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Hey! I know! it's a very small server and pretty empty! You'll probably take one look at that member count and say no! But hey, if more people join, i can start to host bigger giveaways!
cross-trading is allowed!


~ Many people tend to leave once they realise how empty the server is, and i'm sorry! But if you can support me on my journey, that would be great!

~ I'm hosting another giveaway soon!
Thanks for reading! That is, if you did read it. ^^ Have a great day!

Discord server for the website This is a new Rust skin gambling site.
♡You've got mail!♡

Open It?

Yes No

»Yes No

██ 39%
███ 49%
████ 76%
█████ 89%
██████ 100%

Greetings, (Y/N),
you've been invited to Slyvna High. What is Slyvna High? One of the best highschool's out there! So..How did you get invited? Why, we find great vibes in you, and think you would be perfect for our highschool. What are you waiting for, c'mon in darling!


Out of RP, we are a new server, and would greatly appreciate it if you joined! Also, we don't allow powers here- sorry~!

It seems that you've found the Byzantine empire. That's fantastic! Now let me tell you what you can find in the server. For starters a country roleplay integrated within the server in which you'll change the actual map of this server! A new alternate scenario with Byzantium defeating the Muslims and becoming the dominant power once again. As well as a chance to get citizenship by working. With citizenship you'll unlock features like self promotion and others! This server's still brand new so things will change, for example I intend to imploment a church in this server. So what are you waiting for? Join the Byzantine empire!
Hey there!

We’re a new server with a unique theme. Come join our server and you can use the bots and make new friends
Our new CS GO trading server
Blizzard Trading
is a place to trade / buy / sell cs go skins
We offer:
⭐Csgo trading⭐
⭐Weekly giveaway's ⭐
⭐ Friendly Community ⭐
⭐Guides for free csgo skins :) ⭐
⭐Good for beginner traders ⭐
✔️Join now! ✔️
Welcome to The Collective!
Step into a world where superheroes are real and living amongst the population- where Stark Industries and Wayne Enterprises battle for top spot in the corporate world, and the machinations of the criminal underworld span the multiverse!
Join up and help us incorporate your favorite supes into the narrative- whether they are big name canon, one-shot background characters, original, or alternate universes!
This server is an 18+ space, run and moderated by LBGTQ+ folks, and basically a blank slate for writers and content creators to share and express their love for their superhero characters!
Canon Characters taken:
Bruce Banner
Ghost Rider
Peter Parker
Welcome to Neo-Tokyo, a neon-soaked paradise where all your wildest dreams can come true! We are a roleplay server that supports pretty much all types of OCs, with very lenient rules on character creation. Our server is constantly updating, growing, and developing. Come join us!
We have:
✰ Freedom in making characters nearly however you wish!
✰ Freedom in making techniques/abilities for your characters!
✰ Friendly staff!
✰ Awesome setting!
✰ Regular events!
✰ Lots of bots!
✰ Tupperbox!
✰ RP for everyone, from semi-literate to novella RP!
✰ ERP channels!
A chill place for gamers and others alike, we have chat and vc and would love new members! (I would like to add that this server has nothing to do with monkeys, it is my discord name Man0rMonkey, thank you).
Hello! welcome to my box uwu This is a relatively chill server but hopefully a nice play for you to meet new people! its still relatively small but we are trying to grow. We do have small offers such as

Art channels
NSFW channels
LGBT+ Friendly roles
Vent Support
And many more to come through suggestions!
Welcome to Daddy’s Giveaways😉 We do daily giveaways and also a FREE GENERATOR, which supplies tons of accounts. So join if you want FREE stuff
Lyss is a server where you can express yourself in any way. We have list of fun emotes and bots to use. This server also has fun members that you can talk to all throughout the day. Join Lyss!
A fun server you can join and make friends and chat in everyone is friendly there we talk about all kind of things games, anime, music just join and you will have alot of fun here.
**------------------------ About Us ------------------------**

> We are a FiveM developing community who began on the 15/07/2020 and is growing daily! We offer free police packs and even paid packs what are fully customized to your liking and can be asked for changes anytime you'd like! We are a striving community and try to offer the best prices we can to all the customers and members we can get!

**------------------------ Our Mission ------------------------**

> Our mission is to give the best liveries for your LEO and CIV vehicles possible. We also do this at affordable prices! We range from logos, badges and vehicles to even doing police documents. Come check us out and see our previous work if your interested.

**------------------------ Requirements ------------------------**

> Its simple, follow discord TOS and read our TOS and rules and we'll have no issues!

Hey there! This is a chill server based on Mania, and Roblox essentially. Everyonre is welcomed! We're here to play together, share our scores, and just even talk :)
Hope you will join; have a great time!
This server base on Hentai .
But here available many memes
Anime wallpaper cartoon adult comis.
, This server have many channles,
Join and Injoy
This is a world where 85% of people have powers, known as quirks
Some people choose to use there quirks for good and some choose bad.
It’s up to the hero’s to hold off the villains and keep the peace!
While hero’s follow the rules, lock away villains, and keep the world running-
Villains are hiding in the shadows and doing whatever they want.
With the number 1 hero’s retirement the Villains are rising!
U.A is training the next class of pro hero’s to be!
Now.. it’s your choice...
Will you be a Hero? Or a villain...?~

We are a small friendly server That’s growing.
We accept ocs and original quirks!
You can be a cannon or non cannon character.
We have lots of channels for rping or for just hanging around!!!
We have U.A school with teachers AND a villain school A.U!
We are slowly growing and every member helps!!!
Thank you for your time~
🤖You can add your bot and testing his on this server for free!
👍You can also create your bot. But for this you must pay..
Join the server and enjoy! 😀
‛ 〔🦋〕 ˏ

৶ Ce serveur a été dans un seul et même but: rassembler des gens dispersés.

Je ne ressens pas vraiment le besoin de temporiser, sache néanmoins que je serais ravie que tu nous rejoignes ! A très bientôt !
The land of Zhoklor is a mysterious land created after a planetary event known as The Great calamity. A powerful race who had raided planets and enslaved races known as the Valheru went to war with the gods. Despite the gods immense power they could not wipe out the Valherus. Having no other option most gods sacrifice themselves to seal the Valheru away in a realm known as the Chaos Dimension. Races that were previously enslaved were then transported by the gods to live on the planet of Zhoklor. After thousands of years the lore of the great calamity was soon forgot. Only the Elves kept their lore well known within Elvandar, while keeping it highly secretive. After many years the ConDoin family rose to become one of the most powerful families of the human race despite their lack of magic. Old King Rodic has grown old and his children and family grow of age to rule.