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We are trying to unite liberals, libertarians, anarchists, both left and right. We are here to share ideas and unify with our common goals. If you are a statist I discourage but welcome you to join as well.
Hate the state, freedom united.
Socialists, anarchists, and leftists of all forms unite!

Anti-Americanism HQ is the server for all things anti-America! We may differ in many opinions, but we all hate imperialism and wish to see an end to the evil American hegemony!

So come down to Anita-Americanism HQ for:
- An active community
- Some chill discussion
- Serious debate
- Games
- Leftist theory education including a weekly theory club

(Non-leftists are not welcome)
(LGBT+ friendly)
This is a server for Soulists, Egoists, and other Anarchists to chat. Soulism is basically Egoism combined with Communism and Tranhumanism. Very oversimplified, but if you agree with that and you want to abolish Spooks, Hierarchies, and Physics then this server is for you! It’s got:

- Polls!
- Philosophy and Debate!
- Memes and Shitposting!
- Music, Art, and Videos!
- Gaming!
- Pet Pics!

And of course, a friendly and active community. Join now!
ENTROPY is a server for those who oppose the current system and wish to tear it down. We're looking to create an amiable environment, where people can discuss ideas, debate, form connections, share knowledge or simply chat. Broadly speaking, anti-capitalists of any kind are welcome, while fascists, reactionaries and personality cultists are not. Among many other things we offer:

-A safe space for LGBTQ+ people and other social minorities
-Consideration for feedback and suggestions
-Many self assignable roles
-Art, theory and literature
-Topic specific channels
A nice little community for anyone who's a centrist or a leftist to hang out and talk. We are a multilingual community, primarily English and Spanish.

Do not join if you are right of center please.
☭☭ THE SOCIALIST WARFRONT☭☭ is dedicated to arming the revolutionaries with knowledge! Harboring a large and diverse resource library at your disposal on a wide variety of topics, to help you win every fight in the intellectual battlegrounds.

Topics include history, imperialism, economics, counter-arguments, theory and more!

Learn to organize and get involved with Leftist movements, with resources to help you get in the front lines of change for worker power and social justice.

So if you're curious and wish to learn more about leftism, or simply want a place to grow even more as an intellectual and have leftist community, please join and spread the message!
United Anarchism is a server for anarchists of all types to get together and discuss ideas, network, debate, share literature, or just chat. We look to build a light-hearted and friendly environment, for all types of anarchists.

Non anarchists/left libertarians are also welcome, but are asked to remain respectful.
We're a friendly left leaning community server with an active voice chat! The server is a safe space for LGBTQ+ and minority communities, and the vibes are good all around!
Ⓐ International Leftists ☭

We are a growing community that want to unite any type of leftist and we accept all the leftist ideologies. (Social Democrats included)

Many channels for all the type of subjects and debates

Fair moderating who listen to the community and many decisions are taken by voting

Events and activities include games, quizzes and community disco.

Heavily against any type of racism, sexism, homophobia.

Roles for most leftist ideologies.
Socialism 101 is an educational socialist hangout server, focused primarily on educating already left-wing people, whether they be Marxist or Anarchist.

Socialism 101 also welcomes any non-left winger, as long as they are willing to learn and discuss their beliefs in good faith.
We are a new server and we are looking for more members to expand our server. Our goal is to make the server a chill and peaceful leftist hangout with friendly discussions and chats.

Welcome to the server Comrades!
"Marx's Crib" is a server for memes, discussions, news, debates and more. You do not have to be a leftist to join.
Hello! This is a server for anarchists to hang out and have fun. It’s a low stress server, and we have members with all sorts of interests! If you’re an anarchist and want a place to talk to others in a friendly setting, this is the place for you!
Μια κοινότητα για συζήτηση, debate και ανταλλαγή ιδεών πάνω στις φιλελεύθερες ιδέες και αρχές.
"Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary" —Karl Marx

The Socialist Gun Club is a space where socialists can discuss topics such as gun rights, self-defense, and the proper handling of firearms, while also sharing memes and shitposting.

This Discord server was created because there are only a few non-reactionary, let alone, anti-capitalist spaces to discuss firearms on the internet.
ANARKIDS is a leftist server with a focus on anarchist education. every week, we host a stream where we read and discuss theory together! our mission is to make leftist thought more accessible for everyone, beyond the limits of giant walls of text, expensive books, and complicated debates. anyone and everyone can recommend and vote on the theory we read!

our server is accepting of everyone regardless of age, sex, gender identity, religion, etc-- our only restriction is no authoritarians, pro-capitalists, or fascists. debate and discussion is welcome, but we try to keep a friendly vibe all-around! this server is about unity and education more than anything, so join up with us if you're looking for friends and knowledge!
"A server dedicated to Anarchists and Libertarian Socialists alike for the discussion and conversing of the ideas and proposals in regards to the ideologies. This server hopes to create a space for rational discussion between individuals and to supply sources to create a greater understanding and to aid in the spreading of ideas related.

We welcome you to the server and ask that you have a good day!"
this is a leftist sever for leftism and anarchism. Join if you want to be in our community we except everyone. Diveristy is our strength so let us show it. Hope to see you soon comrade!!
This server seeks to unify left-libertarians. Mutualists, syndacalists, communists, and socialists are all welcome. We are all against unjust hierarchies and the government. We also allow anyone of all ages (as long as they are old enough to use discord).
We are usually very funny and chill. We post memes while also staying mature in channels designated for that. We allow anyone who is against the government while maintaining socialist or communist beleifs. There are no tankies, chuds, or nazis welcome.
anarchist central is an anarchist server based around discussion of anti capitalist, anti statist, and generally anarchist principles. socialists/communists are allowed, ancaps and hardcore tankies are not.
**we have vetting**
Do you want to see changes in society? Have you ever wanted to express your opinion? Do you want to debate others and partner servers easily without fear of getting in trouble? If so this server is for you! We love to see new comrades and discuss what you politically identify as.
As stated, this is a server for all the leftist furries out there!

We strive to be a welcoming and safe environment for lgbt+ and other marginalized people

Hidden within the Mystic Forest,far from any human eye, is a vast sprawling home to many creatures. It is a place full of magic and mystery. You are one such creature and you can explore the secrets of the forest, fight invaders, or simply lead a peaceable life. There is no wrong way to live, the Mystic Forest has a place for everyone.