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A server for help with your C# programming journey. Join if you want to give or receive coding related help and to learn new things!
『𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕊𝕜𝕪𝕄𝕠𝕔𝕙𝕒 ℂ𝕒𝕗é!』

Whether aspiring to learn code or experienced, feel free to come to talk about your projects, get code help, or just hang out.
The server started the server on the back of Discord.js, however, we have started expanding into more areas of code!

Currently seeking more programmers who know: Python, C#, Java, etc.
An Advanced Fortnite Lobby Bot Server
What is a Lobby Bot
It is a bot which has capabilities to do what ever you want!
If you decide to get a bot I make a custom command of your choice
De Blender aux logiciels adobe, en passant par 3DS Max, ce serveur est parfait pour discuter entre designers 3d et graphistes. N'hésite pas à nous y montrer tes travaux et à dire bonjour !
{NOUVEAU} Passionné par l'Espace, l'aéronautique et/ou l'astronomie ?
Rejoins notre communauté pour partager tes connaissances et en apprendre plus sur ce qui te passionnes.
Pour chaque domaine, nous t'informons des actualités, nous créons des débats, etc...
Tu as beaucoup à savoir sur l'Espace, l'aéronautique et l'astronomie ;)
Ce serveur est lié au compte Instagram @french_astro, où tu peux suivre les lancements en direct, avoir l'éphéméride de la semaine, les actualités spatiales, des dossiers de l'Espace, et bien plus encore !
Nous t'attendons impatiemment pour découvrir ce que tu vas pouvoir apporter à notre serveur.
MaudSec is a New *Ethical* Hacking server, that anyone of any skill level can join and chill in. My goal is to try to make this server friendly, welcoming and open to beginners and advanced hackers alike.

Enjoy your time at Maud; you won't regret it ;)
We are a nice welcoming server where everyone is allowed to enter and we make sure that people are having a good time.

💬 Fun Qotd
👽 30+ bots to entertain you
💻 Custom Made Bot which is public and verified by discord too!
😇 Supporting the new bot developers out there
🎉 Frequent giveaways
👥 Accepting partnerships
👍 Developers area for support with codes and other stuff
👌 Attractive Layout of channels
🎄 Events
👾 Leaks of games
👤 Dropping python programs
This server is dedicated to the production, testing, and coding of Clyde. Clyde is our newly founded Discord Bot with loads of features. It is also a great place for new members to chill and hang out

Celem serwera jest aby każdy czuł się jak u siebie! Zrzeszamy ludzi o wspólnej pasji - programowanie - w podobnym przedziale wiekowym, aby każdy z nas miał wspólny język. Dzięki temu nigdy nie trzeba zastanawiać się jak ubrać nasze myśli w słowa, żeby każdy zrozumiał co mamy na myśli.

Serwer dla wszystkich nastoletnich entuzjastów programowania, lub szeroko pojętej informatyki. Rozmowy na kanale generalnym, na wszelkie tematy - bardzo mile widziane. Kanały off-topic, takie jak #muzyka, #memy czy #gry!
Każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie!
Welcome to STEM Federation Discord!
A community where people of all interests and abilities hang out and discuss:
) Engineering
) Maths
It doesn't matter whether you are currently in the field or you are a beginner scientist, there is something for everyone! We also have a dedicated gaming channel!
If you are unhappy or wish to make a new channel just tell us on the suggestions channel!
We're a community of digital creatives building awesome things together! From our Twitch streams where we create open source games and apps together, to the inclusive digital incubator we run, Dev Launchers has been lovingly crafted to help people grow and flourish in the digital age. Whether you're looking for people to connect with for your next project, or in the process of learning a new set of skills, come say hello! Make new friends while making things that matter.
This is the server for my YouTube channel which focuses on teaching you how to program various different things alongside tips for other technology related topics. If this sounds interesting to you, come join, I'm also happy to help you with anything I have expertise in.
Burada donanım ve yazılıma dair konularda paylaşımlarda bulunabilir, her türlü soru ve sorununuza cevap bulabilirsiniz.

Üyelerimizin önerilerini dikkate aldığımız ve her daim geliştirmeye çalıştığımız sunucumuza davetlisiniz.
Yaklaşık 2 senedir ünlü Udemy hocaları, tasarımcılar, medium yazarları ve ses tasarımcıları ile beraber oluşturduğumuz bu toplulukta, yeni projeler oluşturduk, hatalarımızı paylaşıp çözüm bulduk ve onlarca kesimden yazılımcı ve tasarımcı ile bilgi paylaşıp sohbet ettik. Büyük etkinliklerle profesyonellerle amatörleri tek çatı altında buluşturduk. Sizi de aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyarız. Hadi Katıl ve Sohbete Başla!
**__TotalBan Support__**
*__What is TotalBan?__*
TotalBan is a new banlist bot with many features to help protect your server from Terms of Service breakers, such as Raiders and DM Advertisers.

*__What can TotalBan do?__*
TotalBan can automatically kick new members from your server if they are on our banlist. It can also automatically log these kicks, and when any admin scans the server. Both of these features are togglable per server. More features are planned for the future

*__How can you contribute to TotalBan and the protection of other servers?__*
You can help us too, in our mission to protect servers, in many ways. You can report some Terms of Service breakers you come across to us where our friendly staff will decide their fate.
Or you contribute to our work in a more significant by applying for our moderator team. With this position you are able to add new users to the banlist and accept or reject any incoming reports
Hey, thanks for choosing rainyyy

This discord is mainly geared towards the discord bot that i most recently made but it is also for all of you coding geeks out the who want to share your work and get feedback on it. Even if you are new to coding such as myself come and join us to improve your skills. Anyways enough talking.

See you around :)
Czy chciałbyś podzielić się lub zdobyć więcej wiedzy w tematyce hackowania, programowania i wielu innych tematach związanych z informatyką? Jeżeli tak to Quantum to idealny serwer dla Ciebie!

Naszym celem jest utworzenie społeczności, w której każdy będzie mógł uczestniczyć w nauczaniu, kształceniu oraz współpracy z innymi użytkownikami.
Syspoint is a friendly community with people interested in technology & ethical hacking (We will not hack someone for you). We love to learn and share our experience with newcomers
This Discord is mainly focused on hacking & programming, but we often just have chill conversations with each other.
Welcome! We are the Roblox Studio discord server! This server is mainly for Roblox development but you can join just to chat too! We hope you have an amazing time here!
Welcome to TechWay!
- Fast Tech Support
- Tech Discussions
- Tech Guides
- Giveaways
- Gaming
- Setups
Hey 👋
We are world of coding
We have every language you can think of
🌐 C#/Cpp
🌐 Java
🌐 JavaS
🌐 Lau
🌐 Ruby
🌐 Unity
Feel free to post/talk in these channels + more!
Plus to many to list! (If you want us to add one just put it in our suggestion channel)
We have channels to talk about discord bots** 🤖
+ The channels for
Java/python + more for creating one
We have help 😄
We try our best to answer you questions as a community!
We have cryptocurrency talk 💸
-Lite coin
+ more!
We also have some off topic stuff

🌆 -Talk in general we are like a family/VCs

🧩 We have puzzles/riddles

➕ We even have math/science talk here!

Please consider joining us or at least checking us
We will partner! 👐 (Rep4rep if you want!)
Always looking for staff ⚔️
We are on multi platforms so If you don't use discord as much you can find us!
Facebook group

🔗 Invite link
Coder's cove is a discord based group for programmers, people in need of programming help, memers, gamers, aliens and newbies with a bunch of questions.
We support and help each other, give challenges to stay sharp, ask and answer questions, and fix bugzzz. We have awesome discussions, games, group programming projects, language roles, Pokecord, a voice channels for those who are stuck at home these days and wanna be alone together and much more. So join the family and lets get through this together!
⎾Etheric Isles⏌

This server is about the internet and programming, both the good and the bad.

- Programming Commissions
- Open Source Tools
- Onion Links
- Developers
- Scummy assholes
- Probably skids too, but oh well, can't win them all.