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A Community To Buy & Sell Bitcoin + Other CryptoCurrencies!
To become a Verified Vendor Please Contact ThefoX!
We Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies Instantly (ID Verification Not Required To Sell & Buy)
crypteus is giving out airdrops!!
Over $250,000 to be given away!!
Massive affiliate payouts!!
Welcome to Crypto Gurus! Here at Crypto Gurus we operate a server with helpful tips on crypto currency and we include BTC exchanges with highly vouched members! Come join the Crypto Community!
The main reason to build this community is to find all the newly launched coins out there with low difficulty and let others know about it. This is basically a community where anyone can help everyone. It also benefits the developers of that newly launched coin... Also the best place for a newbie miner.
Its a Win-Win for both the miners and the developers!
don't lose the opportunity and start using btc now, there's a tutorial for how to set it up and a BTC reward system, and some methods to earn btc for free
Want to make the easiest $20 in Bitcoin?
Join now and make $20 Bitcoin within the first hour of work. You must be 18+ and able to ID verify in order to get paid! All you have to do is sign up for an app and get fully verified. If you can verify multiple accounts you can make TONS of money 💰 join now and start making money 💵
This server is meant for people to come in and buy products that deal with money, we also sell se'd products
We offer tips and tricks on how to earn cash and cryptocurrencies easily at home, and how to gain progressively large passive income.
Real bitcoin giveaway discord server
Get a lot of rewards

Up to 125€ in bitcoin for free !
YEP COIN : A new payment system using a simple URL
Create your personal URL and share it to receive money
Click on a friend’s URL to send him money instantly
With YEP you can pay someone or send money to your
relatives or friends easily, instantly, securely and with the
cheapest fees on the market!
To achieve that the platform works with the currency YEP COIN,
specifically designed to improve payments processing.
To start using the transfer service,
online wallet in a few clicks then share your personal URL
to receive payments.
You can share your URL using any messaging app, by email or
by posting it on social networks.
If you wish to send money to a friend instead, go to your YEP
wallet dashboard, load it with YEP COINS then open your
friend’s URL and simply input your YEP ID and the amount you
want to send him.
TeamCalypso Discord is available now. we will post there announcements about trading bot and other projects what we are working on, feel free to join! :)
Earn free crypto through Coinbase! Come and share your referral links!

Let's talk crypto aswell!
Selling giftcards(ecodes) for 50 popular US merchants at a big discount! Join to see (Amazon 30% off!)
On this discord server You can find the best software to earn some cryptocurrency easly.You can have a look the different channel to earn some money
Cześć! Zapraszamy na serwer!
Jesteś Graczem PC , a może Graczem PlayStation 4 ?
Wydobywasz BitCoina , może jednak Ether ?
Pogrywasz sobie w PlanetSide 2 , chyba że Fortnite ?
Interesujesz się Programowaniem, czy jednak Grami Komputerowymi?

Ustaw swoje zainteresowania, w gry które grasz, bądź w jakim jesteś wieku, aby dokończyć swój profil.
Łatwiej znajdziesz swoich przyszłych przyjaciół czy swoją pierwszą internetową miłość.

Graj w grę którą lubisz, rozmawiaj na czacie głosowym z ludźmi w twoim wieku (Może poznasz swoją pierwszą miłość <3)
Życzymy udanych rezultatów - życzy cały zespół !
Do boju towarzyszu !
BTCJackpot is a server where you can buy entries to Bitcoin raffles to win Bitcoin! It is only $5 per entry and you can get up to 10 entries, plus you can get free entries for inviting 10 people to the server.
Welcome to Investors Week (IW), In here you can invest Bitcoin ( BTC ) or and Ethereum (ETH) we might be accepting another currency's in the near future, here is how it works, so we got trusted gamblers in the discord, they are pros at gambling and know what is the right time to gamble. but, in all cases. it's gambling.., so there are loses and winnings. so if the gambler did lose, he/she will refund 40% back, or if the gambler did wish to refund more, they could. We are also hoping to add more features to the discord and make it more better every single time we add a new update,

Many thanks for reading this, we all hope you the best regards! :)
-Investors Week (IW)