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🔞 - Slut paradise strictly 18+ - 🔞

🔞 Do you like porn? Do you want to find like-minded kinky folk to share porn and indulge in sexual desires with? Well, look no further! Slut paradise is an all-inclusive server for porn lovers of all kinds. Drama free, relaxed, welcoming for all!

🔞 50 Porn picture/gif channels with specific kinks.
🔞 12 Hardcore channels for pictures/gifs.
🔞 27 Hentai channels.
🔞 LGBTQ Area with according channels
🔞 NSFW + SFW chat channels.
🔞 NSFW + SFW meme channels.
🔞 Non-verified + verified chat rooms.
🔞 Various bots - Kink bot, Boob bot for porn, Groovy bot for music.
🔞 Gooner section with goon/goonette channels to share porn.
🔞 100+ Roles surrounding you and your kink lifestyle!
🔞 170 NSFW + SFW emojis.

💝 • Anti kink-shaming server so feel free to be yourself • 💝
Simply put, this is a brand new Hazbin Hotel RP and ERP server. Unlike most, however, we put community first. We listen to others suggestions and would enjoy it if you could join in on the fun as well.
H ★ E ★ L ★ L ★ O

Welcome to The Vent Cave

This is server includes:

Enjoy your stay
Hello to all of Disboard, if you find this, welcome to Transformers Runes of History. Basically you can join if you want and hangout or if you want to you can RP, now its time to explain it;

The Cybertronian Civil War has spread across the universe; Quintessons with their alliance have multiple nonorganic species such as the Rock Lords, trying to block the Autobot and Decepticon's spread. Another faction has had a rise in power after reappearing as the war headed to Earth, once on earth the war made the human race split on who to trust with an Earth Federation rising to side with the Star Seekers while the EDC sides with the Autobots. Whilst all this happens, otherworldly forces are said too be changing fate.

Basically this is a homebrewed version of the Dreamwave continuity mixed with IDW 2006 continuity, almost anything you want is allowedm this isn't nsfw though. You can submit any faction from Transformers and more, Heck if you base your characters off other continuities, you can even use them because we are chill with anything basically.
A Professional Minecraft Build team who will build you anything you could need for your server. We work in customs, and in premades!
YES my boyfriend left me
And YES I am in financial trouble.
However, Money is not why I'm doing it.

Message me, turn me on, buy me gift cards. You will be rewarded.
This server is meant to be a joke, do not take this seriously
✨ The Witches Reference 🌿


Hello! Welcome to The Witches Reference, what are we? We are a witchcraft/occult + library! We offer over 20 separate channel on a varying array of topics! Topics like;

🔮 Divination
🌿 Herbalism
💫 Astrology
🔥 Paganism + Wicca
⭐️ Spirituality
And much, much more!

🌜 **Partnerships Are Open!** 🌛

This is my server :)
We do occasional fun events that bring the server together and much more. Don't be afraid to join!

I swear, we don't bite either ;)
heya! so this is a server i made all myself and it's kind of rough and in the works but i hope you join and enjoy the stay!
we are lgbtq+ friendly
we are oc friendly
you can claim 5 canon characters
and make unlimited oc's
we also have a bot that comes with cards against humanity!
and voice chats so you can listen to sweet tunes and talk with people and play your instruments!
we all are welcoming people! please, do not hesitate to join!
Come one, come all, welcome yourselves to LETHAL LUST! In this 18+ roleplay server, you will find characters oriented with or adjacent to many beloved horror franchises. It doesn’t matter whether you play the crazed killer or the final girl, the canon or the oc, we welcome all kinds of characters in our house of horrors.
KHipHop & KPop Multi Fandom Server!
✼ •• ┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈ •• ✼
__*What we Offer!:*__
⇢ An Accepting community!
⇢ Kpop ~~Cults~~ Fandom Channels!
⇢ 40+ Emotes
⇢ 20+ Self Given Roles
⇢ A community for Anime & Manga Fans!
⇢ Game Nights!
⇢ Interactive, kind & approachable Staff!
We hope you stop by!
✼ •• ┈┈๑⋅⋯ ୨˚୧ ⋯⋅๑┈┈ •• ✼
just a chill place for people to roleplay and do countryhuman stuff
Welcome to Valhalla I hope you join and help us to grow and chat with us and have fun you can meet friends we got roles and bots so join here to have fun.
Hi, welcome to XE. XE is a profile picture server. 5+ categories for your profile pictures with many options. Male & female. We also have a main chat and many different categories.
☆ The Art School ☆

Believe you can't draw?
Welcome to our Art School Server, in here, you will be taught a variety of art forms in our diverse set of classes, and perhaps acquire useful skills in the process!

~Current Classes~

- Minecraft Building
- Anime
- Electronic Music
- Realism
- Writing
- And more to come in the future!

~Other details n' stuff~

》Active Owners! ~
》Frequent lessons! ~
》Actually decent lessons! ~
》Looking for dedicated teachers... ~
》Not dead! ~
》Nice members! ~
》Hey did you know we offer Minecraft Building as a class?! ~
》Art Evolution channels, everyone was an amateur at some point! ~

Sounds nice? Cause it is, feel free to join at any time.
Come join Meme Team! Many memes and many things too do! Come play with bots with many actions and games! Listen too music! Get in recording sessions with youtubers, watch for announcements, apply for staff, and movie nights at 8pm PST (3am GMT) so much fun too do! Come by and have fun!
Join for free roblox accounts
3 invites = roblox account
There is generator too!
Join for the most roblox active server
This was made after Ouch died. Now its Ouch 2.0!
This is a role-playing server based on a futuristic world war 3 setting. Humanity has begun to evolve again, and .2% of Generation Omega was found to be born with powers. Now they are being tested, to see if they will be the saviors of humanity, or its end.
Thousands of years ago in an alternate timeline, a meteorite hit the Earth, shaking it to its very core and throwing nature out of balance. This is now known as The Great Restart. This made the continents shift and tear apart like sheets of paper. The strangest part is when the earth shattered, the pieces of land didn’t drop back down like it should have. Instead, they just hovered in the air. Many, many lives were lost that day and many species went extinct. It wasn’t long before wars raged on. People were trying to claim a piece of land and expand their territories like in the days of exploration.

It was up until 30 years ago where the Islands of Solfir finally acquired peace. The King and Queen fought valiantly in the wars, protecting their people from any type of harm, securing their positions in both status and history.

Today, things are wildly different from how the earth restarted. Ok, well, the animals and plants are different, not so much the people. The lands, now just referred to as “islands”, still haven’t dropped down together, but people make do. There are drawbridges that connect the islands, flying ships, and lizards have mutated into what legends call “dragons”.

With that being said, don’t get too close to the edge and remember to have fun! Welcome to the Islands of Solfir.
We are an all in one discord for providing information on reselling such as exclusive items, and much more. We are here to guide you into reselling with our staff and helpful members.