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Welcome to Sky Kingdom! A place (albeit: trying to grow) to talk about Anime, Manga and Games.
My hero Academia Official Roleplay Server!
Come join as a Canon Character, or even make your own OC.
Want to watch My Hero Academia? Check out or Funimationnow!
Its mostly a BB-chan fan club and an emote server =3
Suraimu Settlement is a chill server based on series Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Purpose of the server is to make a friendly environment for everyone that is looking for friends and a chill place to hang out! Also as stated above its based on Slime series so everyone that likes it is also welcome!
Welcome to Stardust home of the kindest, loving anime community. Our goal is to make a friendly environment for all kinds of people, not just anime lovers. So feel free to chat and join our discord we always welcome new people!
we're a small server looking for crazy but fun ppl.
it's mostly a chill place with some fun bots
please don't hesitate to join ^^
You are more than welcome to join this server, this server has kind staffs and you can just talk with members and hangout in this server.
So please join and enjoy your time in Anime Hangouts.
✿.。.:* ☆::. The Kawaii Klub .::.☆*.:。.✿

•.¸♡ Looking to make some friends with anime and manga lovers? ♡¸.•
ıllıllı The Kawaii Klub! ıllıllı

A fun interactive server with:

★·.·´¯·.·★ games ★·.·´¯·.·★

░▒▓█ fun bots █▓▒░

╚»★«╝ a kind community that is filled with memers ╚»★«╝

«-(¯v´¯)-« weebs otakus and more! »-(¯v´¯)-»

We respect everyone and all ages and genders are welcome!

★彡 At The Kawaii Klub you are bound to find: 彡★
Anime of all sorts
NSFW content
And many more!

Owner:Dead Makoto#1400
Hello :)

We are a SFW warm and friendly community that talks about Anime, Manga, Games, Art, Pets, Food, and more interesting topics :D

♡ Everyone is welcome ♡

We were very active earlier but things changed due to few members staying AFK for weeks to study and more irl stuffs, this is a busy period and people got things to do other than using internet ofc.
So now you know that we're not THAT active so that you won't waste your time in case you were looking for an active server but we talk from time to time and especially at Sundays.
However, we are going to inform you dear reader, that we are a very nice community, especially when we're active, or when we were active :c

+We force rules yet we don't abuse our authorities !
+We hold competitions and we do much funny things xd
+We have an interesting system and cool channels : D

So when we get our loved members back from their AFKs we will be the best of the best one more time ^^'
I just kind of made this server randomly so yee uwu
Welcome to Ashford Academy! Where you can enjoy roleplaying anytime and anywhere. I am one of the admin of this server and friendly companion for all of you. My name is Takara and it is a honor to have you in here.

We have different CATEGORY for you to visit and have fun. BUT! There is 4 Channels that are Frohibited to visit except to those who have a ADMIN role.

First Category is, IMPORTANTS.
☆This Category has 7 Channels that you might see on the first thing you enter the server and those are:

♧ Welcome Page
♧ Description
♧ Rules
♧ Updates
♧ Events
♧ Suggestion box
♧Self Role

☆Channel 1-4 is PROHIBITED to anyone who doesnt have an ADMIN ROLE just like what i said earlier.

Second Category is, CHILLZONE CHANNEL
☆ This Category has 8 Channels that yiu might love and enjoy. These are:

♧ General Hall
♧ Memes
♧ Vines
♧ Manga
♧ Media
♧ Arts
♧ Selfies
♧ Spam lyrics
♧ Music Hall

☆ You can all talk and listen to any song that you prefered and send different memes or vines! Share some manga for everyone to read and entertain themselves, you can even post your personal artistic works! Everyone can do it.

Third is, GAMES ZONE
☆ This Category has 3 Channel. The DND, TRUTH OR DARE and WOULD YOU RATHER.

Everyone can play in this channel and can invite friends to join you play just to have fun or pass time.

Forth is, The MUSIC ZONE
☆Where you can enjoy voice channel by yourself or with the gang.
☆ Karaoke Channel is where you can play a song on the music hall and enter the voice category.
Sing and listen to your favorite song. In Chillhop is where you can just listen to music while relaxing or etc.

Fifth Category is, ROLEPLAY CHANNEL

☆ Ashford Academy is a place for magic users and any aspiring adventurer. And this channel is the main purpose of this server. To ROLEPLAY.

♧First, every student must post their O.C.(Original Character) in the character submission channel. The template of the O.C. can be found in the Character Template channel.

♧Second, you must pick your abilities in the abilities section channel.
To know more about the abilities, visit the ability category channel. After this you can join 4 class. The SUPPORT CLASS, TANK/DEFENDER CLASS, MAGE CLASS, and ASSASSIN CLASS. Each class having their own teacher which teach you from basic skills to advance strategies.

♧ Third, You can join a class by talking on one of the student council or asking for the teachers.

☆Every once in a while we will hold a competition or a battle arena which can be either a class battle or a party battle.
Details on the battle system will be updated in the event itself or here.

Want to meet new people to talk and have fun with? Well, ASHFORD ACADEMY is the right place for you!
This is a roleplay based on the Magi; Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic series. In this world you can RP you can become whatever you wish due to the vast universe of magi. You can conquer dungeons, rule kingdoms or clans, learn magic, and much more!

This is a roleplay with tons of potential and we are always looking for something or someone new!
Want to find some friends or play with others? Just join have a blast! Nothing special, Just a good server to find friends!
❤ Hello, and Welcome to Lewdie Palace Empire ❤

A Erotic, RolePlay server. We do switch around Themes every couple months or so, just means you better be prepared for the next update. The server is a very well run server, with lots of amazing people that have already joined our server.

Some Features are

10 different bot’s including: Rythm, Mee6, Miki, and more
5+ Different staff members(although we might be looking for more)
A large RP area for free use (more being added)
💗 **__Once Upon A Naughty Time...__** 💗

🌸 Our server is an __18+ Verified Roleplay server__ dedicated to exploring BDSM in an RP context within a *City* From the town to the dungeons, the inner city to the outskirts and forests, you can come in, explore, and discover yourself and the environment! (*For those not quite ready to jump into the RP aspect, or still learning about roleplay, we have plenty of general chats and friendly comraderie, as well as several bots and SFW/NSFW chats for your enjoyment.*) 🌸

🌺 **Come and explore the City!** 🌺

🌺Self assigned role
🌺Erp room
🌺Many more coming soon.
🌺Fun Bot
🌺Active members
🌺Self-assign role
🌺Friendly people
🌺Private Room
🌺Detail Erp/Rp

🌺 **Join the fun and enjoy everything we have to offer! We can’t wait to meet you!** 🌺

__**⚜️What to Expect from this server:**__

🌹Friendly Environment with a Active Community!
🌹Anti Spam methods to keep conversations healthy!
🌹Content Creators are supported and Self-Partnership!

__**⭐What we provide for the community:**__

🌺NSFW Is Optional and Strictly 18+!
🌺Interact with people from all Ages & Countries!
🌺Fun Chats & Bots to make the server more alive!

彡ღ▼**Join us Here!**▼ღ彡


Wie fühlt es sich so an frei zu sein, die grenzenlosen Möglichkeiten zu haben? Tun und lassen zu können, worauf man gerade Lust hat? Sowas ist für alle selbstverständlich. Außer für jene, welche hinter Gitter sind. Sie können nichtmehr das tun, worauf sie gerade Lust haben und müssen sich strikt an einen Plan halten. Alles ist ihnen vorgegeben. Sogar Pinkelpausen sind genau einkalkuliert. Aber zwischen Vergewaltigern, Betrügern, Brandstiftern, Dieben und sogar Mördern gibt es auch noch euch. Ihr, die sich so sicher von eurer Unschuld seid, dass sie alles für eure Freiheit tun würdet. Und was wollt ihr? Genau. Ihr wollt ausbrechen, weil ihr unschuldig seid und würdet dabei über Leichen gehen. So werdet ihr mit einem Bus ins Gefängnis eingeliefert.

Ihr werdet anschließend zu einer von 3 Zellenblöcken zugeordnet. Zellenblock A, Zellenblock B, Zellenblock C

Gemeinsam werdet ihr versuchen euren Charakter ausbrechen zu lassen. Mit Erfolg? Oder werdet ihr kläglich scheitern? Man weiß es nicht....
KAWAII AF DISCORD EMOJIS!! (all emojis content is created by XxMizzVampyxX & content sources can be found in #content-sources channel)

chat, post, weeb it up!
~>nitro emojis
~>emoji suggestions channel
~>”controlled” exsclusive pokécord channels
~>a server for kawaii af content & weebu friends!

=^..^= kawaii bots =^..^=
Waifu Bot { w. }
Pokecord { ! }
Ayana { = }
IdleRPG { $ }
Kawaiibot { + }
Nekobot { n! }
OwO { owo }
Pokécord { ! }
Pollux { p! }
Tatsumaki { t! }
Uberbot { . }
Yui { yui or y! }
The Multiverse of Sora is a small community where everyone and anyone can roleplay with OCs of their creation or any canon character in a highly action packed manner! The majority of our content is sort of based off of Dragon Ball, but we branch out as often as possible! We have power scaling that is progressive towards activity and skill, and have engaging events every weekend to spice things up! We also have a special partnership system where you can engage with different universes canonically, so your character can always experience something new and entertaining! We hope to see you join. Don't be shy; we welcome everyone!
The Dragon Ball Zetto Server, is a server where you and your friends can discuss anything DB Related!
The Multiverse is in peril

The King of All, Zeno had gotten bored of it. He's grown bored of it all. Until one day, he came across a sudden thought that he found to be... Very, very interesting. He executed his idea for entertainment, wiping out universes until 4 remained. Universe 7, Hepta. Universe 6, Hexa. Universe 2, Di and Universe 11, Hende. With the suggestions and wits of the Grand Priest, Zeno had orchestrated these four universes into a free for all war. Now he lays back in his seat, watching as everyone kills each other for their own survival.

It's been a while since this idea was carried out. Around 15 - 20 years. Zeno... Has watched them all slaughter each other and hasn't gotten bored of it yet. With each universe getting their strongest races and raiding other universes in the past years, it's apparent that you can find any race in any universe.

Will you help your G.O.D survive? Or will you go rouge and attempt to stop this madness?
A highly categorized hentai and art server.
Little to no rules in the general chat.
All fetishes welcome.
Hentai • Porn • Ecchi • Milfs • Bondage • Doujinshi • Femboy • Traps • Futa • Monster Girls • Yaoi • Yuri • Gore • Guro • Anime • Art • Figures • Fashion • Animals • Creatures • Video Games • Movies • Tv • Links • Videos • Sex • Gay • Straight • Cute • Roleplay • Toys • Anal • Dick • Penis • Pussy • Oral • Blowjob • Meet up • IRL • Sex Talk • Voice Chat • Etc.
Welcome to the official Osu! community server, we hope you enjoy your stay!
Feel free to join. We have fans of Light novels,Anime,Chinese Novels,Korean novels,etc