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This is a new server, looking for potential staff members and members in general. Feel free to join and dm me if interested in becoming staff.
This server currently holds the title as Discord's largest fanmade community forum for Llama Train Studio's game widely known as, 'Loomian Legacy' (the official sequel of the now deleted "version" known as 'Pokémon Brick Bronze').

(Llama Train Studio's Twitter:


The server is mostly used for the pleasure of safely mingling with fellow players of the game as we all assist one another throughout our long and exciting journey as Loomian Trainers through the unpredictable and open region of Roria by supplying things mostly like in-game assistance and prominent trade offers.

It is also used as a classic Discord server hangout. One full of fun bots and events (based off of events from the game). We mostly have events where even our members are allowed to host their own special giveaways.

In almost all of our giveaways, members can be rewarded decent amounts of Robux, special Loomians, rare in-game items, links to the game's private servers, and/or etc.!


Our server is equipped with the simple and convenient Roblox-Discord bot, 'RoVer'. It holds the duty of keeping all of the server members at a very limited access to our server's public channels until they have verified their personal Roblox accounts. After their accounts are verified, they automatically gain the verified Trainers role and immediately gain permissions to access the server's public channels. This system helps gurantee that our community is safe and limited from random Discord users. Additionally, it makes the virtual chat-place much more comfortable for all of our members as it helps them to stay on-topic of the game.

Our server is also heavily listed by moderately pronounced rules that are meant to ensure that our community forum remains the #1 most reliable place it is. Upon joining the server, all members are messaged privately to be reminded to read over the rules for a first time and that they must be careful to avoid certain punishments as more rules can and WILL be added according to what must be kept under control. Our server's staff do not hesitate to punish any incompetent members who defy the main listed rules accordingly (punishments include WARNINGS - 3 in 24h = max, next are MUTES - duration of mutes depend on what they're being punished for, then KICKS, and finally permanent BANS).

To take comfortability and safety to a whole other level, our server has TWO moderator bots' automods features activated in all of our public text channels along with our human server staff (from different timezones) to keep the server members molded by kid-friendliness and kept in check.

We encourage all of our members to get the server's name out into the open to more fans of the game (since it isn't the official community's Discord and just fan-ground) by having them help invite more of the game's players. To give them all a huge "shove of encouragement", we had our special Inviter role created. The role is exclusive to initial members who invite at least 15 people into the server, and upon reaching the minimum requirement to aquire the role, they will automatically obtain the role and it's extra permissions!

Hopefully this server interests you enough to make you join and contribute to our guild of friendly members! Thank you for reading and don't forget to leave a supportive review down below!
Welcome to Arctic Grotto!
A place of fun times and a good community. We shelter those from the Arctic Blizzards and also have fun adventures along the way whether it be inside or outside!

The Grotto has alot of activities!

Hang out and interact with other settlers!
⛾ Fun with helper bots around the Grotto!
Discover the grotto and adventure with friends!
Media and a ton of hilarious memes to be unveiled
Talk about your favourite anime with tons of related bots!
Rank up and become an Arctic leader!
Settle along with us and we will gladly accept accompanying others!

Thank you, hope you join and help us out in the Arctic Grotto, have fun!

Welcome to DC: Heroes In Crisis.

Inspired by one of the best storylines in comic book history, we are a discord who specializes in dark and gritty. We are currently hiring staff members, both admins and moderators. If your up for the test, then what are you waiting for?
Welcome to Anime and Hugs, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from anime and games to music and much more! Are you ready for new friends, fun and hugs? Then join our server!

We offer:
A fun assortment of bots!
A talented and hardworking Staff!
A leveling system with fun perks!
Fun voice chats and gaming sessions!
Self-assignable roles with even more on the way!
Hello! We are a community of probably mostly guys that joined for one reason NUDES! You can join at your own risk! If you break any of the rules you get banned! Make sure to leave suggestions in #suggestions!
Join the server if your a true blue aussie, absolute sick cunt or have a good accent! Only rules are don't be a wombat and yea, have fun!
We’re just a fun community and we’re looking to grow a little bit and we hope to talk to you :)
This server is dedicated to anyone whos.. well gay of course! But its okay if youre bi or straight or whatever. We mostly are furries but normal people are allowed too if they want to join!
We have:
- NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide date of birth to gain access)
- Anime channel
- Art channel
- Gaming channel
- Hobbies channel
- Programming area to show off your nerdy skills
- Music channel (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!)
- And roleplay of course!

And we are always taking any and all suggestions too!
A brand new Chill-Corner Type server, just to hang out and talk to others.
Everyone is welcome - So you dont have to be a furry to be on here!

We offer:
- Active Staff
- Self-assignable roles
- Leveling with Rewards
- RPG-System (EnderBot)
- We even have NSFW Channels (18+)
Welcome to Lovey Land 16+!! We are a growing but tight-knit community that aims for a drama-free, safe, loving and welcoming environment. We accept kinksters :wink: and non kinksters <3.

We offer:

:sparkles: 50+ reaction roles
:sparkles: so much love
:sparkles: fun bots like Pokecord
:sparkles: an a e s t h e t i C
:sparkles: cute emojis
This server is for Pokémon and non Pokémon alike So come and join us it’s completely chill and we will be updating a lot hope to see you there
1:1 Female:Male ratio
This is a fun new server to find friends or whatever ur looking for!
I hope ur gonna join and enjoy this server!
Have a nice day! <3
Meowwww Love Cats? Come join us! We are a friendly community that has a theme dedicated to your favorite furry feline friends. Feel free to come hang out as we aren't just a cat community! We have roleplay (for all you roleplayers) and we are a non-nsfw server.

💠 We have staff of the month and member of the month roles 💕

💠 Active and friendly staff as well as a variety of bots

P.s Looking for active partnership managers (preferably with some experience)
~With love The Cat's Tree

Perm Inv Link ~
Join our friendly community, where you chat with your friend and earn coins.
Buy yourself Discord Nitro, Steam Gift cards, Steam games and alot more.
For more details join our server and read information page.

◈ A server Economy, with crimes, games and normal work....
◈ A chilled out & welcoming community
◈ Unique Roles and Ranking!
◈ Fun Voice Chats and Games!
◈ Helpful Staff and Admins!
◈ Friendly Community!
◈ Fun Bots!
We are a friendly server with funny members and admins. Act right and you will find new friends. Everyone is welcome in our server.
We are an active, small 18+ community. We are 420 and alcohol friendly. Join us.
🏞️🌌 Woodland Village🌌🏞️

💐Furry server that aims to have a decent sized and tight knit community with no degeneracy. Please be at least 15 yrs old 💐

🌼 70+ species roles
🌺 20+ other self-assignable roles
🌷 Channels to share sfw art and a channel for your own creations
🌻 Videogame discussion channel
🍁Some nsfw channels, if that’s what you’re into(they're hidden)
🌱 Roleplay channels
🍇Anti-raid, tight security.
🍄Nice and friendly members
🌸 Come in and give the server a chance, you could make some new friends !!
☘️Open for partnerships!!

⛔Don't bother raiding, you arent funny, won't make anyone laugh and will make a show of yourself. We get it, you're 15 and edgy. No raids here have ever been successful because of the security.
This server is a back up of TheOnionMarket and South Shop! We provide services from Phishing to Hacking to Credit Cards to Social Media Accounts. We also provide carders and information/guides about it
Welcome to The palace! The server is run by Preder#3606, a small twitch streamer and youtuber! We are a fun discord server focused around gaming and streaming. We have:

An art channel


Podcasting rooms

Game centered channels

Rp channel


And much more.

Come down to The palace and join in on the fun!

Here is our invite -->
💗 Hello all! The Pride Cove is for people who are Lgbt+ or supporters to have fun, hangout, meet new friends, and get advice if they need it!

💗 We're a big family and staff are always available to help if anyone needs it!

💗 You can also advertise your own
server here! Anyone is welcome here!

❤ Casual place to talk and hangout!

💕 Support with any personal issues

💖 Ranking System!

💗 Lgbt+ and supporters welcome!

❤ Currently hiring staff!

💝 18+ channel!

💞 Always taking/listening to suggestions!

💕 Several activities!

💓 Advertise your own channel here!

❣ Friendly staff!

💗Join The Pride Cove and have fun! That's what our server is all about!
Furry community with a knack for comfy, cartoony stuff as well as lewd/kinky things. Fun events and lots of channels to talk with other weirdos. uwu

trans lgbt furry sissy kinky kink bdsm furry fandom homestuck cat neko canine fursona share pony brony sub submissive daddy dominant femdom collar cat ears tail
👋 Welcome to our Café! 👋

❗ We're a community focused around anime, manga, gaming and making new friends! Don't turn your eyes away at least take a look at the list of our features!

📃Here's a list of what do we have to offer:
☕️ Our own bot with our currency, gambling and SHOP;
☕️ Fair, funny server-based LEVELING SYSTEM;
☕️ Discussion channels on which we're chatting about everyday things and stuff;
☕️ Huge NSFW, Hentai only section;
☕️ Event Section, from where you'll be able to obtain new, unique ranks or other prizes;
☕️ Many ranks to get! Color-changing roles, your beloved game genres and so on;
☕️ Chance to become a moderator => admin, we only require activity and such basic stuff;
☕️ Voice chat channels on which you can talk with another visitors or listen to bot's music at karaoke channel;
☕️ Support section for any kind of problems;
☕️ And much more!

Just a server about chatting everyone all ages can join! ;D

(just join pls im lonely)