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Boba Hotline is a newly made server by 2 hoomans that both enjoy anime and gaming (especially league of legends uwu). We're quite new so we welcome you come along as we grow over time!
We offer:
★ Interactive channels, memes, art, gaming, league of legends channel owo
★ Many bots for interactions with members
★ Cool roles for colors, and personalize your name uwu
★ NSFW channel for your needs~
Welcome to Neon Valley! We’re a new community and a fun place for people to hang out and meet friends. We have a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff members.
FDW - Final Destination Wrestling

This is an extension of the Journey of Wrestling server and we must make clear that we aren’t in competition with Mahin or anyone else apart of the Journey of Wrestling server! We are more than happy for people to be on both servers and enjoy the experience of both! We a part of the ‘Final Destination Wrestling’ just feel that we can offer more of a expansion to the experience of Kayfabe! we want to offer a PPV service with additional championships and freedom while still being able to enjoy what Mahin’s Journey of Wrestling server offers!
AdCord. The advertisement server with less limits. We offer loads of things to do in our server. We also have paid ads and more! Remember, advertising is free but you can buy paid ads and automatic ads!

GroveClan and EskerClan formed many, many, many moons ago and they've lived in these territories for generations. A funny tale is that they've descended from large cats, GroveClan from jaguars and EskerClan from tigers, but what is more likely is that they formed from a group of loners.
Long ago, cats of no allegiance fought over the land they could live in and the prey it contained. They never even considered trying to live in harmony, in groups, until they faced a danger that threatened to wipe them out entirely. Two cats, half-brothers, stepped forward and took the lead. Though their previous names were lost to time, they took on the names based off the territory they divided amongst the two of them; Grovestar and Eskerstar. The two toms lead their Clans with pride and kept the peace for a long time. They created a society and a system, building a fair and just code for all cats to live by.

Many seasons have passed, and now the winds of change are beginning to chill the clans to their bones. Will you face this strange new world like a warrior, or will you retreat into the life of a kittypet? The choice is yours.

Join us where the river divides.
Lofi time is a server about, well I don't really know, with custom emojis, and 50+ different channels! We offer plenty of bots, any type of support you need, and even homework help! We are an LGBTQ+ server, but we include everybody. This server is child friendly, excluding our NSFW channels. We have self advertising channels, and specific channels for our bots. We have pretty chill staff, and are working on more for this server. Our most important rule is that you must respect everybody, and their boundaries. If you're looking for a chill server to hang out, voice chat, maybe even meet that special someone, you've come to the right place. :)
This is a new server, but we are working to make it bigger and nicer^^ We are searching for Staff for the server too.
We have:
🌟owo bot
🌟dank memer
🌟waifu bot
Join in if you want to drink some tea and chill with us! :3
Permanent server invite:
We are a community of people who love to have fun while being intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking.

If you have a sense of humor, an intellectual mind, and like a good challenge then you will fit right in!

This community will be focused around active voice chat, politics, history, philosophy, gaming, and active fun. We have many creative ways of challenging each other with games and debates.

This is a chess-themed community, although not focused around chess. It is a metaphor for politics, conspiracy, intellectual thought, games, problem solving and much more. It's what we're about!

We are VC-focused server.

You’ve heard of it before. A lone flyer you stumbled across, a pamphlet handed to you by some nondescript stranger, a story when you were young, or a footnote of a conversation. Perhaps you’d never known it existed, but now you’re here, and suddenly, memories seem to appear in your mind, though you could have sworn the name unfamiliar.

Some people seek out the manor, needing a place to stay, a place to hide, a place to relax. A place to call home. They all find it here, somehow right in front of them, right beneath their feet when it wasn’t there before.
And others? Sought after. It knew what they needed before they did. It draws people in, relentless. You don’t have to know where you need to be. It’s here.

*Wingwood Manor is set in a massive estate that exists between dimensions. It exists as a crossroads, for characters to come and go, be it as they please or not. The setup is to allow writers to use their original characters in a completely unmodified format, keeping their stories intact while still being able to interact with other characters. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical-- any type of OC is welcome!*

**Our features:**
-A SFW, 17+ server with NSFW channels and roles for the adults
-LGBTQ+ friendly environment!
-RP style, pace, and length driven solely by those involved
-OC questions for folks to answer and discuss
-50+ channels for 1-to-1 or group RPs, personalised spaces for your OCs, and two IC Tupperbox chatrooms
-An exclusively original content server to both avoid fandom-related confusion, and celebrate creativity and originality!
-Active mod team available to answer any questions
-Highly active roleplay community
-No activity checks, completely drop-in/drop-out
-Seasonal events and events that can be created and run by members - not just moderators!
Welcome to deady!
This server is for hangout and giveaway
The giveaway is Dank memer coins or some alcohol!
If u want those join it now! ☆
Hi! We offer lots of ccs with CCV´s, Many Hacked Accounts, Amazon Logins, giftcards and buy for u service. Join now!
Hey, I'm caroline! I'm currently selling nudes because I need some extra cash for food etc. I'm from the uk and am 18 years old. If you want to buy, just DM me or add me on snap (carolinebabe_19)
Perth LGBTQ+ welcome and accept all regardless of sexuality or gender. We are a community that's based in Perth, Western Australia and we like to play video games, watch anime and chat together. We welcome you to our safe and loving community.

✗┊ sexy people
✗┊ chill staff
✗┊ active chat
✗┊ nsfw channel
✗┊ multiple voice channels
✗┊ self roles
✗┊ lots of bots
✗┊ dating

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!
Welcome to Norrøne Guder! We have many things on this server, I want to invite the believers of the old ways here into this server! If you do join this server then welcome and have a good time and enjoy it like if you were in the afterlife Valhalla! Skaal!!!
Siema serwer rp co by popisać rp na poważnie (obecnie fantasy) ale i też takie nie na poważnie ;)
The Advertising Network is a community where you can:
• Advertise your own server in one of our many channels.
• Ability to choose a role colour for your profile, and which pings you want to receive from our server.
• Applications open every so often, giving you the chance to work for us!
• An active team of staff, on hand to help you grow your own servers.
• Server Spotlights. The more you use our network - the more chances you have.

So why not join us today, and start networking your own server?
Hello and welcome to gay masters and cute slaves this is a new 18+ server I have plenty of channels waiting for you i hope to see you soon
SALUT A TOI j’ai crée un nouveau discord tu peux parler discuter de manga et d’anime, il y a plein de rôles fun et de petits jeu avec des bots, tu peux également crée des parties vocales pour jouer avec tes amis SANS QUE PERSONNES REJOIGNE! il y a des giveway... meme des choses pour les -18, il y a egalement des endroitspour discuter entre hommes ou femmes... mais bon il y a un problème LE MANQUE DE PERSONNES je serais extrêmement content que tu rejoigne le discord merci meme si tu refuse d’avoir lu ce message!

Gingys dating hub where teens can find true love or you can just come here to make new friends here we offer
Flirt channels
And much more!
A mix of all things Vivziepop, Hazbin Hotel, Zoophobia and even the mini animations. Everything here is played how you want to play it