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Welcome! The Everforest is a medieval fantasy world full of magic and mystery set in the middle of an endless forest. Your character, as well as some others, has been pulled to this magical place from the real world by some unknown force. While your ultimate goal is probably to get home, the Everforest is a vast land with many places to explore and things to discover, so who could blame you if you were to look around a bit?

We have...
- An world that continues to expand and change
- Plenty of OOC channels for people to mess around in
- Fair and balanced rules
- An open and welcoming community with tons of fun people
Finally, your path has led you here.

The darker corners of the library hold many secrets. Some are alluring... others abhorrent. Yet the whispers within your mind draw you towards an eerily familiar book...

The Arcana Tome.

Drawing open the eerie cover, its countless sprawling pages are revealed to you. Within you find legendary stories, mythical creatures and fantastical worlds...

But you cannot merely be witness to its mysterious tales...

...You are compelled to become part of them.


The Arcana Tome is a mature role-playing server where players delve into the endless stories found within the mysterious book - from fantasy to horror and even spaces strangely familiar. Create a character, take part in existing stories or write your very own for other players to participate in - the choice is yours. The server is run by an experienced team of administrators who also role-play and write story campaigns, and are actively adding and improving content to make sure your experience is as fun and engrossing as possible! To enter, just type agree and follow the Rules and Roles channels accordingly. Please note that you must be at least 18 years or older to join.
A Futuristic RP server.
Great staff
Be funny
Respectful or kick
Multiple bots
Great fighting system
Solid points needed for a server have fun
Can't find anywhere to roleplay? Well come here! (Mostly) all characters accepted! Be whatever! Do whatever! Any style will work! Come join! Here's one sentence with a period. Lgbtq+ frendly! All are welcome! Woo! Come join!!!
Welcome to the United States of Auradon! This is a safe haven for all the children of our favorite fairytales. When King Benjamin made a proclamation to give the children of the Isle a chance to live here in Auradon, its needless to say things got hectic. After Maleficent nearly destroyed Auradon and the incidents followed, things have finally started to calm down...Now that King Ben and soon-to-be Queen Mal officially took down the barrier and freed the children of the Isle, a new chapter is set to begin. As summer comes to an end, many soon to be Auradon students are ready to arrive to start their chapter....
Completely LGBTQ Friendly server, no worries about how people may offend you or harm you in any way, we have a offbranch server for characters for this roleplay server, and we are willing to help with whatever issues you have.
Friendly, welcoming and just all around fun for those willing to just spend some time mingling!
Don't be shy, just pop your head in and ask around! If it isn't for you then don't feel ashamed! Everyone's welcome!
Un serveur pour tout les fans de jdr et fantaisie, si vous êtes intéressées, ce serveur vous ait dédiés !

Le continent est ancien, très ancien même, c'est sans doute pour ça que les gens le nomment le continent ancien. Bien sûr, c'est une terre de magie, une terre de conflit aussi, de complots et manipulations, mais tous ces problèmes et ces leçons d'histoire, ça n'intéresse que les pédants. Et notre histoire d'ailleurs, est douloureuse, car depuis longtemps, l'âge sombre à commencé, et peut-être que demain, je ne serai plus là. Mais vous, vous êtes brave ! Intelligent, je l'ignore, mais c'est sûr, vous avez aucune peur face aux dangers que ce monde a à offrir ! Qui que vous soyez, ou quoi que fassiez, que la chance, et l'esprit de l'aventure vous accompagnent.
L'âge sombre du continent (ou simplement Le Continent Ancien) est un jeu de rôle se déroulant dans un univers fantasy original et très éloigné des clichés du genre. Il propose un système de jeu simple mais rigoureux. Merci de votre attention, nous attendons avec impatience les nouveaux joueurs !

Note : Nous organisons des séances en vocal le weekend d'environ deux heures.


The land of Bluehaven, a place where anything is possible, where both dreams and nightmares come true. It is the haven of both darkness and light, created, ruled, and protected by the 12 Zodiacs themselves. Bluehaven is said to be created by the stars and the galaxy, gifted to the minds of those whose hearts beat for it.

Dreamers found freedom in Bluehaven, they had the power to be something they always wanted to be, even being a strong dragon, a beautiful elf, or even just a cute little dog. But as they say, you may live a peaceful life at paradise, however, your dreams will never be reality.

So, have you ever wondered where your consciousness wanders when you're asleep?

✿An unique and original story in an alternate universe!
✿Supernatural Abilities!
✿Roleplay almost anything!
✿Fun bots to interact with!
✿Leveling Systems!
✿Fun roles to get!
✿Over 200 channels!
✿No more RP locks with the 5-hour rule!

───────── ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ ─────────
.・゜゜・𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒 𝖔𝖋 𝕰𝖆𝖖𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖎𝖆・゜゜・.
♕ Welcome to the Kingdom of Eaqeasia/The Eaqeasian kingdom! We are a fantasy/middle ages themed RP server with much to offer and explore. We are a server meant for more advanced RPers (1+ year of experience) as our server can be a lot to take in. ♕

♕ Eaqueasia is a country; rather an island in the middle of nowhere. It is practically isolated from everyone and everything, hidden like it is an oasis in the desert, like a safe place for sailors lost at sea. Though it was founded by human's, the humans who still continue to live there are able to live in peace with the species of monsters. It is the year 1413, and the Kingdom is ruled by a rather strict ruler. ♕

♕ In the Eaqeasian Kingdom, we aren't very strict with how you make your character, or what you make your character. So think outside of the box, create something unique and original, create your story! Will you be a lowly servant, or climb to the top of the food chain and become a power house? Only you can write your story.♕
───────── ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ ─────────
𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖜𝖊 𝖍𝖆𝖛𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖔𝖋𝖋𝖊𝖗:
⛧ 6+ RP channels!
⛧ In RP currency system!
⛧ 4 different species groups, with +20 different species to choose from!
⛧ Ability to create your own species!
⛧ 4+ different shopkeepers!
⛧ 100+ different items to buy from the store, as well as 10+ different one of a kind items!
⛧A friendly community!

Welcome to the vast world of Mythox! This is a place to let your imagination run wild in a fantasy setting. Be who you want, how you want.
Long ago, when the world was savage, and young, the race of men were split amongst themselves, gathering into tribes and clans, living hard and brutal lives. As time marched forward, men began to form complex ideas and emotions, ultimately advancing their technology and culture to make their lives easier. In this period of humanity, where they stayed to their own towns and villages, being wholly independent, the other races of the world would emerge. First, were the Elves, who were commonly regarded as the fairest and most beautiful of all the races. Then, there were the shapeshifting Sissver. Then from the woods, the enchanting Tellaren, the seas, bearing the Maiar, and the serpent people from the East. In the Western part of the world, the kingdoms of men would begin to rally, under one, singular, great king. King Jason, as history will always remember him, united the western peoples under one banner, and established the sovereign kingdom of Relian. Relian would form an alliance with the Eleven Triumvirate, who lived on an island to the Southwest, called Sunhaven. The Sissver's sovereignty was recognized, who tended the great forests with the Tellaren. As the years went on, and Relian expanded, they would find a world far bigger than themselves. A world of adventure, mystery, journey, and endless discovery. And it is in this time, where the story begins.
Welcome to New Genesis Academy! An aspiring school for those gifted with magical talent! Join the server to participate in our somewhat new roleplay (we need members)! Choose from a variety of elements, participate in major events, make some friends, and more! The administration here is friendly as well, so don't feel reluctant to come by and take a look! With that aside, we hope to see you around!
△ ~ The New Beginning ~ △

The Continent Of Lycanthia. A legendary land inhabited by creatures thought to never exist. Here your wildest fantasies come to life. Live a peaceful life in the country or fight in the chaos of battle. Be lawful and help those in need, or be evil and slaughter all who oppose you. Your life in this land is what you make of it. The sky is the limit with probably the most flexible character creation criteria ever to grace this platform.

On this server, 'The New Beginning' we have several things that may interest you, or any others who read this.
-A staff team always willing to help and take suggestions.
-A variety of interesting channels such as...nsfw, writing, looking for rp, and more.
-There is a quest board, where you can do some quests when they are put up.
-The main guild has its own rules and special channels for those who are a part of it.
-Submit your own races and jobs and get them approved when sorted out.
-Has its own map and location lore, covering most places!
-Medieval and Fantasy themed!

Hopefully, In The New Beginning, you will find something that interests you or inspires you.

This is your adventure.
Can you be the change you want to be?

A fun and new discord server that has plenty of roleplay channels, interesting quests, locations, races, and people you can meet! We also have a nsfw channel and plenty of fun things to do. Always open to suggestions!
Yjaenare is a Kingdom filled with many races, but is ruled by humans. The relationship between humans and other races is terrible. Peace between them is forbidden, and attempting to cause peace will get a bounty on your head.
No man has ever dared to attempt causing peace, but if you've got the stones for it, than by all means, go ahead.

While humans are known for being the weakest race, some are very talented, skilled, or gifted with magic from birth. These humans are often forced to be Monster hunters and taken form birth, to rid the land of Yjaenare of the other races. Monster hunters are always trained after being taken, and learn how to successfully kill non-human races. It is very unwise to engage in combat with another race if you are a human, unless you are a hunter.

But the land of Yjaenare was not always like this, infact it was the opposite. Before the humans arrived, Yjaenare was completely ruled by the other races that roamed it. But obviously, the humans arrived and stopped it. Eventually, the land of Yjaenare was tamed and humans began building. The humans who inhabitat the land are not willing to share it with the other races, this is the main reason that they fight.


Monsters use little bottles called glamour to disguise themselves sometimes- But it is VERY expensive and not a lot of monsters can get that kind of money to buy it, so normally monsters are stuck in forms where monster slayers and humans can find and catch monsters. The glamour lasts for almost half a day.


Half breeds. Half breeds are forbidden in the human world. Monster hunters are assigned to kill half breeds and their parents. Half breeds are mixes between humans and monsters.

⚜️The world of Conquerity is a fun, interactive dungeon dwelling experience. It offers plenty of regions of all different types. A unique leveling system, a rarity system, character system, and fun events! Come bring your friends and try to conquer Conquerity, defeat all the dungeons and aid the Gods!⚜️

📜Conquerity is a world created by the mighty god Aizen. In this world has been created gods and goddesses to protect it. After an unfortunate insistent the four main gods had to try and keep the surge from breaking through the planets barrier any further. Adventurers like you could aid them in their missions!📜
~Salut jeune aventurier(ère) ! Bienvenue à Eclestya !~

[rp - fantasy]

~Eclestya est une ville fantaisie où humain et créature vivent en harmonie. Les diverses personnalités se voient confronter et laisse place à de nombreuses intempéries.~

~Viens créer ton personnage role play sur ce serveur semi-privé qui sera assouvir ta soif d'aventure !~

~Un staff à l'écoute et de nombreux channels & bots à ta disposition.~

It was the year 3020 when the people of earth finally destroyed their own planet. They ruined it with the constant flow of toxic gasses into the sky, and thus they decided to colonise many other planets. At first they went as a collective, all at once to the planet known as mars. However, it didn’t take long for them to disagree and hate one another. Everyone went in different directions, discovering aliens of different shapes and forms and some even being able to perform extraordinary feats.
Welcome to Arcana's Castle. A fantasy world where rifts into other realities drag creatures from all walks of life. You will find sentient beings from nearly any time and place, unfortunately the weave of magic interferes with technology so those from a more civilized time may need to learn new ways.

We're a roleplay server that focuses on character interaction and dynamic events triggered by the players. Larger scale events also occur, taking your character to various places within an entirely foreign world.
ERP is allowed within the castle, but outside we doubt you'll find the time.

We offer those who join
-Quick and simple character creation with almost any character being allowed
-A well crafted world that you can learn about through RP instead of text walls
-Events created by the active staff and smaller quests created for you when you want!

Join now and see what's behind the walls and beyond!
This Roleplay is based in a school in the middle of nowhere, but this school, is not just any ole’ school, Ridgeview is a school full of the mysterious and peculiar things that maybe we’d like to hide away. Different, strange and even sometimes dangerous, the kids at Ridgeview are meant to be hidden away from the world. The thing is... they don’t wanna be hidden, they don’t wanna be seen as different and dangerous... what do you think? Should we hide the secrets of the world away to forever remain unseen?
Welcome to Leistung!
Here no religions are right, or wrong, most entities from almost every belief exist. In this world humans and paranormal creatures have learned how to live among one another with a minimum amount of fighting. Sure, things are a bit different, and life isn’t ideal for everyone due to the discrimination, hate fueled assault, and arson, for some but it’s better than the constant wars of which everyone used to withstand.

However, not every side is effected by this bombardment of hate, the good entities are treated like royalty, and make up most of the higher class, and the same goes for humans, even if they aren’t associated as a good person, they’re more than likely to make it big. While on the other hand, the evil spirts are treated with disrespect and are seen as nothing more than what someone scrapes off their shoe. The chances of them having anything more than a bottom tier job is little to none, while almost everyone else is always protected, the spirits that are associated with evil could be killed without a second thought.

But life for humans wasn’t always the way it is now, they used to be treated illy, well, that was until they picked up magic, this magic helped the humans be seen as something greater than any other creature due to the lack of repercussions that came with using their magic, and their intelligence allowed them to find a way to get rid of any threat they came their way, making them a respected member of the community.
[Looking for active Role Players!]
After disappearing within the realm of Dīegol, humanity forgot about the mythical, fantastical, and supernatural races.. until they sprung up to reintegrate themselves thousands of years later. Eleven portals were made between the worlds and eleven cities were made around them. The city of Cimbing is one of them.
- - - - - - -
Explore the city of Cimbing. Make friends or enemies, maybe even join a gang! Mystery and danger awaits in the magical city!
- - - - - - -
In this server, you will find:
- A welcoming community
- All sorts of roleplaying styles
- Simple yet interesting lore
- Events!

This server uses Google Docs and is also open to Server Partnerships!
A fairly conservative community surrounding a literate RP in the world of Coentus, a land of empires that rise and fall, and covenants that bind men's wills to ideals until death. Beware your heart, mortal child. For any aspect of it can be twisted.
Welcome to Woodhaven!

The Woodhaven Open World Role Play server is a Dungeons and Dragons server set in the ever growing town of Woodhaven. With a variety of strange creatures and events happening all around, there is never a dull moment in this once sleepy town.

Here, you can meet new friends, participate in numerous adventures, and play as fun characters of your own creation! Our system is entirely based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule set; however, full knowledge of the game is not required as our active staff are more than happy to assist with any inquires you may have. So pop into the tavern, pull up a stool at the bar, and join us! We look forward to seeing you there!

We operate a bit differently than traditional Dungeons and Dragons as you won’t be playing in a single campaign, rather, participating in an open world role play with a series of one off adventures that you can participate in. All characters are created at level one using the 27-point point buy system as well as all officially published D&D 5e materials (This means no homebrew, Unearthed Arcana, or Plane Shift, sorry!) and, once approved, you are free to join the adventures or even just general role play!

You are welcome to join no matter your experience level and we have a number of staff members that would love to help you out and questions are always welcome!
Within an age of magic that meets the revolutionary inventions of firearms comes the world known as Afina. Explore the ever expanding world and its many continents that have sprouted out from the depths of the sea. Experience the mystical wonders of the divine and the damned as they try and pull you to their side. The choice is yours to explore this fantasy realm alone with comrades in arms. Which path shall you take? What destiny shall be written for you in the ever changing times.

The world of Afina is a ever expanding rp server. The server has a grounded and fair magic system a massive and ever expanding map as well as a great staff team!