, then this is the server for you! Come join us and have some fun, with vore! (We also offer an option to not do vore and still enjoy the server, so don't worry about not wanting to do it).
We just out here vibin. We collecting egirls and shit. So come join us. We have userphone, a lot of opportunities to be staff, and like lesbians(idk if you would like those).
This is a friendly new server with many UWUs.
Nsfw chats
Cute egirls & more.
I’ve tried so many discord servers and so many of them were toxic, unfriendly or over the top. My aim is to make a generally enjoyable server which attracts nice people who will have conversations that are longer than a few words. I’m going to be looking for staff, probably for a while, so if you feel like you can responsibly take something on come join! We welcome all, young and old (over the discord age limit). This is not a Role-Play server.
Hai~ This is my server.


~A new server

~Lgbtq+ Friendly

~Anime and Gaming is the main theme

~Lots of color roles
Hangouts is a place to meet new people, play games, listen to music and just have a great time. We are always looking for new members and we have some great staff atm but always looking for more when the server gets bigger.
The largest Discord server dedicated to the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" video game on the Nintendo Switch! An official Discord Partnered server and level three boosted! A friendly and welcoming community with over 200+ Animal Crossing emojis!
Hello! We are a brand new server. The Bonfire is here to be a place to chill to and meet new people. Come join and help us grow into a community!
**Shonen Jump Crossover! 2**
A server looking to get bigger, but filled with people who love to have fun!
*Why should you join, you ask?*
-We have tons of bots waiting to be used
-We have have a bunch of people waiting for new friends!
-We love to rp and will teach how to rp like us with needed!
-If anyone isn't fluent with English, just talk to @Meliodas#3404 to communicate
-And we VC a few times with the role -Vc Alerts-

Help us reach 100 members and more! Thank you for reading, have a nice day!
Invite link:
Server for da lonely. A comfy small server I made for my close friends and we are always looking for more frens. I keep the max memebers under 40 that way it’s not flooded with inactives and promotes activity. Open to suggestions

We now have our own modded Minecraft server :^]
Tired of trolls and fast-paced chats? Then, our server will provide a vacation to your tired day, come hangout and chill with us! :)
new server, not many members so the chat is neat~~
active usually but anyone in this server is easy to chat with
if u take the time to interact~~
not many channels so the server can be easily used also not many retarded roles, just one or two~~

~~just added a new channel (anime), for all the unappreciated weebs out there

♤ Hello fellow artist! ♤

Are you interested in sharing your art with others and getting some feedback about it? No? Maybe just selling it and getting some inspiration of others work? Here is a creative space for all kinds of artists to get contacts and advertise themselves.

Welcome actors, dancers, designers, drawers, make-up artists, photographers, writers, etc. Professionals and beginners.
Hello, this is a new SFW AGERE server. I am currently looking for admins and teachers. This is for anyone 15+. Please come and join. We have features such as:
a preschool
Babysitter ping
LGBT+ friendly there will be no discrimination of any kind
A fun and non-toxic environment for littles and CGs to be themselves. Hope to see you soon.
Friendly community server to chill in, talk about gaming anime music and anything you like, .... i dunno what else to say.Anyways we'd love to have you aboard!!
✧ ゚・ UwU ・ ゚✧ is a new and small community server.

Chat with others, find friends, listen to music and much more. We got all the basic stuff offered, if you have any suggestions be free to suggest.

Also, this server is TOXIC FREE. Or at least that's what I'm aiming for.

Have fun <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

⁣⁣  ⁣⁣  ⁣Hey! Welcome to chill vibes ❤︎
⁣⁣ We're a new, small & laid back server,
⁣⁣just to chill / have a good time or even for
⁣⁣  ⁣⁣  ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣making new friends :)


❥ We offer you:

✧ fun bots
✧ in server currency
✧ auto-assignable roles
✧ unique roles you can buy in our shop!
✧ friendly staff :)
✧ pokecord
✧ custom emojis that will be added
(suggest them!)
✧ multiple music bots and channels


Please come join us & help us create an
amazing community!!
We'd loove to have you 💕

We hope to see you there!~ ✨
Our old server was banned, so we started a new one! We are only 5 people now but looking for new people to talk to. We’re drug friendly, full of memes, and active. We also have custom roles, if you don’t like any we can always make you a new one. We’re all 17-18+ as well as friendly. Join and stay a while!
👑 The Kingdom 👑
[About] A kingdom themed discord server for teens to make friends, chat, and chill with other people.
-Self assignable roles and customizable profiles 👑
-Daily questions and responses channels 👑
-Music bot 👑
-Chill and friendly administration and community 👑
-No complicated rules 👑
-No toxicity 👑
Join us!
hey you. join my server or i'll consume your first born child's soul with no mercy.
unless? :eyes:

haha yeah just kidding ! mak's hideout is a brand new server and we would love to have you. we are chill and accepting. here you can mess around with some of our bots, meet new people and make friends, and give yourself your own roles.

so, if you're looking for a fun and non-toxic server, then join mak's hideout. you won't regret it.
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning and even a Minecraft server we just recently opened! hope you enjoy your stay!