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Old games defined an entire generation. Games like Half Life, Counter Strike, Call of Duty and others used to keep us locked on our PC for hours. Sadly, those games have been forgotten by most players...except for some. This server aims to YOU, the gamer that still loves old games but can't find a match. With this server, you'll be able to find some people to play your favorites game with someone. This is a list of some of the features in this server:
-Private voice channels to communicate with your teammates, hosted by the bot "VoiceMaster";
-Channels dedicated to particular games, where you can find someone to play with, share some screenshots or discuss about that game;
-Some small minigames hosted by the bot "GamesRob";
-Meme channel and the bot "Dank Memer";
-Soon there will be some giveaways and events for your favorite game!
-Suggestions channel for what you want to see in our server!
We hope to see you there soon!
Servidor de Touhou Español con contenido variado juegos, música, fanarts y algunas discusiones variadas sobre contenido de canon o fandom.
The Old Arcade Bar is a server that aims to be an open, warm, and relaxing place for both new and experienced board game players. Join us for a chat, gossip at the bar and some fun games.
A Puppet Combo fan server I whipped up over a period of time. If i’m on pc i can stream them, or rp? Its not exactly an rp server, but it can be if you want.
Envie de devenir le meilleur dresseur ?
Rejoignez ce serveur pour capturer des Pokémons, discuter, écouter de la musique ou encore se battre avec les autres membres !
Si vous battez le Maitre de la ligue, vous pouvez le devenir, mais pour ça, il vous faudra monter de niveaux avant de lui demander le combat

Le serveur possède un système rp, consistant à choisir entre évoluer jusqu'au plus haut grade, ou bien devenir un personnage important et de le rester sauf en cas de démission !

Nous disposons d'une communauté active et d'activités assez diverses.
Wild Origin, is a non-combat game series focused on the exploration of a new frontier planet, with a heavy focus on animals, environment, and weather interactions to create a living world.
The invasion of the Stardroids left the world reeling. The riots against the Limited Lifespan Law left the world divided. The outbreak of a virus that drove Robot Masters mad left the world on edge. Mega Man could not prevent the damage caused by these events alone, and even with insurmountable assistance, catastrophe was unable to be averted. It became evident to mankind that their heroes had slowly but surely began to crept toward obsolescence, as the world around them changed, and they, for all their merit, could not keep up.

Thomas Light and Albert Wily both respectively realized this, and planned accordingly. The Good Doctor did what he could to upgrade his children, but ultimately, chose to set upon his life's work, in the creation of a true Android: something that could repel the Stardroids; something that could suppress any riot; something immune to any virus. The man who dreamt of domination had attempted a similar project earlier, desperate to finally best the Blue Bomber, but after realizing that not even he could control the machine, sealed it away, incomplete, far beneath the surface. Needless to say, word of his counterpart's endeavor made him reconsider the decision. It made him reconsider many decisions.

Life moved on without event. Cities were repaired. Assembly lines were continued. Resistance to Roboenza had been hardwired into the code of all Robots, and the world, for a time, seemed to heal.

Peace would not last long.
We have mf nitro boost level one now join.

We also talk about danganronpa a bit.

Also, most of our staff is cool I guess.

I'm putting an honest description ok?
For fans of the classic Doom games, derivative games utilizing the Doom engine, level-editing/modding, history, tech and development, etc.
This server is specifically for the 4th and 5th generations of Pokemon only. I do giveaways and create "unofficial" Pokemon events for our members. We also gen and clone upon request too!
Join us today, there's a lot to offer, abd more opening up soon!
feito para usuários do Game Station Retro e amantes da emulação em geral (EmulationStation & RetroArch)

Acesse nosso site -
Envie de rentrer dans le ligue de Sinnoh? Rejoignez mon serveur, je crée en ce moment même une ligue dans laquelle vous pouvez faire partie! Les critères pour être champion sont dans les salons du même nom! Vous pouvez autant être Flo comme vous pouvez être Cynthia! Mais pour Cynthia, il faudra me battre pour l'être!

Mais ce serveur propose autre chose, un pokétale! Une ligue pokétale dans laquelle vous pouvez aussi être champion ou conseil 4 en incarnant un personnage d'undertale!

Venez nous rejoindre! On a besoin de vous pour créer cette ligue et la garder en place! Soyez actif et rien ne vous sera impossible!
A megaman server I threw together, it's just starting out so I'd love help with suggestions. I'm looking for a few more mods and hopefully some new faces to brighten up the place.
━━━━━━ ×✕× ━━━━━━
Olá Treinador? Estás procurando um server em português de Pokémon/Pokecord? Pois bem, se caso quiser entrar, estaremos esperando vocês.

Somos um server novo, mas isso não significa poucas funções. Aqui é o que temos, mas que pode ser acrescentado muito mais futuramente.

— Geral, tanto em voz quanto em chat.
— O bot Pokecord, para quem não sabe, dá para pegar pokémons, batalhar, trocar, comprar, etc. Também temos a pokedex e o ShadowLugia.
— 3 canais de música, um de pedir música, um de comandos, canal de chat para pokecord e outros bots.
— Temos canal específico para flood, caso você queira upar seus pokémons.
— Temos sorteios e eventos, e sistema de vips.
— Temos bots off topic para quem quer sair da rotina, como Gartic e Uno.
— E também um canal próprio de opiniões e sugestões para melhorar o server.

Seja bem vindo! And gotta catch 'em all!
━━━━━━ ×✕× ━━━━━━
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Introducing Team Gallant's fan game...
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《

Sonic Expeditve is a current fan game made by the people at Team Gallant. A small group of people who have had experience with
the popular gaming franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Currently were looking for more member's to help out with the project at side!!
The current people were looking for are,
✩ Sprite Artist's
✩ Programmer's
and ✩ basically anyone who's active
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Not into that sort of stuff? That's fine!
The server also includes some other stuff to keep you engaged, such as a memes channel, or a gaming channel where you can connect with friends and play various games from consoles or PC.
We hope to see you there! Please refer to me if you have any questions
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
We hope to see you in the server!
News, Updates and Discussion about Emulators, Games and
other (Retro-) Gaming related stuff like Gadgets or Tools.
🤝 unfriendly people
💬 emulator talk + support (and emulation discord links)
🎮 connecting gamers
📰 news, game talk and more
🍻 partnerships are wanted

emuBro is an open source game launcher that associates your retro games with your emulators such as snes9x, epsxe, ppsspp, pcsx2, dolphin, cemu or whatever you like.
Are you a nerd? Do you go absolutely bonkers for gaming, especially retro? Well then, this server is perfect for you! Anyone can join btw, even if you don't watch the channel :)
🍄Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom!🍄
😄This server is a Mario Fan-Group and a little bit of other Nintendo games😄
🖌️Here we have Roleplay Channels, Discussion Channels, Bot Channels, and other fun channels!🖌️
🍄And lastly I hope you have a awesome time in the Mushroom Kingdom Server! 🍄

Sixty years have passed since the catastrophic failure of the Jakob Project. There was no one left who could remember how it had happened; how the world fell under darkness. All hope had been snuffed out, crushed beneath an unstoppable Empire’s conquest.

Or so Sigma believed...

Twenty thousand feet above the earth, humanity could not be extinguished. Having retreated to the orbital colony Arcadia, mankind surmounts a dawning offensive against their overlords, half a century after the annihilation of anyone who dared to oppose them.

Avid and welcoming roleplaying community centered around a reality wherein the Mavericks won post-command mission. Somewhere in between X and Z, we’re always looking for new (competent) members.
Henlo! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a huuuuge crossover between all MegaMan games both canon and non-canon but, can't find the right server or the invites don't work? Well you're in luck cause this is the perfect server for that amount of curiosity! Come on down to my server and have epic roleplays , come up with awesome ideas for plot or character arcs and much much more! What are ya waiting for? Come on in! 😄