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It's not the right hole, but it's not the wrong hole. Just a small leftist community that you can chill at. Trying to keep things relaxed mostly.
A server built on discussing political ideology from all sides (respectfully) with a theme of socialism. We host debates, have daily polls, and overall just have fun with each other and are looking to expand. We're open to all political ideologies, with the exception of nazis and fascists. The more people that join, the more active it is - that's the goal 👍
We are an anarchist community server that welcomes all sects of anarchism. We have an economy and we like to discuss topics and have fun!
For creatures that can't identify with humans.
Ecological, Misanthropic, Philosophical, Political, Contrarian, Multinational, Free-speech server.
We care about what matters most. What most people don't care about.
We are one of the few servers that allows free-speech debate about politics, gender, environment etc.
A server for politics and memes mainly, run by Communists. There are few rules on this server, other than obvious ones. Basically anyone can join.
Active and link is working again.

Mythology, AnarchoIndividualism, Anarchoprimitivism, Conspiracy, Health, Free-Speech. Not another left-leaning 'anarcho-communist' server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
Did You know that humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970?
Did You know that 60% of all mammals on Earth are livestock, 36% are human and just 4% are wild animals?
Radical individualist discussion and debate for vagabond, negating minds. Egoists, Anarchists, Satanists, Punk Rockers, Nihilists, Sadists, and every other selfish lover of life, willful self-creator, and nameless iconoclast is welcome to participate in my project
Come here to hate on liberals and trotskyites as well as to revel in the glorious anarcho-tankieism.
Server for discussing politics and the economy, generally from a leftist perspective (although others are allowed).
Hello! Socialism is a server, which provides a platform where socialists, communists, anarchists and other leftists may discuss, and debate their ideology, while making friends and having fun along the way! Swing by and see what's going on, we'd love to chat!
Political/Music server. We welcome anarchists and anarchism leaning individuals, other leftists and rightists are welcome as long as they remain respectful. Metalheads and punkheads are welcome as well.
This server is for leftists to engage in political, economic, historical, and philosophical debates and discussions. I welcome anyone of any ideology and am tolerant of everyone, but being a leftist would help.
This is an anarchist server primarily directed at social anarchists and leftists but ancaps are welcome too.
just be sure to verify and we'll let you in.
ALSO this is not a safe space. because slurs powers are a social construct and I don't believe constructs should have power I let ppl say them jokingly but if i catch someone bullying or harassing someone on purpose with them I will remove them pronto
Anarchy under the protection of Totalitarian state.
Left wing, Right wing - Why worry, when we are still slaves.
Philosophy Revisited is a community featuring a philosophical discourse based on reason and empirical evidence. We have channels to post resources to literature, studies, statistics, and other information, have dedicated (voice-)channels for debates and media covering current events. At our core are three values: Freedom, Truth and Virtue.
A server for Anarchx_Feminist (politigram) and any general anarchists! Just a chill place to hang out and such. We have lots of roles and server events, as well as a couple of debate channels.
☭☭ THE SOCIALIST WARFRONT☭☭ wishes on plant the seed of revolution one educated mind at a time! A large resource library available for education to better combat and win every war in the intellectual battlegrounds.

Topics include history, imperialism, economics, counter-arguments, theory and more!

Leftist news, events and antifascist business posted to keep us all better connected and encourage political activism.

So if you're curious and wish to learn more about leftism, or simply want a place to grow even more as an intellectual and have leftist community, please join and spread the message!
Hub of Philosophy and Politics is a community dedicated to talking about subjects in Philosophy ranging from Important to somewhat obscure.
A server for Anarchists of all types to hang out and discuss beautiful, beautiful bread theory
Welcome to Left Gaming! We are a new, small server dedicated to gaming and left-wing politics. We welcome all lefties here!
Welcome to the Viklenian Free Territory, a former government rp server that was dissolved into an anarchist society! Basically a shitposting anarchist discussion server.