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Welcome to the Official (Unofficial) Game & Watch server! We have music, discussions, and more! Come check us out!
We are starting off a community, it is a little small right now, but you can help us get it bigger!
We support LGBTQ+, Furries, and almost any person, other than offenders of these communities!
Come try us out!
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Matchmaking General

Self Promo / / posting your server is always welcome!!
*Resources for Dolphin emulator
The purpose of Emupedia is to serve as a nonprofit meta-resource, hub and community for those interested mainly in video game preservation which aims to digitally collect, archive and preserve games and software to make them available online accessible by a user-friendly UI that simulates several retro operating systems for educational purposes.
Dear Singaporeans, if you ever played a Habbo Retro, you would know what Ace Hotel is. Come and join us today and fear no boundaries since one of the Developer is Singaporean! :D
Welcome to The Air Riders, a Kirby server centered on the GameCube racing game Kirby Air Ride!

Here, you'll be able to meet other fans of the game and play some Air Ride or City Trial over netplay.
Fans of other Kirby games are also welcome, of course!
Join and start charting with other retro fans at the Retro Gsming Lounge. We are very open and laid back server. Our rules are also simple and easy to follow as well. You can also talk about Modern Gaming, Art, and Anime in here as well. However we are mostly Retro Gaming based.
Hello! Welcome to The Killers Cabin! This is a server where you can meet people who like most things associated with the Horror Genre, Gaming, Game dev, And other kinda of art! We would love to see you come by.

~ Lucid! and fellow members of The Killers Cabin
You may know us as the developer of DROID7.
We are a small indie gamedev studio focused on retro pixelart games.
A server made by Game Developers for Game Developers.

- Friendly Community
- Project Sharing
- Speak with Developers
- Play Punch-Out!! and other games
- Juiccy memes channel
Welcome to Juice Land! This server is for fans of RetroJuice25. Enjoy your stay!

Invite Link:
Danganropa...killing, despair and a game where trust gets broken or glued murder and do trials to find out who the killer is..only 4 will make it out alive
We are a small friendly community dedicated to discussion about video games and other topics. We share our new games and collections and are seeking to grow!
It’s a dominion war era server but it’s not centered ds9 or any of the main canon story come join us we are relaxed
A Discord Server dedicated to SEGA's Arcade Rail Shooter, The House of the Dead. Discuss past and present House of the Dead games with other fans, share high scores, and fan art!

Visit our fansites
The Website of the Dead:
The Wiki of the
Hello, and welcome to the Agent 9's Lab Disboard page.
We are a Spyro fan community dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy for the PlayStation, however we are open to all Spyro enthusiasts!

We discuss and share knowledge on the pre-release materials for the games, as well as any known/released prototypes and demo builds. In addition, we like to talk about anything to do with the trilogy, even obscure facts and trivia.

We have a very wide variety of off-topic channels for people to hangout, make new friends, shitpost, talk about music, and sharing your creations! You may also discuss the rest of the Spyro series too!

So if you're a Spyro fan and you want a community with the more hardcore fans, come on by to Agent 9's Lab today!

**CONTENT ADVISORY:** People are allowed to say the n-word ONLY with the letter A at the end as we have NO racist intentions here. Some jokes that are made here may be cruel, edgy and ironic. Join at your own risk.
Server basato sul retrogaming, emulazione, collezzionismo e tanto altro! Incontrerai gente con le tue stesse passioni, potrai acquistare o vendere giochi per la tua collezzione e giocare a vecchi classici tutti insieme! Che aspetti? Passa sul nostro server e aiutaci a coltivare una community di appassionati!
The year is 2025. Twenty-two years ago, Wily first waged war on humanity, and since then, he has been beaten back ten times, in what has been dubbed The Wily Wars.

During those twenty years, the world has endured a robot-specific pandemic, ‘Roboenza,’ a civil war stemming from the implementation of the Limited Lifespan Law, and the invasion of the Stardroids, but now, three years since the last incident, peace was believed to have been within grasp.

Until Wily, having built up an army from every Robot Master he’s ever made, and then some, once again sets forth to conquer the earth, with the threat of a machine the likes of which has never before been seen looming on the horizon. As Doctor Light assembles his allies once more to combat the threat, likewise, he begins work on a prototype android, as the culmination of his life’s work— Mega Man X.

Hurled into war once more, the metropolis of Arcadia now littered with United Nations soldiers in preparation of what’s to come, join our heroes as evolution sits on the horizon, in this brave new world.

13+, OCs allowed, Robot Masters from past titles mostly available.
Welcome to the Super Mario World community!

This server is centered around Super Mario World, but can apply for any Mario game. Although this community is small, it will only get bigger thanks to your help!

This server offers a Roleplay category for all of the worlds in Super Mario World, such as Donut Plains, Chocolate Island, etc.
Discord Server for all things Nintendo 64! Discussion on all N64 games, system/controller modifications, homebrew, and more.
Heya! Robot master roundabout is a fun gathering of megaman fans and creative types of all kinds! Please enjoy your time here!