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Contests, Free Assets, Promotion, Help, Serious Feedback, Voice Chats, Classes

Genres: Film/IRL, AMV, Motion Graphics, GMV, MMV

Come chill and talk to a community of serious editors. No matter what skill level you are, we accept everyone with open arms. We have a variety of skilled people from different genres and backgrounds who can help you grow or inspire you. You don't even need to be an editor, the discord is full of fun people to make your day even better. We offer editing classes for both beginner and advanced, as well as having competitions, both large and small that you can take part in. We have edit helper, skill judges, promotion, and even free assets for anyone who joins. We offer serious critique and feedback in order to help editors reach their best potential.
A place to help you improve your editing in every way. We offer many different resources, editing software, editing plugins. We also have many experienced editors who will be willing to help you with all your editing needs.
🍣;┊brand new server
🍙;┊strictly sfw
🌿;┊simple vetting system
🍯;┊great staff team
☁️;┊self assignable roles
🍃;┊community server
🍤;┊gaming roles and channels
🎬;┊editing roles and channels
🍄;┊gmvs, amvs, mmvs
🍵;┊and much more!

• currently accepting new staff
• currently looking for partners
Egypt small Game group of friends, sharing our interest in games, anime, series, and technology