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For fans of the classic Doom games, derivative games utilizing the Doom engine, level-editing/modding, history, tech and development, etc.
Envie de rentrer dans le ligue de Sinnoh? Rejoignez mon serveur, je crée en ce moment même une ligue dans laquelle vous pouvez faire partie! Les critères pour être champion sont dans les salons du même nom! Vous pouvez autant être Flo comme vous pouvez être Cynthia! Mais pour Cynthia, il faudra me battre pour l'être!

Mais ce serveur propose autre chose, un pokétale! Une ligue pokétale dans laquelle vous pouvez aussi être champion ou conseil 4 en incarnant un personnage d'undertale!

Venez nous rejoindre! On a besoin de vous pour créer cette ligue et la garder en place! Soyez actif et rien ne vous sera impossible!
We have mf nitro boost now join.

Also, most of our staff is cool I guess.

I'm putting an honest description ok?
The Old Arcade Bar is a server that aims to be an open, warm, and relaxing place for both new and experienced board game players. Join us for a chat, gossip at the bar and some fun games.
Envie de devenir le meilleur dresseur ?
Rejoignez ce serveur pour capturer des Pokémons, discuter, écouter de la musique ou encore se battre avec les autres membres !
Si vous battez le Maitre de la ligue, vous pouvez le devenir, mais pour ça, il vous faudra monter de niveaux avant de lui demander le combat

Le serveur possède un système rp, consistant à choisir entre évoluer jusqu'au plus haut grade, ou bien devenir un personnage important et de le rester sauf en cas de démission !

Nous disposons d'une communauté active et d'activités assez diverses.
This server's purpose is to share Super Mario Maker 2 Courses on hacked / modded Nintendo Switches. There are plenty of levels here and 60-course packs.
There is modding section for SMM2 Modders.
Come join the newest Retro Game creation Community! Chat with other players or help support 8-Bit RetroCade! Maybe become part of our staff and earn roles on discord..
Henlo! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a huuuuge crossover between all MegaMan games both canon and non-canon but, can't find the right server or the invites don't work? Well you're in luck cause this is the perfect server for that amount of curiosity! Come on down to my server and have epic roleplays , come up with awesome ideas for plot or character arcs and much much more! What are ya waiting for? Come on in! 😄
It has been sixty years since the Paradise Lost incident. Sigma and Lumine have gone unheard of since their defeat, the Maverick Hunting heydays finally coming to a conclusion. With no threat left to combat, aside minor breakouts, ninety-percent of all personnel was dropped, peace believing to finally be within reach.

An investigation of Giga City ended in disaster. A recently revived pair of Maverick Overlords, accredit to a particular Limited, managed to puppet Epsilon into reigniting a war, and though Redips had ultimately managed to be stopped, his destruction blanketed the earth in a cataclysmic amount of Force Metal dust.

Thirty years have passed since then, and Sigma’s conquest has gone unheeded. Viewed as a hero by the prospering society of Reploids, constructed of substandard parts and instated with a recently revived limited lifespan law, atrocities of the past have been blanketed as martyrdom and necessary evil. With the entirety of earth now under his control, the Maverick Hunters have been forced out of their recluse by the machinations of Return X.

The Federation, a collective populace of all mankind that could escape the takeover, now seeks to reclaim what had prior been theirs. In the opening stages of a new war, surmounting with technology unheard of, Dopple Town is liberated, in the dawning hours of an offensive planned for years.

In the dawning hours of society’s downfall.

Active and avid roleplaying community centered around a reality wherein the Mavericks won post-command mission. Somewhere in between X and Z, we’re always looking for new (competent) members.

(Original paragraph construed by prior Reploid Uprising Administrator ’Zeddie’, before his departure. Usage allowed and sanctioned.)
Retro/Low-Spec gaming is where people with low spec computers and anyone who likes retro games can come talk, hangout, and pitch new game idea's!!!
Japon stili gamerler için birebir çok eğleneceksin dostum
"Nihon" kelimesinin "Japon" anlamına geldiğini biliyormusun
Yada" Hacimemaşte " kelimesinin "tanıştığıma memnun oldum" gibi gibi
1) 🍙 kendiniz olabileceğiniz güzel bir sunucu
2)🍙 hafif ancak etkili ilkelerimiz darmayacak
3)🍙isteyen herkez bizimle olup capun gamerliğin tadını çıkarsın (geliştirmeye uğraşıyorum)
4)🍙benden bahsediliyorsa yada hafiften bir ricanız olacaksa beni @Çakırerk diye etkilemeye korkma
5) 🍙 @Çakırerk etiketini lütfen ailevi küfür amaçlı kullanmayın manyağa dönüyorum
6)🍙 lütfen #namahoş kanalından ileti gönderin bir de @Çakırerk diye etiketleyin mesajı yazın namahoşo kanalında seve seve yayınlarım
7)🍙acil yardıma ihtiyacınız oldu yada yapçak işiniz kalmadı canınız sıkıldı o zaman yine @Çakırerk diye beni etiketleyebilisin dostum
8)🍙 dört gözün YouTube'da olsun
9)7/24 gizli modda seni gözemliyorum
10) 🍙 mutlu olabileceğin sıcacık , mutlu , huzurlu , samimi, sevgi pıtırcığı bir sunucu gereken hasasiyeti göstereceğim siber güvenlik önceliğim dostum
11) 7/24 demiş olsamda yanıt verebilmek bazı durumlarda (ki bazen olur ) @Çakırerk diye etiketle hala ama hala yanıt gelmiyorsa bulunduğum ildeki telefon direkleri nde arıza , kaçak , Korozyon, yangın, uzun süreli sinyal kesintisi sebebiyle olabilir bunlar aklınızda bulunsun ve "72" saat yanıt vermediğim durumlar için geçerli ama genelde en fazla yanıt vermem 25 dakikayı aşmaz
12)🍙 Keko gardaşlarımıza yer yok demiyorum ancak gereksiz yere çok fazla tuş takımını rastgele kullanıp sunucuyu kabartmasinlar
13)rice_ball ailevi küfür ve normal küfür sansürleyip kullanabilirsiniz ve bir yada en fazla 3 kere kullanın dostlarım öyle kabul ediyorum ama gidipte @Çakırerk diye etiketleme
14)🍙 herkeze yardım eli uzatıyorum (eee ille de capun gamerlik olmayacak di mi?)
15)🍙 iletişimim oldukça sıkı her an yanıt alabilirsin (ancak 08.00 ile 16.00 arası olmadığını belirteyim dostum)
16)🍙pokecord ve mem alanı gibi şeyler sunucumuzda var
News, Updates and Discussion about Emulators, Games and
other (Retro-) Gaming related stuff like Gadgets or Tools.
🤝 unfriendly people
💬 emulator talk + support (and emulation discord links)
🎮 connecting gamers
📰 news, game talk and more
🍻 partnerships are wanted

emuBro is an open source game launcher that associates your retro games with your emulators such as snes9x, epsxe, ppsspp, pcsx2, dolphin, cemu or whatever you like.
The Sonic Adventure 2 Discord server is dedicated to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle alike. The server is for players and fans of Sonic Adventure 2 to come together and share their records, discuss theories, ask questions, and much more!
The Sonic Adventure Discord server is dedicated to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX alike. The server is for players and fans of Sonic Adventure to come together and share their records, discuss theories, ask questions, and much more!
The New Official Discord Server getting prepared for the release of Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch. At this time, this server will continue to support Mario Maker on the Wii U and 3DS! And to gather many creative people alike who has a passion in customizing Mario Levels in general.

You can post your levels, pics, videos, memes, etc. on anything Mario Maker related in the server.

We also have full support in the Super Mario ROM Hack scene and post weekly updates on new ROM Hacks available in!

If you enjoy Making Mario Levels in Super Mario Maker or the ROM Hacks, this is the server for you! :D
>-This is a Kirby+Dreamcrafter fan server -<
Kirby Fanart-Sharing
KirbyDreamCrafter Level-Sharing
⚙️And Kirby RPG Simulator BOT⚙️
This is a temporary server that will most likely change to a all time server, i need admins n stuff and most the sans arent claimed. Im tryna keep the good sans for ppl beside my friends and myself and i just hooe you like the server, cya
Bienvenu sur un Rôle-play multivers dont le point de départ est Fairy tail pour certains lieux, principes des guildes. Du divin et de la mythologie a été ajouté. Divers race sont jouables, tous types de pouvoir est jouable ainsi que tous types de personnages. Le Rp est déja commencé mais nous cherchons toujours plus de joueurs
Welcome to VICE! We are a server which primarily discusses Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and old music mainly from the 70s and 80s. We’re pretty chill, and have very few server rules. Join today!