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This server is a place where you can talk about almost anything you want! It's a hangout place where you can chat and meet new people !!! there are a few requirements, though:

-Must be 13-19
-Don't be a fujoshi, lol.
-Maybe don't raid us? but that's kinda obvious.
-Have basic respect for everyone else and don't be racist/transphobic/ableist, etc.

And that's about it! There are some rules in the server but they aren't hard to follow.

welcome to this server, I hope you feel at home here and can communicate with each other. WE ARE NAKAMA
This server is a mix of 4 different timelines of the human History(monks, kings, 20's and the future) It's a fighting rp where you can make friends, spar, fight, join amazing arcs, even come up with ideas and help the server create a bigger story. Some seem to have come here with good intentions others with bad intentions, but both seem to hardly show any difference, so which side will you choose and do you believe it will be a good choice?
Welcome to WATERFALL! A server made to make friends and share have some good laughs! We are here to encourage you to love yourself and loves others no matter your gender identity, your skin color, or who you love; a completely judgmental free zone. WATERFALL is a safe place for all persons.
Check out our server, Bingus express!

This server is a friendly fun server, everybody is welcome to join!~ We do have some rules and regulations you have to read before joining and a verification to access the whole server!

This is multifandom, meaning its open to any video game fandoms and anime/manga series! Of course, there are some of those we'd like to stray away from, but we're pretty chill overall.

We have a lot of fun stuff! Game night, Question of the day, cool events, so on so!

Do consider taking the time to check it out!!
uhh- I don't really know how to write a description but the people here are really cool and I guarantee you'll have a great time!
This Server is for those who like Anime, Manwha, Manga and Drama. The server is based on a Guild Theme. Hope ya Enjoy it here, if ya join.
Wanna make friends and Chill? Perfect! Join Chill Nation now! We welcome LGBTQ+ community and others too! We have fun events, games, music, bots and many more! We are also looking for active members in this community to have fun and let keep the server alive.
Just Friends is a server where you can meet people and make friendships. It's a chill server that accepts everyone no matter what race, sexuality, etc. you are.
saas is a small Server laying in the heart of Saxony
we are willing to meet new people to play and talk with
we hope one day saas will rise and become a place where people can have fun togheter
Welcome welcome welcome! This is a kinnie server for all you kinnies to feel safe and talk about your kins and interests!! Feel free to join, we are all very accepting and hope we can get along!
Welcome to the arcade!! This a fun space place to express yourself and your interests! And make some new friends too :)
Jhhand Jindagi is a Indian server, made for the people to enjoy and relax here, we have events, giveaways, you can also discuss about a particular topic like anime, even if it's a Indian server we also welcome foreigners here
This is a my hero academia roleplay server. We hope you will enjoy it here
1 . вe ɴιce - тreαт everyoɴe wιтн reѕpecт , doɴ'т вe overly тoхιc or elѕe вαĸυɢoυ wιll yell αт yoυ
2 . doɴ'т dιѕcrιмιɴαтe
- over нere ιɴ υα we doɴ'т тreαт people dιғғereɴтly вecαυѕe тнeιr ɢeɴder ιdeɴтιтy , ѕeхυαlιтy or rαce
3 . ѕpαм ιɴ #ѕpαм
- jυѕт doɴ'т ѕpαм
4 . lιѕтeɴ тo тнe αdмιɴѕ αɴd мodѕ
- тнey αre нere тo eɴѕυre тнιѕ ѕerver ιѕ α ѕαғe plαce lιѕтeɴ тo тнeм
5. ĸeep yoυr ιcĸy ɴѕғw ιɴ #ɴѕғw
- ...we αll нαve мнα нeɴтαι
6. doɴ'т pιɴɢ wιтн oυт α reαѕoɴ
- ɴo oɴe lιĸeѕ pιɴɢѕ
7. ѕelғ proмoтe ιɴ #ѕelғ proмo
- ѕнow oғғ yoυr ѕтυғғ тнere
8 alт accoυnтѕ
- тнe are aloυd jυѕт donт υѕe тнeм тo вy paѕѕ yoυr pυnιѕнмenтѕ
We also accept OC!
╭─━━━━━━━━━━━« ✦ »━━━━━━━━━━━─╮
𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚛.𝚎𝚡𝚎 is a wholesome community server where you can come make new friends :D
we have:
❀ fun community channels like art, photography, and even a cooking one :D
❀ active members! (we're on vc every day come say hi :p)
❀ multiplayer games and game nights where we play things like and among us
❀ and so much more!!
Come join and see what we're about ♡
╰─━━━━━━━━━━━« ✦ »━━━━━━━━━━━─╯
Just a chill place to come meet new people and have a laugh
and you're gay if you don't join
you can talk and chill in here.
there are rules, announcements, roles, etc.
join the server! we don't bite :]
Ehi benvenuto in questo server abbastanza cringe...

-in questo server puoi trovare membri di solito abbastanza attivi
-buone regole
-staff abbastanza attivo
-emoji cringe
-ruoli speciali.
e ci sono molte altre cose...
Se volete venire dateci un occhiata vi aspettiamo!
A fun place for friends to get together and connect with new people. Built from the ground up with only 3 starter members, including the founder.
welcome to sun sanctuary!

we are a gaming-based discord server. everyone is welcome! however, we normally talk about other things! most of the time we play among us in call, or just vibe. we offer...

-a very active general chat
-usually active voice channels
-music bots
-color-role sheep bot
-self-assigning roles
-a good staff team

and more! dont hesitate to come check us out! we would love to have you