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Balkan Federation was an idea by Rigas Feraios,he wanted to create a federation which all Balkan countries would be a united country but they would use the Greek culture,because Greek culture is one of the most ancient and successful cultures all over the world,the target of the federation was to unite Balkans and make peoples to live with Greek culture.Unfortunately Rigas Feraios die and he can not create this federation.`***


Η Παμβαλκανική Ομοσπονδία ήταν μια ιδέα του Ρήγα Φεραίου,όπου ήθελε να φτιάξει μια ομοσπονδία όπου όλα τα Βαλκανικά κράτη θα ενώνονταν αλλά θα χρησιμοποιούσαν την Ελληνική κουλτούρα,διότι η Ελληνική κουλτούρα ήταν μια από τις πιο παλιές και πετυχημένες,στόχος ήταν να ενωθούν τα Βαλκάνια και να μάθουν οι άνθρωποι να ζουν με αυτήν την κουλτούρα Δυστυχώς ο Ρήγας Φεραίος πέθανε και δεν υλοποίησε το όνειρο του.
Welcome to Conservatum. We are a community of right-wingers and nationalists that are dedicated to pondering, fostering and propagating right-wing thought and philosophy. Tired of unserious debates devoid of intellectual qualities and filled with degenerate memes? Join in and enjoy serious discourse on anything from politics and philosophy to history and anthropology. All right-wing philosophies from libertarianism to fascism are welcome to participate in our community.
Vetting server for those most Elite among us,any and all pollution we'll be banned, so dont waste your time
Eng: Magna mausoleum de fide et ratione is back.

This server filters serves so that only true fascists, touhou fans, and Catholics can enter, while malicious npcs never enter the mausoleum. You have a month to show that you are trustworthy.

Esp:Magna mausoleum de fide et ratione está de vuelta.

Este servidor filtro sirve con el fin de que solo los verdaderos fascistas, fans de touhou y católicos logren entrar, mientras que los npc maliciosos nunca logren entrar al mausoleo. Tienes un mes para demostrar que son de confiar.
You're actually reading this?
Well, okay.

The Crown Collective is a new and interesting server meant for those dedicated to monarchy and morality.

We discuss various political topics, ideas, and methods that will benefit our nation.

If you're someone of honor and conviction, we'd like to have you.
Прикључите се оснивању отпорашке групе и борби за очување наше културе, традиције, породице и образа нашег народа.
Acesta este un server pentru toti romanii ce doresc sa discute teme precum politici actuale in Romania, istoria Romaniei, partide de stanga si de dreapta si miscari sociale acutuale in Romania. Va astept in numar cat mai mare pentru a salva aceasta tara de coruptie, liberalism si pentru a incerca sa facem o schimbare in acest stat vandut.
We are a server that's against Communism and Degenerates. Join us to make our Faction greater.
Hello ! Our group is a community of politicians and players. All people in the group are tolerant and friendly, as well as with a sense of humor. Interested in? calls! and let's discuss politics while playing.
Привет ! Наша группа это сообщество политиков и игроков. Все люди в группе толерантные и дружные а так же с чувством юмора. Заинтересовал? заходы! и давай обсуждать политику играя.
A serious political community for nationalists and Third Positionists to discuss politics, philosophy and history freely. The server is not only dedicated to constitute for a community but also a small think-thank to analyze and develop arguments for nationalism and right-wing philosophy.
This is a political discord server based around nationalism. We are not a meme and shitposting based server. Will be welcomed among us those who are in search of a server to discuss topics revolving around nationalism in a serious environment.
The server's main focus is to gather like-minded Romanian metalheads and to have fun together. We welcome anyone else who is not Romanian, we all speak English too so feel free to join us :)
Based server for gamer's only. Absolute chad's, Groyper's. Join, and just chill with the fucking boys.
A community for those with conservative and right wing beliefs. No degeneracy allowed.
The Ex-Muslim community has turned into a Anarchist, Zionist and Pro-Bernie cesspool. This is a server where you ex-muslim nationalists can be accepted.

Just don't be a dick

oh and also as i said no fucking pro-israel bullshit
This is a vetting server for Daulat Tuanku

We are dedicated to building a new Malaya, where Islam, the Malay Rulers, and the Malay reign free from the decadence of liberalism. We are real patriots.

This is not a LARPing server. We are genuine nationalists. Non-Malays and foreigners welcome, however foreigners will receive a special role (doesn't affect anything).
A server dedicated to discussion of a wide variety of topics. Feel free to join, many engaging discussions are held plus we have voice chat debates too regularly!
Our server is a community for nationalists to hang out and discuss politics. If you are not a nationalist, you are still more than welcome to join and debate.
Everybody is welcome on our discussion server. Don't join if you think you might leave. This is the verification server for the main server, to the #vetting-questions on #vetting-answers to get through!

Right wingers are all allowed, no Anarchists or Communists though.