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CryptoForCrypto, a new Discord server where you can trade one cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies, for example, BTC for ETH or DGB for DOGE.

The server uses and a trade bot, bot for the crypto, trade bot for trading the crypto.

We also give free crypto by doing rains, premium tips, and more!
We also list websites that give free cryptocurrency! is a revolutionary online betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.
Zero offers total payment confidentiality, while still maintaining a decentralized network using a public blockchain. Zero combines Bitcoin’s security with Zcash’s anonymity and privacy.

At the core of Zero technology is zero-knowledge proofs, this allows transaction data to be validated without revealing information about the amount and the parties involved. Zero uses specific zero-knowledge proofs called zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge).

Zero is built on strong science and audited meticulously by third parties. It is an open-source protocol, built by a security-specialized engineering team, and originally based on Bitcoin Core’s battle-tested codebase.
FaucetBitcoin: Earn Bitcoin!
『 Offer Walls 』
『 Advanced Anti-Cheat System 』
『 Videos』
『 Traffic Exchange』
『 Gift Card 』
『 Provably-Fair Dice Game 』
『 Investing Function in Dice Game 』
『 Many Payment Processors 』
『 Membership System 』
『 Support Tickets 』
『 Achievement System』
『 No annoying popups / popunders!』
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BattleHashes is a decentralized platform for unusual gambling, which involves hash codes of players,
the winner takes the whole Bank of the game, games are held every 5 minutes in the most popular and fastest cryptocurrencies.
Multiplayer blockchain gambling | PvP | Referral program
If you're looking for a community server where you can discuss gaming, programming or anything else or just chill this is the server for you <3
Welcome to The Lounge!
If you want to join a casual community of stock traders aimed at making the game more enjoyable for everyone, then you came to the right place.
◈Feel free to add your stock watchlist, picks for the day, swing trades, and much more
This is the official discord for! Here, you can discuss bustabit, bitcoin gambling, or just cryptocurrency in general. Come on in and make some new friends, too!
Plutus aims to enable users to seamlessly convert their crypto to fiat and be able to spend their funds at any brick and mortar store worldwide
CypherServer a place learn and discover information about various ways to enrich your life, you can meet and chat with a growing community of people about various subject, currently inclusive of online security, software recommendations, cryptocurrency, gold and silver investment, prepping and personal wellbeing
UZURA WALLET official discord community.

Crypto currency wallet. Token registration. You can enjoy with friends and the community at the tip and faucet. UZZ is required to use some services.

★Available Crypto currencies.
#WAVES tokens #ETH tokens etc...

tip, rain, faucet, Token registration, SNS Link(Twitter,Discord,Telegram,LINE etc...)

★Community content
You can get the latest information about UZURA WALLET quickly. Participants in the community are actively distributing coins. Please join us!

UZURA WALLETに関する最新情報をすばやく入手できます。コミュニティの参加者は、コインを積極的に配布しています。ぜひご参加ください!
Official discord server for ESBC, a revolutionary online betting platform where you can place bets with our very own coin (ESBC).
*Commission and margin free
*Self-formed coefficients
*No maximum limits
*Arbitrage betting (opposite events betting)
*The best odds
*Fast deposits and withdrawals
*Various betting cryptos supported
*No registration required, full anonymity
*Loss recovery system (ESBC only)
*Affiliate referral system
*Increasing number of betting events

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PRiVCY is a safe and secure, no frills privacy coin. It is a hybrid POW/POS coin utilizing the X13 algorithm the combination of which provides protection to the network from 51% attacks. PRiVCY also utilizes Tor routing for protection of ip address information, and Stealth addresses for yet another layer of user privacy. The POS reward system is safer, more secure, and more fair to all the participants of the network then a masternode system. POS rewards are set at 10% through 6/20. With more innovative, simple, and effective Privacy features planned for future implementation, and a low total supply, PRiVCY is a great choice for all of your private transactions.
Community for Bitcoin freelancers. Feel free to join and find out how you can work online and meet fellow online earners.
a small yet 100% trust worthy server of which you can buy and sell bitcoins easily

middle man ✔
memes and chats ✔
lowest prices you can find ✔

This is the official discord server for Helios Protocol: An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. The Helios platform is designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions, and to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications. See our website for more info
Boltbet is your 1% Sports Pick for best knowledge in the sports betting world for you to gain profit for passive picks everyday Free or get a VIP membership for instant wealth knowledge
Want to learn how to invest or share your investing knowledge then come join us! All things that have to do with investing happen here. Stocks, Options, Business Startups, and crypto!
Kadena is a blockchain company armed with its open source smart contract language, Pact. We are looking for anyone interested in Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, come talk with our community and the Kadena Team!
Are you a Crypto trader or do you want to make money with trading Bitcoin?

Then this is the server for you!

Started 2 Days a go!

• Fresh server
• A nice community to chill.

What are you waiting for, join now.
The most active cryptocurrency trading channel for enthusiasts and traders! Grow your portfolio with daily leverage trading signals and ALTs with dozens of like minded members and receive expert advice. Don't take our word for it, come and see our profit logs and what our members have to say!

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Blockstack is a new blockchain-based, decentralized internet platform where users completely own and control their data, and the network apps that may use the data are run locally on the user's browser.