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All About Gacha!
Are you a gacha editor? Gacha artist? Gachatuber? Or just like gacha in general? Well this server is for you!
What do we have...?

🗣️ lots of chats!
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 an amazing community! (that I hope grows larger over time)
🏘️ gacha editing school and gacha art school (though I'm not a teacher because my edits and art are shit, so I'm still a basic student)
📱 share gacha minimovies, music videos, gacha series videos, etc.
📰 advertise your server, accounts, etc
🗞 share your art and edits.
😃 and SO much more!

So what are you waiting for? In reality basically nothing but it's your choice if you join or not! 😁
You can join today! Or later, or next week... Or never, I don't really mind.
You can force a human to go somewhere but you can't control their actions, so it's entirely up to you! ☺
🎊------- Best server for Debates on Philosophy Politics And More -------🎊
In the world of Rist, It began when the Lorian Empire first established itself. The emperor, Julian Maximus the first, was a just emperor, and his word was law. Overall, it was a peaceful reign for the world of Rist, and everyone was content. However, as time would progress, Julian Maximus' descendent has forgotten what it meant to rule, and more and more, oppressed the people. While the upper class in the Lorian citadel would squander with money and high-class parties, the lower class, the farmers lived ration to ration. Until one day, the public had enough.

The people of the empire revolted and bore arms, tired of heavy taxes and little food. For 7 long years, the two sides fought. Brother against brother, child against parent, in what would be known as "The War of Resistance". The war would eventually settle, with peace talks rising. The current emperor, Julian Maximus IV, conversed with the leader of the resistance, a man named Edward Muller, agreed to allow the people to take half of the continent and form their own kingdom. Finally, the War of Resistance was over, and peace was established under fair reign as a new kingdom was made, The Anor Kingdom.

However, not all peace would last. 50 years later, talks from the Lorian Empire erupt among its upper class. Words of retaking their once valuable land and making the empire whole again begin to erupt once more. Now, King Edward must prepare his army once more, this time, establishing the More Academy. An Academy of established youths who is willing to pick up arms to fight for the freedom the Anor Kingdom fought for all those years ago.

Hello! We're relatively new and looking for members to come to join, hang out, and RP! Please note,
We offer:
↦ An active and friendly staff.
↦ An Open-World with a baseline story
↦ Fantasy style school.
↦ LGTBQ+ Friendly and welcoming.
↦ Master and Apprentice system.
↦ Dice combat.
↦ Adult and darker topics.

Hope to see you on the server!
Ashes of Yggdrasil Is a mythic dark ages RP with low fantasy elements and high fantasy style races, set in the aftermath of Ragnarok in Norse mythology.
There are 8 competing cultures based on Norse\Vikings, Norse mythological elves\dwarves, Proto-germanic tribes, Early feudal japan\mongolia, and early middle ages western european kingdoms, plus rogue jotunn in the wildlands.
Our story has just begun and we are focused on player driven world building, and there are many positions open for cultural leadership, warriors, gatherers and craftsmen.

What you can expect from us:

Player driven worldbuilding, Monthly quest rosters with adventures for every faction, A world steeped in authentic norse mythology, several races and factions to play, or play a freelancer\wanderer, A progression system designed around player driven narrative, and an owner to help players build the world around them, their characters, and their story!

What we ask of you:
Play nice with the other children ;)
Write well enough that we can understand you
Write more than one liners(that being said, quality over quantity)
Follow the rules and have fun!

Note: This server is brand new! and as such it is not well established, We are in need of staff\GMs, and our applications are open for nearly every position!
We also have limited in play roles, such as jarls and princes, so get in and make your rich bois while you can!
Join our Discord to be a member of S∧⊥Aη.
⛤Self posting
⛤18+ only content

⛤Our staff members are still working on the server⛤
Salut est-ce possible de faire un partenariat avec ton serveur ? Mon serveur accueil environ 70 membres très chaleureux les uns comme les autres. Je t'envoie la description de mon serveur ainsi que l'invitation au serveur.

◈ Te sens-tu seules ?
◈ Veux-tu faire de nouvelles et incroyables rencontres ?
◈ Passer le temps à t'amuser, avoir des délires ?
◈ Et bien notre serveur est là pour toi !
Sans oublier que TIWOU est à ta disposition à tout moment. Pour que tu passes de super bon moments et te donner un maximum de joie !

Désoler d'avance pour le dérangement de ce message.
>> Hello! Welcome to Serendity! <<

Are you bored, lonely and want to make new friends or just want to chill with some people?
Well then this is the server for you!

We're a very friendly bunch of people that would love to talk and have fun together. We'll also have weekly events depending on YOU so join us now!

>> about our server <<
✓ friendly members and staff!
✓ loads of self-assignable roles!
✓ LGBTQ+ friendly! (everyone is welcomed!)

>> what our server offers <<
✓ lots of love ♡♡
✓ a listening ear for all your troubles ♡

>> things to look forward to <<
✓ fun bots (Pokecord, Mudae, OwO, Dank Memer etc.)
✓ leveling system!
✓ tons of cute emotes to use
✓ events! (karaoke/movie/game night, and more!)
✓ loads of self-assignable roles!

So click that join button and chill with us! We’ll welcome you with open arms ♡
✓ 200+ members
This is a small server with bots and events where writers can collectively come together to collaborate, share ideas, critique and ultimately improve on their writing skills as one.

Let the writing commence!
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Server for Traps/Femboys/Transgenders and people who worship them
Includes NSFW content
Everyone is welcome here as long as you aren't just trolling or being toxic!
Enjoy your stay!
Хороший сервер, с адекватной и отзывчивой администрацией
Welcome to Horny Harbour, a sex themed Discord server!
We have plenty of NSFW content in the server, like people posting their nudes & BoobBot! We also have:

• 800+ Members
• A very nice close community with a very friendly and cosy atmosphere you'll find nowhere else
• Daily questions of the day for the entire server to answer
• Game night featuring Cards Against Humanity, Jackbox Party Packs & More
• Confessions - Sexual & non-sexual
• A Minecraft SMP server!

Join today!

(Please note; if you are trying to join on an account created less than two weeks ago, you will be automatically kicked from the server.)
This is the only server where you can see me naked😏😏
I'm waiting for you to undress me🤤🤤
Hi there! Welcome to A Sinners Paradise!

If you’re into kink or want to learn more about it, you’re in the right place. Though we aren’t a dating server, there’s something for every kinky person here. Think of your craziest kink and we probably have someone that you can vibe with. That’s really what the server is about, finding like minded kinksters that you can vibe with. Vibing is the most important part of the server.

We are small right now but we’re hoping to grow. Despite our size, we are very active so you gotta try to be too. We have experienced admins that want to make the server as great as possible, as long as you do too.

* We are 16+ only and all people are checked out before they’re admitted into the server.
* Remember this isn’t a dating server. So if that’s what you’re looking for take it to DMs.
* We’re super chill. We really just want to have good and kinky vibes in the server soo…

JOIN. You know you want to…
The glorious army of potatoes is a server/ Army of potatoes. We are a community and we are battling tomatoes!
Looking for a truly unlimited roleplaying experience, where you can unleash your inner creativity to its fullest extent? Stop looking, because you’ve already found it. Aeternium is a roleplaying community with competitive, social, political, and storyline elements from every series perfectly blended into one beautiful and cohesive universe. Join us or message Satari#0069 for partnerships!
Welcome to Lustafia Land! We are a chill and friendly community that is about roleplaying and erotic roleplaying. We wish to make friends with people and have fun together~
A funny and wholesome community that waits for you to join! Come and join the server today!
Free nudes all content above 18+! want free nudes join now to see the hottest and best nudes!!!!
This server is only for people aged 18 and above. This is a Castle that follows traditional values of knights and honor. The castle and the kingdom is ruled by the Queen who all seem to love! Although the kingdom looks medieval in areas, it is modernised. The Queen and Kingdom encourage public sex and fun!
This is small emotes only server, all the emotes are hand-drawn from the server owner, well not all but the duck ones are!
⭐┊ Hello! Welcome to **__Where To Roleplay!__** A server dedicated to supplying random styles and types of roleplays in the server for you guys to explore! From Fantasy areas to Medieval to Custom Stories.. It's a roleplay hub for all to explore!

⭐┊We will be offering a lot of content and channels for our members to explore and use as we grow!

> **Tons of Roles**!
> **Friendly Environment / Community**!
> **Partnership**!
> **RP Channels**!
> **And More~**!

⭐┊ Are you wanting to explore with others a medieval story? We've got you.

⭐┊ Are you wanting to just have a few people in the server to RP with and progress together? Come check us out!

⭐┊Are you just wanting a place to write together? Come on in, write with us!

⭐┊ **We're looking for servers to partner with to spread our message and staff members to welcome to our team.** Interested in either? Either join the server or DM the owner's username of **Saph#1967** [Owner].
Like roblox?
No robux?

Well do not worry! I'm here to save the day! I am hosting daily giveaways of robux starting with small amounts to huger amounts! I need more members to start giving away so make sure to join!

Daily giveaways

Roblox gamenights when we get more members

Hope to see you there!
Witaj! Chciałbym Cię zaprosic na serwer
Fire Squad!❤
 Pomocną administrację 👨‍💻
Nastrojową atmosferę ☺
Rewelacyjne dyskusje 🤗
Użyteczne boty 🤖
Dobra aktywność 👨‍💼
Udekorowane kanały 💥
Unikalne emoji 😝
Możliwość zmiany koloru nicku 🤫
Częste rozmowy na czacie głosowym 📞
Strefe Anime ⛩
I wiele więcej nie czekaj! Sprawdź sam!