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Welcome to the official Discord server for! is a place where you’ll find the most awesome games to download. All 100% free! These games are free to download forever; we will never charge you even a single dime. We have games to suit any type of gamer, from the family-friendliest games suited for kids to the more action-packed titles for mature players. Our genres include action, arcade, puzzle, casual, sports, and many more!

Join our community to discuss your favorite games or discover new ones with fellow gamers. All are welcome! :)
Fluffy's basement —


🌐 We're a growing server, for all we care. We want crazies and people who are comfortable with dorkness and multiple types of humours. Nsfw or not, we accept them all.

🌐 Make a topic and we'll potentially keep it alive until it dries completely.

🌐 Come in here. Well, you should. Flan is friendly. Mostly. She's insane though.

🌐 Everyone can do anything they want in here. Just don't disobey the rules and we good. All we want is peeps to talk to and hang out with.

🔥 Daily updates~

🔥 Quality roleplays (why not/MAYBE)

🔥 Active & Friendly staff (yep!)

🔥 Overall a great choice for relaxation

🔥 Venting is allowed (oh do it please)

🔥 Everyone is mostly lewd

💠Fair Rules! (actualz!)
💠not a dictated server

🌀NSFW specific channels
🌀Many more!

⚙️It's ruled by the big boss fluffer

❄️Server is not entirely nsfw focused >wO

Welcome to Radix Arcade, a place where many bot users like ourselves come to play together.

We have music, we have games, we have gambling. We have almost every bot you would enjoy (if we do not have a certain bot you like, kindly go to #suggestions, and we will set it up as soon as possible.)

You can head over to #lobby to chat with other members, or #command-lobby if you want to use commands.
Welcome to The Gaming Crowd Discord! All things on the server are about gaming. Make sure it not a NSFW content! Please read the rules. And don't also forget to go our Facebook group!
Hey 👋! Je vais te présenter HyLuckies ! 💖
C'est un serveur Discord où vous trouverez :

[💬] Une Partie Communautaire pour se détendre et discuter tranquillement sans prise de tête 🍻 !
[🎉] Une Partie Animation avec des évents et giveaways réguliers pour vous offrir des récompenses uniques comme des comptes payants, de l'argent ou des grades 🎁!
[🎮] Une Partie Arcade pour jouer avec des bots, partager des blagues pour bien rigoler 😂 , partager ses créations et se faire aider pour nos devoirs !
[🌍] Une Partie Publicité pour promouvoir vos serveurs discords, sites internet, chaînes Youtube et autres !
[🎭] Une Partie Rp pour les fans de Rp !

🔐 Tout cela dans un serveur bien sécurisé grâce à un staff compétant et des bots bien programmés pour votre confort.

Voila je n'ai plus qu'une chose a dire ... rejoignez nous 😉 !

Recherche Partenaire [✅]
Recrutement Staff [✅]

🔗 Voici ton ticket pour aller sur HyLuckies !
GZA is a newly built modernized Gaming Arcade for you and your friends. We have bots Z-A and A-Z. You could either hangout or play games in our huge viriety of bots and stuff. We have economy, moderation, arcade, level up, entertainment, memes, nsfw and all sorts if bots. GZA will bring more and more bots all the time. Also, remember to Socialize! Also, globally compete all your friends, gamers, and memers! 🤖🔱✨
Cześć! 🌹
Jest reaktywacja servera 🔧
"Arcade Game"
Czemu masz na niego wejść? 🤔
📒 Wszystko jest poukładane,
Możesz zagrać z innymi,
i jest estetycznie zrobiony!
Um servidor bonito organizado pra falar com pessoas, jogar pokecord (farm de pokemons bons) | Servidor pra fazer amigos e jogar gartic e ter tags exclusivas !
Active and friendly server for arcade machine collectors and enthusiasts, we'd love to have you! Pull up a stool at a cocktail or candy cab and grab a beer, we're the arcade friends you've been looking for.
Hi guys 👋

Join the Gamer's After Hours Discord bar with DJ, Arcade, Bots and support. This server covers you for your gaming needs with mobile games such as Marvel Strike Force (MSF) and Star Wars Galaxy of Heros (SWGOH)
Our resident and Guest creators regularly share their Podcast, YouTube and twitch content - Plus much, much more...

🍺 Bar,
Ran by our Bartenders & Games Content Creators.

🎧 Dancefloor,
Rythm or Fredboat are taking requests.

🎮 Arcade,
Boxbot, Duckhunt, Casino, Idle RPG & Dank Memer.

🤖 Bot Support,

👨🏻‍🎓 Job Centre,
Recruitment for MSF & SWGoH.
Hola mis chicos y chicas soy crahistu fundador de 🔥Arcade🔥un servidor de entretenimiento general para todos por favor les pido que se unan para una experiencia mas placentera dentro de discord. También tenemos asesoría en programación ya que estamos haciendo nuestros propios proyectos somos gente 0 completamente 0 toxica y odiosa. Y sin mas que decir les invito humildemente y amablemente que se unan a nuestra comunidad chau :3
***Bienvenue sur mon Server Discord !***


**💎-Serveur de détente en tous genres ( mini jeux,music ).**

**💎-Une bonne activités du serveur**

**💎-Un salon de pub pour faire partager votre serveur.**

**💎-Une Staff à votre écoute quelques sois le problème**

**💎-Des grades fun à gagner !**

**💎-DIfférents types de jeux disponibles**

**💎-On offre aussi plein de cadeaux comme des compte Spotify Premium et Netflix**

**💎-Et c'est un Serveur Minecraft !**


Arcade es un server de entretenimientoy y diversión de diferentes formas . !gracias por unirte o considerarlo!
Welcome To The Bar
The Bar Is Open 24/7 We Never Closed
Fun Fun And More Fun
A Lot Of Activities
Weekly Giveaways
Movie Night
Music Night (And Radio)
And More Come On Down To The Bar And Have Some Fun
Come chat with the creator of forthcoming otherworldly point and click adventure game, The Mystery Of Woolley Mountain and other like minded adventure game fans! Get exclusives, freebies and other wonders in our server!
For people who use retro arch, this place is mainly for netplay and finding friends also your welcome to use other means of netplay such as Mame4Droid on android devices. I don't know what I'm doing lol
We have Comic books, Booze, Music (A lot of power metal), Games, and food, Only the Grooviest of peeps allowed
This server is 👌. We have arcade games like tic tac toe, a coin clicker game, guess the number, and more!

We'll be waiting!
This is a group for all pinball players and all pinball games!
Talking, community, streaming, fun!


Join us on Steam too:
The Basement is a sever where you can chat, play with bots, show your art, listen to music and just chill with everyone.
Welcome to Arcade! In this server, you can pretty much do anything you want as long as you aren’t violating any rules. You may talk to other people about different topics of your interest and play with bots. it’s pretty much just a place to have fun!
❓Did you know there's a server that is for gaming (And other stuff, of course)?❓

❗No? Well let me tell you all about it!❗

We have...

💬Text channels for gaming, memes, and even just chatting!💬

🎧Music channels🎧

🤖Bots for your entertainment🤖

🛡Active staff team🛡

🔴Color roles🔴

...And so much more! :3
An LGBT+ and neurodiversity haven for arcade and retro gaming, platform fighting and all things café!

Remember, the shape doesn't make the controller, the player does. A pen is just as good for StarCraft as a mouse, an arcade stick is an excellent way to play Metroid, and even Super Smash Bros. has a stick on the way!