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Floofy furries is a furry discord server designed by furries made by furries we have a growing community and lots of text channels to chat in and custom rank rewards for activity
I am learning Japanese and want to practice in translating.
La librairie est un serveur communautaire français qui a pour but de regrouper une communauté pour partager et discuter de littérature, comme :
📖 les types "jeunesse"
📖 les bd, comics ou mangas
📖 les sciences humaines
📖 les arts divers et variés
Et beaucoup d'autres...
Mais pas que! Car il possède aussi:
-Un staff à l'écoute,
-Un salon de débats,
-Un salon de publicités,
-Des membres sympas,
-Un bot de quiz en français,
-Des évènements fréquents,
-Une communauté grandissante,
-Des émoticônes/rôles personnalisés,
-Une catégorie d'aide aux jeunes auteurs et de conférences,
-Un salon destiné aux auteurs/autrices pour qu'il postent leurs créations,
Et Bien Plus Encore!
Alors, fans de littérature?Votre serveur c'est bien lui!
Are you interested to learn or chat in german? Then this is the right place!
Our server was created with the intention of connecting people around the world with a common goal: studying German. Whether you are a native speaker, or just now starting to get into German, we accept everyone!
I hope you enjoy your stay at Deutsche Welt!
A friendly, quiet corner for writers and artists. We aim to be professional and resourceful. Come see the place for yourself! There are places to share work and discuss ideas, to chat and find other writers like yourself.
JP Classroom is exactly what the name states: a simplistic server designed to help users learn and use the Japanese language.

Need some tools to get started? We have an entire channel filled with tools for you to use.
Have a question? We have high-quality teachers who can help you understand anything from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in Japanese.
Just want to socialize? We have a general chat filled with caring users who like to relax and have fun.

No matter what you are looking for, JP Classroom has something that can push you in the right direction.


Learning and practising foreign languages from scratch to fluency. Through the quality education implemented by our volunteers and community, it is our commitment to educate, teach and help anyone who lives in this cosmopolitan world.
It's All About Languages!

and more!
Learn Russian language by chatting and speaking with others.
Hey you wanna chill? or speak a slavic language? Join SlavFeed a strong community to learn and speak a slavic language, or spend time with like minded people, what are you waiting for join.
We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path.

Founded by a group of people sharing a common passion, that is, the love for languages and linguistics, we shall be delighted to have you among us if this would be the case for you as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and that you'll learn a few things in our company!
A conlang server where you can share, collaborate, and get help with your conlangs. You can also get help with language in general here. We're looking to grow, so if you're interested, come on in!
In this server you can contribute to the development of a diverse community of language lovers, making valuable friendships while growing your cultural knowledge. Not only do we have scheduled lessons with volunteers teaching their native language, but we also have clubs where we debate, share art, listen to music, play video games, watch foreign movies and host multi-cultural events. Thanks to The Language Sloth, learning a language becomes less of a tedious individual task, but a community experience from anywhere in the world.
We are a scandinavians only server, join if youre somewhat fluent in one of following languages: Norwegian, swedish, danish, or Icelandic.We do use english mostly but we still strongly prefer people with similar cultur and origins as us aka scandis. You might get kicked if u barely speak one of the languages mentioned before.
Preferred age: 13-25
Preferred languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish
There is lack of servers for writers, so we’ve decided to start one myself!
This is a server where you can talk about the stories you’ve written, the worlds you’ve made, your creative ideas, and discuss writing and tips.

You can discuss books that you like, read, or want to read. There are also channels for poets, lyricists, roleplaying, and general media (your own art or music is welcome).

It’s small at the moment but I’ve been working on getting it stronger so we can really have a good place for us writers to help each other and exchange feedback about writing and worldbuilding.

The server is mostly SFW, but the idea of opening an NSFW channel could be considered (since NSFW writing is just as valid as any other writing)! I’m also open to any suggestions of how to improve the server.
This is a new community of people that want to learn English or Korean. Natives from either side are highly welcomed. All other language learners are welcomed as well. Use this place to meet new people and to improve your language skills and or to just hang out on a rainy day. See you at the Exchange!
Hello visitor of this site!
Please consider joining this server!
Why, you may ask.
Well here are some good reasons why you should:
1. You would really help us and the community of this server!
2. It's a great server with a lot of nice and kind people.
3. It's a pretty advanced and proffesional server
4. You can make friends all over the world!
5. You can help this server grow!

I would love to speak to you on the server!
If you want to join, just do it. What do you have to lose.
And i mean, why shouldn't you join?
A great community for practicing Turkish and asking your questions regarding the language. The admins and native speakers in our server, some of whom are actual Turkish teachers, are always helpful and they have a solid grasp of the language. Feel free to join us if you're interested in Turkish.
Want to learn French in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun? Open to everyone, our group is for you !

The purpose of this group is to bring together in a convivial atmosphere people who need help in French and those who want to help them.

So, join us if you want to improve your level, if you want to help learners or if you are interested into a language exchange. Our members come from all backgrounds and all carry with them richness and depth. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences, your stories and projects. Also an opportunity to laugh and forget the worries of the week.

An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
⠀Welcome to Korean study room!
─ this is a server where beginners, intermediates, advanced and more can collectively work together to perfect/learn korean!
─ you can discuss what you've learnt and interact with fellow members to cultivate your knowledge
─ stay motivated by having friends with the same passion to learn⠀
➳ 《 ☆H O E S ; )☆ 》


Welcome, enjoy your stay x💓

we offer:

☾ Self assignable roles

☾ Active mods

☾ Partnerships

☾ Nsfw channel

☾ Aesthetic wallpapers channel

☾ Kind staff

☾ Venting channel

ping; @xeveryone @xhere @xActive ping🌙

server link: