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Strangoria is a portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Paranormal Discord Server. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, psi-psyche, entities, mysteries, folklore, fringe, unexplained phenomena, horror, sci-fi, and other strangeness. [ paranormal discord server ]
This server is just to purely talk about sci-fi. Like movies, media, websites, books, and etc.
Addicted to aliens? Addicted to horror? This server is about every form of media that combines the two. Custom roles, fan projects, movie nights, streaming, and general nerd discussions.
This server has it all.
•¨•.¸¸☆・゚Yumemiro Galaxy Roleplay ゚・☆¸¸.•¨•

¡Sea bienvenido a Yumemiro Galaxy!

Adentrarte en un universo original, con especies únicas que puedes usar para rolear con nosotros.

Somos un servidor nuevo, pero tenemos mucho para dar.

☆Un server en español sobre una galaxia y especies diferentes: desde humanos hasta dinosaurios alienígenas☆


★彡Canales variados para tener información y referencias de cada planeta y cada especie.

★彡Contactar y conoce al staff.

★彡Waifu-bot, Chocolat, OwO.

★彡Bot de Música.

★彡Historia original y que puede desarrollarse de formas diferentes dependiendo de las acciones de los usuarios.

★彡Guía de cómo usar Tupperbox.

¡Y mucho más! Para finalizar, te dejaremos un poco de información, y lo demás... ¡Está en tus manos!
Hiya~ Welcome to our server! I hope you find yourself on your way to a crash landing with us! Were a server focused on RP but don't worry, we have plenty of OOC time!

This rp is based is 2050 with many unique features like having alien pets- You're stuck on a ship but don't worry, monthly we are having the spaceship landing on different planets, (in our solar system or not- could even be made up) having different areas to explore. You can all choose to stay on the planet we landed on or get back onto the ship to keep exploring!

I hope you join us if you've read this far, and even if you don't- Have a great day~!
Welcome to Spaghetti Aliens! It’s a lovely community we are trying to grow the best we can. We have a variety of roles categorizing from LR-HR, as well as some free decorative roles. It’s a quite nice community, and both HRS are as active as possible. Join today and meet a wonderful community! ❤️
Monsters aliens & robots more on the lady side but also the rest, We are more In character focus & fun then a lewd hub.

Just a outcast server based off a horrible one with a helping Second Life OC creation and crew RP group
I can’t think of a good description, but it’s a server where I post artwork occasionally, there is a nsfw channel and other random stuff
We're all aliens! You can be from Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto! If you want a custom rank, please request one to the admins. We also have a fast food bot where you can order food, and a Pokemon bot, where you catch pokemon; we are currently working on a roleplay sister server, but there's all sorts of other fun activities! Also let's be aware of the fact that the server is more randomness than aliens. xDDD
This server began as a place for people to talk about their cosmic origins and connections, and it has grown from that into an active, relaxed and welcoming group of diverse people.

We discuss: starseeds, aliens, ETs, conspiracies, metaphysics, spirituality, spiritual exploration, and so on. We encourage all to join us who are curious, even if you don’t think you’re a starseed. If you enjoy metaphysics at all, you’ll fit right in!
An Alien themed server with lots of stuff to do, fun games, leveling bots, and two types of leveling roles, one is alien themed and the other is number themed, the name is just a joke and the server has absolutely nothing to do with alien sex, we have incredibly nice and responsive staff and are looking for staff members, we have memes posted by actual members, and meme bots, music, pokecord, and music bots, we are looking to become more active so if you join please talk.
The GOOL welcomes one and all into it's embrace! Be you a curious wanderer or maybe just lonely, we'd love to have you for as long as you'd like to stay.
Come enjoy:
- Plenty of jokes
- Custom roles and rank ups
- Tons of emotes
- A tight knit community of friends

Our community is wholly unique, and you will make an amazing addition!
Deep in the woods of Montana, there is a compound that was founded by Doctor Phineas K. Hall in 1948 for the sake of containing extraterrestial creatures and anomalies for the sake of study and protection - for both the ‘patients’ and humanity.
The compound is situated on over one-hundred acres of land. The building has has five floors, several common areas, a library, a garden, a cafeteria, and anything else to ensure an optimal environment for our patients and employees to thrive.
In addition to studying our patients, we also run experiments on them when possible to better understand their species, but our staff does the best they can to minimize suffering - even if most patients are being held against their will, and even if there may be some bad apples among our employees.
To ease the minds of all who are living on the compound, we offer psychiatric services and even have an ordained priest to assist with your spiritual guidance, if it is necessary.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Hall Laboratories!

👁‍🗨 Literate Roleplays with coherent plot-lines and complex characters!

👁‍🗨 Play as a patient, a robot, or an employee! (doctors, scientists, guards, lab technicians, etc.)

👁‍🗨Active mods who are always happy to help!

👁‍🗨LGBT+ Friendly Server!
Its Section-31 one of the only Conspiracy and Truther servers based around the ideals of Freedom of Speech.
We also have channels dedicated to theology and politics.
Really just a place where you can be who you want to be and hang out! You can talk about whatever you want! Just make sure it's appropriate
A chill, non-toxic hub for fans of the Alien movie franchise. We also have roleplay! We have many roleplay roles to choose from, and the staff is nice.

Roleplay Info

After Alien: Ressurection

Weyland Yutani: They have nuked the site of Aliens 3, for reasons that will be revealed later (also explains how they came back). They started to colonize on an unknown planet. They called it New Hadley's. They continue to research and study the xenomorph kind. They have expanded into a space resort.

Criminals: Criminals are trying to take advantage of the WY growth and wealthe by plundering and starting conflict. They also make business by assassination and scavenging parts.

Marines: Marines continue to do there work.

Xenos: Vibin, being animals.
After Azmuth's attempt to reconquer his love Zennith with the help of the Omnitrix failed, he got frustrated, creating several more and sending them across space in the hopes to get her back. These Omnitrixes arrived on different planets, a rather large quantity ending on the planet Earth. It is here where our story begins, with the boy who found the watch during his Summer Vacation...he was to become the first Omnitrix wielder, Ben Ten.
The other Omnitrixes landed on different parts of the planet, days or weeks after the one claimed by Benjamin Tennyson, these now getting claimed by other humans respectively. How will they use this impressive tool? For good or for bad? That is yet to discover...

And Vilgax? Vilgax went on the hunt for one of the Omnitrixes, following it into the Anur System...far away from Earth...
Server for making friends with the same interests. Idk what else to put here tbh, join if you like plants vs zombies
“Please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy.”
“Mulder, the Truth is out there, but so are lies.”
“We’re exhuming....your potato.”
“I have never met anyone so passionate and dedicated to a belief as you. It's so intense that sometimes it's blinding.”
This server is only for fans of The X-Files! Remember, the truth is out there.
Hola a todos,

Somos los ILLUMINATIS y estamos buscando miembros
para mejorar nuestro servidor y aumentar nuestra membresia
aceptamos miembros de cualquier edad siempre y cuando acepten que estén dispuestos a ayudarnos..

La ignorancia del pueblo es el beneficio de quien nos gobierna..
Area-51.. A highly classified airforce base located in the empty deserts of Nevada State, about 83 miles away from Sin City. What we hide her is for the better of humanity, for science, and for the sense of our world. To those who say what we do is morally wrong, or this is a new level of torture, we say, we're just doing our jobs, someone has to sacrifice themselves in order to keep our world functioning. We locate extraterrestrial objects and anomalous entities, We contain them from the public in order to keep normality and We study them for the better of mankind so we may live on, for generations to come.

(We are the continuation of multiple servers in the past, so some stuff may seem familiar to people.)

What Area-51 has to offer
Multiple RP channels!
Different roles and factions to choose from!
Interesting Characters you'll be able to interact with!
Paranormal or extraterrestrial events!
Dimension and other worlds you can explore!

In war, there are people who need to be sacrificed, will you be the one to answer the call and protect what we all so hardly love? Well... Come join and find out...
Olá Bem vindo ao 👽🛸EBDAEEPPDOANM🛸👽

Aqui você pode fazer:


》》Conversar sobre diversas coisas💬

》》Calls interativas.📞

E muitos mais!!!
OBS: Esta em crescimento mas que tal crescermos juntos? Entre e talvez você possa até ser promovido a algum cargo importante(mas é claro,se nós vermos o seu desempenho)
《Leia as Regras (favor respeitar todas)》

《Fique atento temos eventos ou até mesmo presentes》

《Faça amizade sem medo》

《Sinta-se como se estivesse em casa (mas é claro,respeite)》
《Cuidado com o chat de nsfw》
Obrigada!Atenciosamente 《Konan》
Welcome to Ben 10, Heroes Rising, a new Ben 10 server friendly to fans of the shows and people who have never seen it.

The roleplay is set in an AU so there are no canon characters and you can obtain an omnitrix if you’d like.