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"Look, if you're getting this transmission, it means you're gonna be okay. The rest of the world may be absolute barren shit, but just keep going and you'll find the haven soon. Just don't take yourself off this frequency, and especially don't tell ANYONE that you ever heard this. Who knows what'll happen to us if they find out where we are..."

Welcome to Continuity, a cyberpunk-apocalyptic roleplay taking place in the safe haven city of Selros! Stay comfortable and live a chill life with friends without trouble, or go out of your way trying to discover the darker secrets of the haven that lie within its 7 districts. Whatever you choose to do, remember one thing: the outside world isn't safe anymore.
Venocium is the capital of the Zaoleth Commonwealth. Various beings inhabit the city, sporting unique weapons and powers. In recent times, something is changing, though.

- An original world and plot.
- A welcoming and growing community.
- Resources for making diverse and unique characters.

We're brand new, but we hope to create a fun community to share!
Fyril is a fairly open lore server, as most everything is allowed. Enjoy rp, active owner, fair rules, and immersive times during your stay.
Ruby City is a futuristic city set in the 2060's (Yes, we survived 2020). Residing in Washington state of the United States, it is next to the ocean and often deals with dreary weather, like rain and constant dark skies.

Despite being in the future, poverty is still a common thing, so whether you choose to live in the heart of the city or within the slums is up to you. Crime is also a common thing, but they don't go unpunished by the law. It is very difficult to escape these new police.

Nobody is born with magic. Yet scientific experiments that have escaped are still roaming the streets after the Great Lab Explosion a few years prior. The lab is still in ruins, untouched, and the one who organized such a place is still unknown. Technology also grants people supernatural abilities, but they all have some sort of downfall to them.

For example, somebody who can fly because of their technology could result in immense exhaustion upon landing.

Each citizen within Ruby City is different, so be sure to make your character unique!
The Lewd Future is a growing ERP server that wants to welcome you with open arms! (Or legs~). With a variety of channels to choose from, erp and rp, events, and more, theres plenty to do!
Welcome to Neo-Tokyo, a neon-soaked paradise where all your wildest dreams could come true! We are a Roleplay server that supports pretty much all types of OCs, with very lenient rules on character creation. Our server is constantly updating and growing greater. Come join us!
We have:
✰ Freedom in making characters however you wish!
✰ Freedom in making techniques/abilities as you want them!
✰ Friendly staff!
✰ Awesome setting!
✰ Events!
✰ At least 2 bots! Maybe even 3!
✰ Tupperbox!
✰ Literate RP!
✰ ERP channels!
Welcome to... ARCADIA
Arcadia is a futuristic role-play server!
It has,
-Interesting Plot/Lore
-Advanced Technology
-Endless character combinations
-and More!
So come join us in the city of Arcadia!
The date of today is 2387, humanity has met its fate. There home is now gone have the ways it
has been treated. On 2120 all humans became angered, no one could ever find a reason why. This lead to wars, as the country leaders were driven by war. This effect later on died off, and everyone came back to normal, but it was too late. Earth has reached its limit, the mass destructions from the wars, has driven it too far. In 2210 the planet was evacuated, leading to the futuristic ships we have today. No one saw this coming, many people died, at least 25% of humanity disappeared and no one knows what happen to them. As the years progress, people started getting irritated, no one was taking control and the humanity went into choas. Leading to the four factions, Pirate Faction (PEF), League Of Angels Faction (LOA), Imperial Faction (ILF), and lastly the Titan Faction (TNF). Only driving humanity way from each other. No faction gets along as of right now, and new ones are being made, but are just too small to notice. This all happened because of the complete chaos of the old transport ships. No leaders, meant people took it for themselves, and humans did not agree with some of the decisions, leading to anarchy, and then the splitting into factions. Each faction has started a Council, that make the decisions now. Today no one knows what is going to happen, only for the factions to say.
Everything seems like the best option before you see the consequences.
Welcome to the world of Everlast!

After a worldwide plague swept the world in the year 2000, everything slowly collapsed. Cities fell into themselves, and the crime rates were at a world time high. Everything was shut down and hundreds to thousands of people died, millions even. Though as many put it, the apocalypse had ended as soon as it came. A group of people who called themselves the council banding together and making their own city. Creating technology to keep it safe. Everyone flocked to it, though it was hard to get in. Those who were sick were denied and left out to die. Little children being the healthiest, hundreds were orphaned in the city. Brought up in specific ways to become the headmasters. As many have called them, of the colors.

The world still remains this way, but worse. When hundreds died, climate change seemed to diminish itself slightly. Though it still affects the world, pollution went down drastically. With the water being so clear that you could see the bottom, littering finally being gone. The people who survived, and were sectioned into categories depending on their personality. Though, no one could figure out why. Though hundreds of years later, it became normal. Technology advancing in such a way that it was a waste to leave the city, though people started wanting to adventure out. Take quests, be the fantasy people they wished to be.

Though of course, after a few scavenging quests, people came back reporting monsters. Mutation, and other people. Well, of course, they can’t let everyone else go out thinking there are people out there, now can they! Though, they didn’t get to it first. The only other city that remained, in 2500 tried nuking Everlast and failed. Their city was destroyed and due to the radiation, everything around the city was destroyed. Only those who were inside the city were saved because of the dome. Mutated monsters run rampant outside, and people take quests to kill them. Using their meat for meals, and as a way to make money. No one knows why it came to this, but everyone just regards it as normal now.

Which way will you go? Will you be the rebellion who wants to know if there are things outside the city. Are you an adventurer who chases after the mutated animals, or are you a normal civilian just trying your hardest to live? What will you be in this screwed up world?

What Everlast offers!
- 100+ Channels
- A welcoming community
- Semi-lit to literate roleplay
- Mini events every week
- Freedom of character

And so much more.

Why don't you stop by?
SCP Containment Breach is a fun Roleplay server for fans of SCP. You can be a guard, test subject, or even an SCP.
Have Fun.
Canons are allowed but you can also make your own SCP.
On a foreign island danger ensues, a futuristic prison, those who want to escape and those who resist escape.. Will you be a hero or a legend?

Welcome to escape mode!
We are quite friendly here and open to anyone

Remember to read the roles and lore
Ever wanted to fight for a city? Well here it is. This group is about the future of the military (not real military). Trainings will be hosted on roblox.
Excited about Cyberpunk 2077? The new Blade Runner anime? How about the new Ghost in the Shell anime coming soon? If you are, then join our cyberpunk city, Noxmore!

It is now 2288, police are corrupt, the military and SNE are trying to mute crime in the districts. There are terrorists, hackers, cultists, gangs, and much more. Nobody knows how long Noxmore will survive through the hellscape it's city has become, but it's most likely the last chance for humanity.

We will have regular events in the server, and hopefully expand beyond the walls.
[Welcome to Novus]
This is a futuristic roleplay.
Earth, 2678. The, once, many different countries have united together as each and every one of their governments fell apart. Order was once needed as the world fell into Chaos. One day, a group of huge companies, specifically their CEO's, stepped up and brought "Peace and Control" over the divided countries, uniting them under a single banner. The government was now run by the business owners. The current head of this group of Corporate Executives is Xavier Novus, a rather young man who took his father's place to rule the world. However, like any aristocracy, the policies were rather oppressive toward's the people, many of which lived in poverty... Who's side will you choose? Will you fight for Placebo? A group of rebels who wish to restore democracy to this technologically advanced world. Or Will you fight for the Novus Corporation, the company that rules the world.
Feel free to come in!
Hang out and talk.

We also have:
Debate Room
Theme-Song Channels...
Feel free to come in and make suggestions!
Hope to see you here!
This server is open to all kinds of fantasy no matter the time frame. Whether it’s medieval or modern, it’s got what you want, pirates, dragons, demons, you name it we got it!
There are multiple places to rp, including: Kuvira City, Gahenna, The Land Of Living Ash, Black Reach, and and ocean for aquatic rp!!
(This is an Nsfw server where people ERP in open channels. There is no hentai or porn section)

New and a bit of a stretch in terms of concept. Think of a mashup of all genres of fantasy worlds and role-play. Modern, medieval, a little bit sci-fi as well. Please join and have fun rping!
There are multiple realms and lands for many types of rp and a place to fit your character’s setting! Theres more than enough room for all who like and have fun doing things in a made up world of wonder!

The world was once all new and shiny. A world full of magic and wonder beyond measure. A world where any race you can think of existed and still do. A world filled with gods and monsters once existed but that was a hell of a long time ago. The world grew up as time went on and the world became a more advanced world. The world is still just as if not even more magical. Technology advanced along side more magical methods. Races of all kinds smashed together and formed kingdoms which turned into cities. Modern day cities with a splash of magic make for interesting new jobs and opportunities. A new world where things take a more modern approach and now it’s even a bit futuristic in some regards. There is a world out there that’s primed and ready for any adventure you can think of, magical or otherwise.

(If it isn’t magic then it’s tech and vise versa. The server is just a little bit futuristic and a lot of fantasy and modern. Have fun and enjoy being any race you can think of..... within reason of course...
Welcome to Earth-Z Minus, either you stumbled upon this world as a mistake, summoned here, or you're a daredevil that came here purposefully. But everyone, everything is welcome. Join the hunt, traveler!
Peace, quiet, prosperity. It all dominated in the world of Ninjago after the defeat of its last villain for what seemed like a long time. The world adapted to the future, developing incredible technology and bringing in a new addition to the original idea of a nindroid: the more robotic version of a human, cyborgs.

The ninjas disbanded once again after the lack of villainous activities, leading on their lives with ease. A new sensei is in charge of keeping up with the news about the hectic life of Ninjago, and all seems well...

...until a new villain, stronger than they’ve ever seen, makes their way onto the stage to steal the spotlight.

What shall you do, dear Traveller? Join the ninjas in hopes of defeating this villain, remain neutral or help the villain get rid of those pesky ninjas once and for all?

~Please be aware that this is a Semi-Literate roleplay server! We're looking for roleplayers who can do at least one paragraph each response. Additionally, you don't need to know the canon lore of Ninjago to participate in this server, it's a completely new plot that doesn't follow every detail of the actual show.
Many thousands of years ago, during a forgotten age, mankind harnessed the power of magma energy, sending us into a booming era of technology and medicine. Cloning projects, once seen as improbable, were now possible thanks to this new energy. In a mere several decades, immortality, once seen as fiction, was now a reality.

Learn more by joining the server!

We offer:
Amazing Staff Team!
Indepth lore!
Jobs & roles to pick!
LGBTQ+ friendly!
Battles to fight in!
Giant robots!
And more!
After catastrophic damage to the Earth, a new supercontinent was formed. On this continent is a city named Creyate. Creyate is ruled by a dictator simply called 'The Reporter'. The city is overpopulated and those who work are basically slaves for the government. Media changes history, writings and information to sway the public, and the military and law enforcement run with an iron-grip.

This server is heavily inspired by the novel 1984 by George Orwell. If you enjoy gritty, dark roleplays or the concept of dystopian civilisation, i encourage you to join this growing community and hopefully have fun.
We're a role-play server. Self explanatory, writing hasn't been the same... And this is our attempt at trying to bring it back. Feel free to engage, and interact in any of the channels! If you have any further questions, simply ask the staff for further detail. For a more elaborate understanding, simply join the server and check us out.
A futuristic fantasy setting approx. a hundred years into the future! Here, supernatural beings are on top and humanity is at the bottom. Seek your own path here, build powerful groups and characters, or simply have your characters live their best lives. Do as you please in this world, it's yours to take!

~Extensive, original lore.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~In depth bestiary with the option to be your own race.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~Helpful, friendly staff, except for deo.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~Lenient character creation.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~More than fair administration.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。
~Friendly owner .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~Open world with nearly endless possibilities .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
~Roleplay lessons for those who'd like to improve .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。.
The World Is Dead is a literate post-apocalyptic RP (without any zombies), following the story of powerful psychic humans who have been destroying the world as we know it, and turning Manhattan into a warzone where the unpowered have to scavenge for survival and a powerful group known as the Manhattan Psions have gained full control. You can join them, the homeless shelter known as the Bunker or become a vagabond, and claim the world as your own, to either revive or kill it:
- A post-apocalyptic world, devoid of zombies
- In-depth lore
- Literate RP
- Descriptions for every area (at least a paragraph, if not more)
- A card-game-like battle system
- Freedom in character creation, as long as it fits the lore.
**The year is 2250, and the surface of Earth has gotten too hot to sustain life. People have adapted to living underground, and have rebuilt a civilization.**

This civilization has no exact name for the whole of it, but names for the three districts within it.

The wealthy district, the top of them all. Creatures and beings of the most pure blooded or rare types, and races with most pedigree tend to live here in luxury. You’re extremely lucky if you’re able to transfer here from other districts.

The middle class district. Right in the middle, not the best of the best, but not the lowest either. Here you can see a mixture of races and beings living together. Nothing too extraordinary, it’s a nice place to be.

The poorest of districts. The lowest one, and the worst off. Here, any race can live really. Races and beings people tend not to like dwell here in majority, humans, hybrids, half-bloods, etc. Crime is quite common, so it’s not a good idea to be out alone.

**In this world fantasy creatures and races exist, if it wasn’t obvious before.**

We welcome you to our server with open arms! We can’t wait to see you soon, in our wonderful underground paradise. Partnerships are accepted.
This is a roleplay where the kingdoms of Etra have finally developed their kingdoms and are currently at peace. Nut will this peace last long? Or is betrayal on the way?