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Mainly a debate server, but also doubles as a massive shitpost. Not our fault if you get your feelings hurt or your points proven to inaccurate/false.

Yes, we're unironically a 4chan server, mostly /pol/ users. No, we don't like the LGBTQ, BLM movement, or Reddit.

Server was formally Parabellum Outpost.
yeah so join because the staff is chill. do whatever you want and interact with cool people
Oh you thought the Yzygies could die? You thought wrong. We're back, once again. Yzygies never die.

The most infamous occult community on Discord is back under the title Xyzygy. OG Syzygians and Comfy Byzygians have united under Xyzygy to bring you your favorite community to shitpost, banter, and debate with other occultists.

For those of you not familiar, we are a syncretic free speech occult community for practitioners of all paths founded off the /x/ board on 4chan in 2017. Our major features are our hectic general chat, active VC every night, weekly demon summoning VC rituals, weekly tarot study lectures and divining, egregoric work, and a core community of some of the most colorful people in the online occult communities. We have gone through several iterations but boast a fast paced high activity community that is large but extremely close knit. This is our newest iteration. So come and dip your toes into the chaos and remember, the real occult tradition was the friends we made along the way.
☠ ⚜️【4chan】⚜️ ☠
♦ MBTI // Typology // Socionics // Enneagram ♦

Do you want to find non-normie, fun, intellectual stimulant people? To be able to express your opinion and not having to be careful with what you say?

Join our ACTIVE community Now Anon!
We are a fun loving, furry community. We accept people of all ages, creeds and species! your gender does not affect you here! you can live any life you want to live
If you have not already created your fursona, use this template to create and submit your fursona to us!
Welcome to Bull Town. Bull Town is an active and involved server great for making friends. We watch movies, play games like Jackbox and Scribble, and have a mostly comfy chat with 4chan board culture. You're more than welcome to join. We have Server Level 3, a premium music bot, and channels relating to 4chan boards. We have a great collection of emotes, active VC, and our own Minecraft server. You must be 18+ to join!
Lookin for systemspace migrants from the tsuki project or/and lainons in general
But all welcome
Join us, we're just chillin and gaming. Not really much else, but sometimes we have political/religious arguments. The majority of the server is right-wing and religious, but anyone who is a good faith actor is welcome. Come join!
You must be 18 years of age or older to join~

We have active daily discussion and VC comprising of only the most intellectual and sophisticated topics, not to mention traps, e-girls, femboys, OC, and more. It's not like you have anything better to do, so why haven't you joined yet?
A server intended for the femcel/incel community and the blackpilled/pinkpilled, however anyone is welcome to join us!
(16+ only)
[18+] WELCOME TO [HARDWIRED], A [TECHNO-UTOPIAN Y2K] THEMED COMMUNITY SERVER. We welcome [all types] of users and are a [fun community] to be around, making your stay enjoyable. This server is [not] very restrictive and is [open] to every type of person.
Server with no rules. filled with edgy fucks and e-girls with daddy issues.
Do whatever the fuck you want
Join this server if you want to win big.
We hold constant contests and activities with our members that involve prizes such as boosts, gift cards, etc. Submitting is free, and we're also a great place to hang out and socialize.

A Discord dedicated to the TF2 Harbl Hotel map. Harbl Hotel is the celebration of ancient 4chan/internet culture and with it, the spirit of what a real classic community server was like! Join now for the IP to our TF2 server!
Join this community with constantly added emojis and a happy and friendly community to share images and thoughts, make sure to invite freinds! also fuck off lmao
The official server for self improvement generals. Discuss literature, fitness, personal finance, STEM, and anything non degenerate.
Shitpost & Debate with all the space you need to be pretentious as possible, or just to be comfy, if that's more your thing.
Autistic Paradise - A beautiful utopia where you can shitpost and enjoy your succ!

>No moderation, spam all you want and post shitty memes and call the mods cucks, anything flys
>Gambling/betting system with Nadeko flowers
>XP levels to rank up
>Spend flowers to buy waifus, special roles, and more
>18+ only

We are new and looking for fresh shitposters and upstanding citizens to become janitors/mods. Join today! invite: ykaTxJ5
a place for people with actual issues such as those who have been in wards or have their lives ruined because mental issues.
Relating to each other helps more than fake caring that you see on disboard servers.

Do not join if you are merely some kid that thinks mental issues are fashionable, this shit is not cool and seriously ruined mine and others lives.
There are not trigger words or whatever tumblr BS you are used to seeing.
Hikikomori and NEET more than welcome.