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Tu aimes MarioKart autant que nous?
Alors rejoins mon serveur Discord ou on parle de MarioKart en général. On organise aussi des tournois et pleins d'évents.
Il y'a aussi des grades pour afficher ta progression dans le jeu. Il y'a aussi des bots qui vont te donner des infos précis pour MarioKart ainsi que pour les tournois et pour le fun.
N'hésite pas à le rejoindre. Je t'y attends avec impatience! ;)
The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.
Join my Twitch Discord server where you can interact with other viewers and watch my streams for NES games. In addition to watching my streams, you can share memes and arts, talk about anything and play games with others. It's fairly new so be one of the first to build a welcoming community that will stay around!
Hey, are you wanting to play Call of Duty Online... ON THE PLAYSTATION 2???

Well yes you can, just join this server and we'll get you all settled in!
They say heroes aren't born but made in times of peril, our story begins with a prophecy which reads as such:

"Ganon shall rise again by the depths of the underworld; he shall take over thou it is not the end. Nations torn apart shall rise and together, they'll go through hardships that have a strong tide accompanied with a few trustworthy heroes that will aid the former fallen Hero of Legend and the Divine Princess. Together, all of them shall be known as the saviour of land; the slayers of demise."

But if heroes are made then how can it be preordained that a savior will rise and rid the land of malice and unspeakable horrors? How can it be preordained that they will be righteous and virtuous, a bringer of peace?

Our story may be lost to the ages now, but legends still live on. How much of it is true you ask? Well, the story isn't quite as simple as you may think. History is shades of gray and each side has it's triumphs and fault. It's a story of loss, sacrifice, brotherhood, kindness, prejudice, and above all love for those around you.
The Retro Game Collectors Society is a chill server about retro games, looking to grow.

What we have to offer:

Channels about
-Neo Geo
-Commodore PCs
-And more!

-Fun bots like:
Pokémize (Pokécord’s replacement)
Dank memer
Strodl bot

-Friendly Staff

-Self Advertisement (You can’t just drop your server and leave/be inactive. That will get you banned)

-A Leveling system

-A channel for buying, selling, and trading

-Fun events

And if you join the server and there isn’t a channel for a console you collect for, you can always leave a suggestion for our staff!

If you love retro games, you should consider joining. There’s room for everyone!
Are you tired of joining inactive groups? Want to be surrounded with a new and thriving environment of TMNT fans? And would you like to be filled with magical fun for all of your days? Then look no further than TMNT Universe!

We've got a wide selection of different chats and iterations of TMNT to discuss, friendly admins, self-assign roles, and we're hoping to have weekly streaming events!

If any of this sounds like fun to you, please click on the link and our mods will help acclimate you to the wondrous server that awaits. Cowabunga my dudes!
Post-MM10 server wherein the world has returned to relative peace, minus the occasional outburst from Bass. As the latter half of the 21st century approaches, Mega Man's obsolesce becomes increasingly prevalent, until Doctor Thomas Light deems enough as enough, and begins construction of the first fully free willed android. Join our heroes as they question their own existences when evolution sits upon the horizon.

13+, OCs allowed, Robot Masters from past titles mostly available.
Salut à toi ! Tu veux savoir ce qui ce trame par ici ?

Bienvenue dans le monde de Rayman, **__la croisée des rêves__**.
Sur ce serveur discord, tu pourras rencontrer des gens qui partagent la même passion **__Rayman__**

Sur ce serveur tu trouveras aussi :

> Des membres disponibles pour t'aider sur tes jeux Rayman
> Un staff à l'écoute des membres et toujours prêt à aider
> Des concours de dessin en rapport avec ce magnifique jeu, **__Rayman__**

Merci d'avoir lu cette pub !
chat configs-{hides channels and twitter feeds}
Twitter Feeds +more
Repair help
Friendly Gamers
Retro Gaming

This server is for roblox player only. if you are a roblox player this is for you. we do

💬 A off/on-topic chat
🏆 rank roles
😀 Friendly Staff.
😀 Friendly Members.
🎮gaming tournament

And more. If you feel the vibe just join in.
For fans of the classic Doom games, derivative games utilizing the Doom engine, level-editing/modding, history, tech and development, etc.
Sheena's Mega Man server! It is one of her favorite games!

- Economy Server
- Contests
- Giveaways
- Roleplay
- Make your Polls.
- And more fun!

We want to make people happy!
Metal Gear themed server recently was a MW theme now changed into the Metal Gear theme, Its all open we have about 200 members atm join us!

"We fight because we are needed" - Big Boss
This is a sever for yttd fans! Come and join for RP and just to talk to people and make new friends! LGBT friendly
Bienvenu sur un Rôle-play multivers dont le point de départ est Fairy tail pour certains lieux, principes des guildes. Du divin et de la mythologie a été ajouté. Divers race sont jouables, tous types de pouvoir est jouable ainsi que tous types de personnages. Le Rp est déja commencé mais nous cherchons toujours plus de joueurs
The year is 2020, and things have turned upside down. Ada Wong has now taken over Umbrella for her own reasons, recruiting her own specialized team. Jill Valentine Has noticed and has lost some good allies to her tricky, manipulative ways.....and this has put her on High alert. With some old friends, and new faces, there is a deadly war brewing right under everyone's nose... Will Ada get what she seek? Or will Jill detain her and put a stop to the outbreaks once and for all?

Who's side are you on?
~~ Olá, vida longa e prospera. Seja bem vindo ao esquadrão. ~~
Quer um server geek nessa quarentena? Ótimo!
Aqui gostamos de coisas da cultura geek, star wars, marvel, dc, jogos, nintendo, sega, sony, etc. Se você gosta de uma dessas coisas, seja bem vindo ao server! Adoramos ou melhor, adoro receber pessoas novas!
Enter the Gungeon themed server.

Can't really say anything more than that.

Just because it’s Enter the Gungeon themed does NOT mean you can just constantly ask to play games with unless someone asking to play with someone.
Are you tired of playing the same old games in your emulator?

Then come to The Netplay Hub!
Here we have 24/7 netplay servers running in all emulation softwares. Come join and play some of your favourite games with all kinds of retro gamers!