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Al-Salamu 'Ala man itiba' al-huda. We are the biggest Islamic Discord community built upon the orthodox teaching of Islam. We have regular talks, events, quizzes and fun discussions. Although a Muslim based server, everyone is welcome.
When all the Muslim discord servers fell into disunity and sectarianism. The good Muslims of the internet were worried. They all made dua to Allah to send them a server that is actually peaceful and good, and thus this server was born. Join the most amazing server ever and have the time of your life Insha'Allah. This is a islamic server, but everyone is welcomed regardless.

◽️ La Sainte Lecture est un serveur musulmans où ISLAM règne.

◽️ Sur ce serveur vous pourrez vous détendre en écoutant des assises spirituelles, des lectures, des récitations,dialoguer, participer à des quizz, vous rapprochez d'Allah InshaAllah etc...

◽️ Il y a le coté princes et princesses afin que hommes et femmes soit séparée sauf pour les activités et/ou les discutions utiles (religieuses..).

◽️ C'est un serveur où tout le monde est le bienvenue si les règles sont respectés InshaAllah.

◽️ N’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre. Baaraka Allaho Fikum

🤲 Qu'Allah benisse ce serveur et nous accorde le meilleur d'ici bas et dans l'au-delà. AMIN
The fastest growing online Muslim community. Transparent, supportive and welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds.
al-Mujtaba is an active Muslim server with 230+ members. We are a very welcoming community and you can feel free to join regardless of which religion you are.
Welcome to Thaqalayn, a Shia Muslim community that respects all faiths and sects of Islam and any other religion, all treated equally and with fairness. There are plenty of channels and topics to explore and chat on, ranging from practicing/learning Arabic to politics and religion, and relaxed general conversations. This server strives for intellectual growth and Muslim unity.
بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
Alhamdulillah, this server has been created by the grace of Allah (subhanna wa ta'ala) with the main purpose being to discuss the blessed book of Allah, al-Qur'an. However, varied discussions and general conversation is welcomed.
I urge every brother and sister who comes to this server to come with pure intentions to improve your knowledge of Allah, his Messenger (salallahu alayhi wasalaam) and that which has been revealed unto him (salallahu alayhi wasalaam).
I hope this server can be well utilised. Please remember the Ummah in your duas.
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alamin Wassalatu Wassalamu ‘Ala-Asyarafil Anbiya’e Wal Mursalin Saidina Muhammadin Wa’ala Alihi Wasahbihi Ajma’in.
Dar-al-Hikma is an Islamic server that welcomes Muslims aswell as non-muslims.We generally talk about Islam in the server but we welcome people from other Faiths aswell so feel free to join us.
An Islamic server that welcomes everybody! Here we discuss theology, religion, history, atheism and much more.
+ Friendly community
+ New server and improving

Some quick rules
- No childish behaviour.
- No trolls [Instant ban]
A Christian server with the ultimate mission of reaching people with the gospel while being a safe and friendly community for Christians first.


* Bible studies
* Resources to assist you in learning about the bible
* Prophetic news updates
* Fellowship and general chat with friends
* Everyone welcome with roles for atheists, agnostics, alternative beliefs etc
* We don't ping
* Active most of the time
* Weekly polls
* Christian reddit feed
* Verse of the day
* Reaction roles
* Custom bots
* Great emoji selection
* KJV Audio Bible
* Christian Radio
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم
السلام عليكم
An online library with many articles/videos which will help you learn Islam, everything is well referenced Quran and Hadith+ qaul of great scholars are provided. Join this server and learn the truth May Allah guide us all to the straight path Ameen.

What'd you find one this server?
-Articles on prophetﷺ
-Quran and Hadith
-Basic knowledge of Islam
-Most Important beliefs of Islam
-Articles on companions of prophetﷺ
-Islam and terrorism
-Quran and science
-Text and voice channels .
-And many more.

What's unique about this server?
The goal of this server is to only teach Islam and reach out to people who do not have access to books or scholars, This server is not for fun stuff which is the case with almost all islamic discord servers. There's no place for haram in this server I hope you join and enjoy learning.

Here's the link:

Welcome to the Hussainiyyah! This is a place of learning about Islam and specifically Twelver Shiism.

•🕋 Twelver Shiite community
•🛐 Interfaith dialogues
•🗣️ Frequent debates and discussions
•📖 Quran and Hadith


We hope to clear up any misconceptions you may have about the faith and sect. We hope you enjoy your stay. All are welcome :)!
We are a new server looking for members:
A primarily muslim server, but we are accepting members of other religion aswell.
Looking to socialize with other muslim gamers and meet new people.
The Muslim World is a place where muslims and non-muslims gather to enjoy fun discourse and a friendly environment where we would talk about Muslim teachings and society among other things.
A Muslim da'wah community where you learn something new about Islam every day with hundreds of brothers and sisters and ask your questions you need answers for. Join today with different religions around the world who have questions and want to join Islam.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

This is a Ramadhan 2020 server. The purpose of this server is to create an environment in which you can discuss Islam and fasting during the holy month and to facilitate a kind and Halal environment. We will hold various events during the holy month - for example: quizzes to test your Islamic knowledge, poetry competitions and Qur'an memorization.

May Allah purify our intentions.
With the stigma surrounding mental and emotional health issues, many Muslims feel uncomfortable talking about feelings for the fear of being judged or misunderstood. It's okay to feel what we feel. Knowing that you're not alone in what you're going through can make a huge difference. This is a judgment free, support group for Muslims. Feel free to join!

**We sometimes handle serious issues that everyone may not be able to deal with. Please don't join if you're only joining for the sake for socializing. Jazakallah Khair!**

Khaybar is a Muslim server where people can chat and make friends. As a lot of us study or work we decided to create a place where everyone can relax their minds and recharge for another day. The server is new, friendly and dynamic. It is based on tolerance and respect which is the key to gaining more knowledge and making new friends.
The renowned Pax Islamica (formerly IslamCord) returns and becomes public again! Join the multi-purpose (an intellectual platform, and a place to spend time and make friends at the same time), most intellectual Islamic server on Discord if you have the courage. We are the best and only accept the best.
Who is welcome?
1. Any person seeking to convert to Islam.
2. Any person willing to learn about Islam.
3. Any person willing to spend time with Muslims.
Who is unwelcome?
1. Propagandists.
2. Trolls.
3. Aggressive people who can't engage in constructive conversation.
4. Mentally unstable people.
If you pass, t
International chat server for everyone and anyone.
western, desi, south asian, african, caribbean, asian, middle eastern, arab, filipino, malaysian, indonesian + all the countries in the world!

➔ Text Chat in the #Lobby.
➔ Various voice chat rooms.
➔ Memes, Videos, Pictures.
➔ User bots for some added fun.
➔Multiplayer boardgames Ludo, Checkers, Dominoes.
➔ A clean environment for all ages, no NFSW content.
Assalamualaikum all! Welcome to Pakistan (Our Homeland), where you could enjoy a nice friendly environment where we would talk about Pakistani society and developments within it. We conduct debates here on various topics. Discussions about Pakistani culture, languages, food, historical places, nature, etc. We possess members who are mature and respect the rules of the server. Our members are mainly Pakistani with a number of non-Pakistanis. Do not forget if a foreigner wants to join the server they are also welcome :) Those who have proven themselves to be a friend of Pakistan will be given a special role.

Nice Staff
Friendly People
Great Roles
Positive Discussions
Separate Channels

You are all cordially invited to join