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Hello! Welcome to my server! This place might be the place for you! When you join you have to make a character in the oc submissions, after that go check out the range of roles that we have and I'm sure you'll be satisfied! Have fun meeting many friendly people as you take your way through the large varairty of rp/erp rooms!
Enjoy your stay here!

Minty ♡
(;゜○゜)ア Hey all you Hentai Seekers

Welcome to Hentai For Senpai|ω・`)ノ
Our brand new server FULL of fun, love and of course Lewdness...
Let out the inner pervert, dun worry we like a little weird.
We have:
Active Community!
Nice staff always willing to help !
Many Bots for all your needs !
Self Assignable Roles!
Everexpanding Hentai Channels provided by yours truly!
Constant updating for the best experience!
Welcome to Midnight Neko Blues! We are an anime and gaming related server that has originated from Crunchyroll, as many of our oldest members including myself Vedan has come from. There is plenty for all here and people of different personalities to interact with! Gaming channels for gamers and plenty of anime channels to discuss the latest episodes. Plenty of channels to post your art or anime related art as well as nsfw channels if that strikes your fancy. So come an join us if you'd like!
This server we chat and have images for public view, finds imgs and help add to the collection and pls be nice rules are simple.
✨ Nekos ✨
💕 Dating 💕
💬 Socialize 💬
🌸 Roleplay 🌸
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
🎬 Anime 🎬
🎮 Gaming 🎮
Welcome to Neko Nation!
We are an overly positive group of Neko maniacs who are obsessed with all things meow!
Friendly staff and awesome members, who all share the passion of cats and girls (though we agree theyre better combined XD)
With active mods and awesome bots available most of the time, we are your next server full of furry friends and fiends XD.

A fun server where we have bots such as dank memer, pokecord, and more, we have music bots, and more stuff that may be added in the future. we hope people will join give us ideas on what this server is missing so we can try make this server the best it can be.
REM SQUAD is a cute little server that is trying to grow again, after it got hacked last time.
on this server you will find:
*free games
REM is waiting^^
+~ Hell's History ~+
Hell is mainly lead by the Demon Queen, and then the Demon King. The Queen is the "mother" of all the other Demon's, she gave life to them all, including her own King, this meaning that all Demon's are related through the Demon Queen. Demon's can cross over into the human world and seek a mate, or stay in hell and seek a mate, either way works out fine. Demon's or to be more specific, Succubi can take the shape of any being to please their mate(s), in The Human World Demon's would normally take the form of a human, or simply just making them look more human by making their tail, wings, horns and whatever other body feature they might posses that human's don't.

+~ Human's History ~+
Human's live on earth, they are a simple yet complicated race, they are not completely aware of Demon's unless a Demon reveals them self to a human. They are basically your average day human.

+~ Neko's History ~+
Neko's are a race of feline-ish human's, they are pratically humans but with catlike cat ears, whiskers, and sometimes paws or a tail. Neko's also live in the human world along side the humans, they are a common thing for humans in this world so they don't really take anyone by surprise when a human see's them walking along the street. Neko's also make for loyal and caring mates.

Come join us! We are welcoming and nice! If you have a fetish of any kind..come here! We won't judge! Maybe you can get lewd with me~
Neko Kingdom

This is mainly an Anime/roleplay server people of all ages, mainly 13+.

We have bots like OwO, Neko Bot and dyno. We also have many different chats

This Server Has Many Things Such As:
-Voice Chats
-Places To Met People
and Many More

If you need help, I am nearly always available, if I’m not then Please talk to the co-owner or Admins as they’re always there to help.

We are kind, laid back and supportive people, but if you break the rules, you will be punished
Welcome to every nekos dream hangout
Neko nightclub

Here at neko nightclub we want to provide the best friendly environment to all our fellow nekos and owners. We have all a neko could want and are ready to expand with more for our members. As we grow out team of dedicated helpers / staff will grow. We have our own custom bot (coded by the owner) and it available for the public to use. We got rules to keep everyone safe and protected from all the meanies.

We welcome you with open arms and hope to see you in neko nightclub ❤️

Hi! Welcome to Weeb Central where you can find all the weeb shit your into. We have

-Anime drawings(fan art)
And much more to be added so...
don't be a normie.. click that join button
Come join Neko realm where we have lots of channels to talk and have a good time we also have some bots including pokecord, nekobot, and koya. Some of the channels we have include a nsfw chat, a general chat, and of course a bot command chat. We have amazing and helpful staff that would help with just about anything so come on down and join Neko Realm here are some rules:
1. No flirting with anyone who is in a relationship.
2. No bullying other's.
3. Respect everyone in the server.
4. Disrespect an Admin or anyone in the server is a ban.
5. Don't start anything bad in the server chats.
6. Follow the rules of the server.
7. Have fun in the server chats.
8. Do not spam the everyone ping.This ping is only for announcements
9. If someone seems stressed,please give them some time to be alone,and respect their decisions
10. Do not harass other users or staff.
11. Please keep nsfw in the nsfw channel ONLY.
12. No spamming/shitposting outside of their channels.
13. Do not ask for higher ranks.
14. Use the text channels accordingly.
15 Do not kink shame/ship shame.
16. Do not advertise other servers.
17.Do not overuse bot commands.
18. don't keep leaving and joining a few people get pinged every time you join
Welcome to our server.
We're a friendly community, we have nice staff, fun bots, many nekos, were just a place to hang out and chill with new people and make new friends. ^-^ ♡
In a world where everyone is born Dominant or Submissive. Submissives have been seen lesser than Doms. The more compliant and submissive a Sub is, the more success he or she is likely to have. Switches are the lowest of the low because of both their rarity and uncatagorizable desires.

Sub Divison Corp is a special sub training school owned by wealthy Doms to teach subs and switches and pair them up with Dom who matches their personality. As soon as subs arrive they are collared with their names.

Kinky Training Paradise is a highly accepting place with nekos and humans alike.
This is a server for Nekos, Furries and other animal like creatures like Kitsunes. Be warned there is one ping spammer.
Feel free to join and feel welcomed
This is an nsfw server and if you're uncomfortable with that I suggest you don't join.

Welcome to _ This world is a new one, only being made last week, with the first members of every race being added every day. There are very few pepole in the world and no settlements as of now.
Each kingdom and race is ruled by a god / godess, except for the human one.
There are no magic users yet, except for the divine beings that grant it. The world is vast, with 5 Biomes, the Steppe where Orks reside, the mountains and fjords, home of the Dwarves. The vast forests, where the Nekos Reside, The vast rainforest, where the elves live. And finally a vast plain where the Humans appeared, with the odd forest and lake.

The world has a desert, but no-one lives there, it is rumored to be uninhabited but no-one is sure.
Neko Palace
We are a newly created server that would love to have you join us.

We have...
Self Roles
Role Play
Self Promo
A Friendly Community
60+ Emotes
55+ Chats
And Much More!
Make friends and chat with others who share similar interests, play games with each other and I have plenty of bots!

In need of members and mods!!
PM me an application (tell me why you wanna be a mod) after joining!!
Hiyaaa! This is my little community known as the "Neko Hub", if you enjoy nekos, cats, or even osu! we would love to have you! Featuring events!
New server btw.
Also I'm obsessed with nekos lmao
A server with nekos as a theme, not much to be said other than an upcoming role play section that is free to more than just nekos, but nekos encouraged
also kitsunes...please Senko...
Brand new server it’s lots of fun with rp and stuff Caine join us also idk by the name it’s a nekos server ^ _^