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New and friendly roblox mm2 trading server!
We look forward to new comers each day with a warm welcome :)
Our server serves exciting announcements and giveaways weekly.
All mm2 trading, cross trading, limited trading, middlemen consist of the Dark Destroyers (:
Active & helpful players get frequent promotions!
Why don't you come and join the fun?
Welcome to murder region here you can trade, enter giveaways and make new friends!
Welcome!We are the Splendiferous Murders known for a MM2 server!Its a new server and has giveaways private games bots games! Come and be part of the Splendiferous Murders now!
This is a very new but good server. We have my server MM2 Trades after my admin banning everybody so we will do this again & do 100% better!
Hello, We are a Murder Mystery 2 trading community that is trying to reach the goal of being one of the best Mm2 community’s, this is a very awesome community, there is a casino that is very fun to use and also we do giveaways, and its overall fun to hangout and make friends, so would you like to part in on the fun?
We are a new MM2 trading server we offer middlemen, trading advice, giveaways and much more join and see if you like it
Blooming Murderers is a from a Roblox game. This server has everything you can think of. Giveaways, entertainment, nice people inside too. We accept everyone here. We want you to join and feel loved. If you don't play Roblox you can still join the server and have fun with us! Come join this server and get all the love you want ❤❤❤
Hey! We are a Murder Mystery 2 based New Roblox Server. We are looking for active Members. :)
Hello! This server is called Renegance Murderers, and we are a Murder Mystery 2 server! We have a nice community and good staff to ask for anything from them.

This is a fun chillout server for people who play murder mystery 2 on roblox!

We have two owners and we have worked very hard on this server! We can offer things such as:
-value list
-giveaways of knives
-friendly members
-high level players
-help and advice
-*free* knives and guns for new people
-voice channels for players
-owners of godlys, ancients, vintage knives and guns...
-chance to play with the owners
-reaction roles
-chance to become a staff member!

💕Please join if you are interested!💕
💕Server created: 03-04-2020💕
Hello! We are a Roblox trading server. But we have way more stuff to do then just trading. There's tons of bots, giveaways, a self advertising channel, (requirements) gamenights and more!
Hello! MM2 trades is a unique server that gives away godlys to people who invite other to the server! If you want quick godlys, join and invite your friends!

The Dock


Looking for a server with a great community and has many prizes?

- Many Giveaways (including $10 NITRO and robux)
- 500+ Members!
- Active
- Music Bots
- Active Roles
- Reaction Roles
- Cool Emojis
- Fair Rules
- Competitions
- Cool Bots
- Great staff and members

What are you waiting for, come join us at The Dock today!
Hello there!
-We strive to help eachother!
-Family friendly group!
-Huge giveaways/Many giveaways
-fun games
-Amazing staff and people!
-Help us out by joining!!!
-Amazing profitable events!
Welcome to RobloxMarketplace©
Our server is all about Roblox and we have many Roblox games for people to trade and sell their own things in!
We also do giveaways for Roblox.
People can also sell Robux in the server!
We hope to see you in RobloxMarketplace© !
we are a friendly group that is very trust able we don't scam and we are new we do give always ever 25 people that join and have very good middle men if u get scammed we will help u get ur stuff back. so why don't u join us we are all pretty chill
Hello welcome to Silent Roblox trading, Here you can Trade, Join giveaways, cross trade and more!!! You can make new friends and play. Good Luck trading!
Welcome to our server. This server is not your ordinary mm2/assassin trading server. This one is based off Harry Potter. We have 4 house with 5 owners.
And private chats with your other teammates too. You are also able to trade Roblox stuff here to. Well what are you waiting for come and join and choose what house your gonna be.
Hey, and welcome to Dark Murderers!
-------------------[ Why Join? ]-------------------
1: We have a nontoxic and working server with nice admins.
2: We donate to the scammed.
3: GIVEAWAYS! Who doesnt like giveaways.
Introducing ChromaPongus’s Roblox Murder Mystery Trading / Hangout server we do game nights tournaments and hopefully if we get popular enough we can get Invite rewards join today the fun has just began.
**Currently an MM2 and Assassin giveaway. Join!**

Flaming Traders is a Murder Mystery 2 related server (Roblox). Here, you can:

> Talk to the community
> Post trade offers
> Join giveaways
> Discuss trades, look for middlemen

There is a lot more. Join today.
Welcome to LoomiBay! This is a roblox server for the games Loomian Legacy, MM2, and BGS as a cross-trading server that offers many different activities. These include many giveaways, Myuu, and Pokecord. Also many more fun things to do! Hope you join the fun!
Magnificent Murderers is roblox related discord server but especially Murder Mystery 2 and Assassin! server, here you can find trading channel, giveaways, active community and more!