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Project Retribution is a Garry's Mod FalloutRP server, with a friendly community and staff.
Faction slots are currently open.
In the realm of Faerun, life was going on as normal. No one was prepared for the devastation that would come crashing down upon their lives tearing it asunder. Suddenly the ground quaked as a tremendous roaring sound could be heard throughout all of Faerun as the very earth along the sword coast collapsed and the ocean rushed in to claim it. Many people fled in the hopes of outrunning their potential doom. As the waters travelled they covered the islands that were off of the mainland washing away the inhabitants of them into the waters. The waters continued further towards the mainland...the sound of it deafening those who were not quick enough to have left as the waters crashed into the many villages, towns, and cities.
Those who were able to make it towards higher ground were able to find solace in one of few places not affected by the waters. With the help of the those of some who were able to survive, an immortal archwizard Tharivol raised a city to house survivors. Over the years businesses were founded, laws formed, and lives lived. To the place many would eventually call home...the Ark.

This server takes place 17 years after this cataclysmic event, where people who found ways to survive flocked to the tiers of this city. With plenty of opportunity for RP and a variety of quests to do, your characters will have plenty to do. There are guilds you can join in the city (Thieves guild, Artisans guild etc) and gain or lose reputation with based on your actions. It is play by post so might be slow at times depending on timezones and people's lives, but we have people from most major timezones already so you will never be on alone. We are text-based but do have an OOC voice channel if you wish to chat.

If you wish to help out, dungeon masters are always welcome, and depending on numbers. we might be recruiting more staff members.
Righteous Goldrise, free-spirited Logony, wicked Lethar, tyrannical Vetusia and balanced Mirthlands sit on the brink of war, as uprising heroes make a name for themselves on their quest to reach the fabled Godspire!
Welcome to New Trontover City!

The year is 2088, a dystopian city is in place, with the advancement of technology, people were able to thrive and create more and more. Until there was a policy that was passed. Large technological corporations were able to slowly take control of the government. The phrase “Big Brother is watching you” became true. Soon, Liberties began to be taken away from the people. More and more saw these as threats. The second civil war that sparked in the heart of the city of Trontover. Months of rioting took place before people began arming themselves. Though, the hopes of rebellion were crushed, now, people are living under the iron fist of a dictator, all over America, not just in this one city. But with this, America entered a Cold War once more with the Middle East, after they allied each other in what was known as the League of Arab Nations, the war was a constant stale mate, despite it being a blood bath, the UN still managed to allow there being no nuclear weapons allowed. Which only brought the LAN down. America annexed the Middle East, shortly after, Mexico, then Canada, then the West Indies. With this growing power the UN didn’t know what to do. But NATO did attempt to push to the new American front. Only to be pushed away. Now high standing tensions outside and the inside of the nation. What will happen now?

(Please, join, I’m begging you, this dude has a gun to my head please hel-)
Other stuff:
- Fun roles!
- Nice Staff!
- Partner ship perks!
- Booster Perks!
- LGBTQ+ Friendly! (Don’t know why that’s a selling point, I think it would go without saying.)
- Bump Perks!
- Fun Bots!
LOZ: Beyond Hyrule is an RP server based off of the grand success game BOTW, here you can become one with the world, and explore all of its nooks and crannies with your own character! With four new races to inhabit, there will be no dull moments as you explore. Be careful, however, as danger still lurks. Ganon may be gone, but whatever lies ahead must be faced with bravery. Are you up for the task?
╟–––––––✯TutoriaRP✯ –––––––╢

>Académie de Tutoria est un serveur School RP écrit , il est idéal pour les joueur néophyte comme pour les férue de RP. Nous somme une communauté ouverte , sympathique et très amical.
nous serons très heureux de vous accueillir.

>Nous sommes en 2053, toujours sur notre belle planète, la Terre.

À cette époque, les différentes races étaient arrivées à une paix généralisée, mais continuer a vivre entre communauté entretenant un certain spécisme et une certaine méconnaissance a l’encontre des autres espèces…
Néanmoins, il existait un endroit dans lequel ces espèces vivait en communauté et arrivait à s’entendre en parfaite harmonie malgré les nombreuses années d’histoire de combats entre les différentes espèces. Il s’agit du Japon, en effet, la culture nipponne moderne avait permis à la population humaine à comprendre et accepté ces autres races, ayant permis les regroupements réels entre les races. C’est donc sur ce territoire ou c’est développé plusieurs Académies dans lesquelles toutes les races étaient acceptées :
Aussi bien humains que démons, dryade et fée, neko et mages etc...
Ces multiples expériences avait pour but de montrer une fois de plus au reste du monde que la cohabitation entre les races est tout à fait possible.
Vous voici donc dans une de c’est Académie, Bienvenue Dans l’académie de Tutoria.
Ici, vous apprendrez la magie, les techniques de combat, les mathématiques, les différentes cultures des races, etc...
Looking for a ROBLOX Condo server, we're the right server with daily uploads almost hourly. we can promise within the hour you'll join you'll find a Condo, we're also in need of staff, so it'd be a pleasure to have you.

☆ Daily uploads, almost hourly!
☆ More than an hour lasting Condos!
☆ Lots and lots of NSFW
☆ Giveaways (ROBLOX ACCs, HULU, Netflix, etc.)
☆ Active community!

Take it while you can!
A private military that is rising up into power and has some of the most dangerous soldiers and technology, which are currently hidden, although they will be unleashed soon. Britain considers them to be a serious terrorist group, but don't understand anything about it. This leads to the rise of more private militaries, for better or for worse. Please come, be respectful, have fun, and be active!
Wir haben einen deutschen DnD Discord Server eröffnet, weil wir gesehen haben es gibt eigentlich keine aktiven. Wir wollen eine freundliche Umgebung, aber vor Allem Vermittlung für Dungeons & Dragons Spiele bieten. Wir würden uns sehr über einen Besuch von dir freuen!
Das RP spielt in einer fremden Welt in der Zukunft. Forscher haben nach einiger Zeit begonnen, an Menschen und Tieren zu forschen und sie miteinander zu kreuzen. So entstanden die Hybriden, doch sie hatten es satt, nur Versuchsobjekte zu sein und brachen nach langer Zeit aus den Laboren aus. Problem: Sie ernähren sich nur von menschlichem Fleisch und menschlichem Blut, sie sind übermenschlich stark und besitzen weitere Tiermerkmale. Es kam zu einer Apokalypse und die Menschen müssen sich nun vor den Hybriden verstecken und trotzdem wird noch weiter an ihnen geforscht.

Was wir bieten:
- ein kompetentes Serverteam
- ein aktives RP mit auswählbarem Schreibstil (Einzeiler werden nicht geduldet)
- verschiedene Kategorien und Orte zum playen
- verschiedene spielbare Rassen mit Beschreibung
- eine NSFW Rolle für entsprechende Channel
- nette und freundliche User
Immersive roleplay through GTA 5 fivem. Fly into Los Santos with your friends and connect through activities and daily living in a big city! With over 25+ legal jobs and tons of illegal activies to do!

📌 Realistic bone system, limping when leg(s) are broken, Blurry vision from head damage, Internal injuries lead to blood loss, more weapon recoil when arms are broken.

📌 MDT / DNA / Bullet Casings for police for actual police work and solving crimes about murders, and shootings, while also able to put out warrants and BOLOs.

📌Custom heists and Robberies, All stores have robbable clerks and the ones in the city even have breakable safes in the back. 3 unique ways to rob banks at 7 locations across the map.

📌Hidden locations and Missions, tons of great RP to be made with people trying to find out hidden locations or doing missions with friends!

📌Jail break from the cities jail by blowing the power to the city, or get behind doors that would normally be locked!

📌Tons of great opportunities for players such as owning a business and managing employees, and striving to hold it together.
ICW is a new wrestling promotion in the Wrestling Roleplay Community focused on Roleplay and fun. Here at ICW we offer a new and unique Roleplay and loving community. Cmon down!
~Salut jeune aventurier(ère) ! Bienvenue à Eclestya !~

[rp - fantasy]

~Eclestya est une ville fantaisie où humain et créature vivent en harmonie. Les diverses personnalités se voient confronter et laisse place à de nombreuses intempéries.~

~Viens créer ton personnage role play sur ce serveur semi-privé qui sera assouvir ta soif d'aventure !~

~Un staff à l'écoute et de nombreux channels & bots à ta disposition.~


Un lugar muy libre para rolear c:, pero básicamente se basa en Dioses y Mortales, en resumen, de los cuales puedes ser uno de ellos mediante un sistema muy simple c:

Te esperamos


╰╮̷̷̷̷̷̫̮̫̫̮̫̫̮ ̷̷̷̷̷̫̮̫̮̫̫̮ ̷̷̫̮̫[ Gracias ] ✧੭ ⁾⁾

╰━═━═ ╮ ᴗᴗᴗᴗᴗᴗᴗᴗ
Bonjour /Bonsoir,je vous présente mon nouveau serveur RP Discord qui se nomme : Miami Island.

- Pour commencer,ce n'est pas un RP FiveM mais un RP textuel.

- Ce n'est pas un RP Fantastique,tout pouvoir est refusé.

- Les personnages de type mangas sont acceptés.

D'autres informations sont marqués sur le Discord,si tu veux jeter un coup d'oeil rejoins nous ;)


꧁ L'Académie Kudasaï꧂


Bonjour/Bonsoir, je t'invite à rejoindre le serveur RP L'Acdémie Kusadaï, je vais te le présenter :

• Tu trouveras des salons et rôles bien organisés et sympa.

• Une communauté accueillante, sympathique, et très aimable ! (De toute façon soit t'es aimable, soit on se tabasse, au choix)

• De superbe BOTS pour s'amuser (Merci Mudae)

• Vivez une superbe aventure avec les membres du serveur.

• Et bien sûr un super STAFF !

• Des évents organisés !

• Des sondages réguliers !

Par rapport au différent salon RP :

• Plusieurs combats et tournois organisés

• Une ville entière ainsi qu'un établissement scolaire a votre disposition !

Contexte :

Nous sommes en 2089 au Japon. À cette époque, dans une société Japonaise qui prime et prône la vie d'entreprise, ou les travailleurs salariés sont censés être aimés et choyés dans leur travail comme une sorte de 2éme maison. Entretemps, une sorte de puissante énergie commenca a se développer dans les rangs des populations. Le magie était née il y a une trentaine d'années de cela, aux environs de 2050, et la nouvelle génération va devoir apprendre a la maîtriser dans toutes ses formes, apprendre les rudiments des énergies.

C'est dans cet univers que s'inscrit l'Académie Kudasaï, une académie qui vient d'ouvrir pour accueillir cette nouvelle génération, pour leur apprendre et les guider dans la voie de la méritocratie. Effectivement, dans cette académie, on récompense ceux qui accomplissent des choses, non pas ceux qui ne font rien. Il fût instauré un système de points et de rangs, allant de l'élève le moins puissant au plus incroyable. Les plus gradés reçoivent tout d'abord le respect des autres, mais aussi des avantages pour les études à venir.

Ce système se fait grâce a un appareil mesurant la puissance et les capacités physiques et magiques des élèves, le tout sera ensuite calculé en ce qu'ils appellent l' "IPM" pour Indice de Puissance Mesurée. Plus le chiffre est haut, plus vous êtes gradé dans l'académie, gratifiant les jeunes adolescents a peu a peu devenir comme leur parents, prônant la méritocratie.

Cette académie a donc ouvert il y a quelques années de cela, prête a vous approrter toutes les connissances et les pratiques pour vous maitriser... qu'attendez vous ?
Interested in joining an active and friendly Stardew Valley community? You've come to the right server!
We offer many things, including:
🌱 Events you can participate in!
🌱 A lobby for non-English speakers!
🌱 Experienced and new players!
🌱 And many bots to meet your many bot demands!
Come join us today! We'll welcome you warmly.

Please note: If you have trouble with your roles, please read the rules and find a mod who can help you!
Les années ont passées depuis la révolte, nous somme en 2075 et toute la population de Panem a encore du mal à se remettre de l'échec de cette dernière... Les Hunger Games ont continué et ce avec encore plus de vivacité qu'avant. Désormais, les 175 ème Hunger se font sentir... La peur et l'angoisse d'être tiré aussi. Une nouvelle année de l'expiation, toujours plus grande et terrifiante. Qu'elle sera la spécialité cette année ? Qui mourra et qui vivra ? Nous ne pouvons souhaiter qu'une chose que le sort vous soit favorable...
Welcome to the biggest and most active clone wars role play server on discord. Star Wars: Republic Trooper is a gritty Clone Wars role play server. Fight on the front lines as your own specialized trooper and blast separatist droids to pieces! We make sure to add frequent content and lore updates to make sure your clone wars experience is the best you have ever had!
Heres what our server offers:
💥Over 100 specilizations, weapons, and equipment to make your trooper exactly how you want it to be
💥Daily missions, tasks, and lore updates to keep you on your toes!
💥Action packed adventures and battles
💥An amazing community
💥Tons of personalized emotes
💥10 Factions to join: The 501st, 104th, 21st, 212th, 41st, 327th, 91st, Republic Navy, Sarfighter Corps, stealth operations, and Special Operations Brigade!
💥A server economy with a long list of shop items that can be used in role play including: Squad tanks, Mandalorian custom armor, Astromech droids, and over 40 other shop items!
💥Amazing role play
💥Jedi Characters
💥Mercenary Characters
💥So much more!
Join Star Wars: Republic Trooper and understand what it feels like to be a brother in the Grand Army of the Republic

If you need help setting up a character contact a Staff member for help
In the year 1999,just as the clock struck midnight ringing in the the new year, the world was changed.Some call it the Evolution Event. This event affected around only one fourth of the world of Yithea

It is now the year 3000 and society has changed,over time, to accommodate for the evolved. The rich and powerful, that evolved, where deemed chosen by god to rule. This caused conflicts and many kingdoms to form with the evolved as rulers. The poorer evolved where deemed chosen protectors for the chosen rulers so they get the first dibs for the super profitable jobs of maids/butlers (aka hidden protectors) of the royalty.

- Caring and Invested staff

- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe

-Inclusive of all

-Family like atmosphere

A fairly detailed RP/ERP server with members active during all timezones !

Do you want an Active Community with the kindest people and caring admins who work hard everyday ?
Do you like smut but wants also story with it ?
Do you like well detailed RPs with good level of literacy ?

Do you like Mythologies and Fantasy put together ?
Do you want to enjoy yourself in some lewd smut combined with some good combat elements ?

Do you want too be around people who also likes all of the above ?

Wait no more, join us now ! As we are Throne of Temptations, the server with the perfect mix between Smut and Story !
We do a bit of everything here whether you join for the emotes, roleplay, or just want to hangout in general we hope to see you there!

•Take in mind that although we do casual rp the server isn't centered around it so make sure to take that into consideration