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◢ ◤ Xbox’s Finest Roleplay ◥ ◣

------------------------------------------------About Us
Xbox's Finest Roleplay Is A Brand New Grand Theft Auto Xbox Roleplay Server Which Was Founded By An Experienced Set Of Roleplayers Who Focus On Bringing You The Best Roleplay Experience You Can Get.
The Roleplays Are Set In The Fictional State Of San Andreas, Which Is Home To Such Places Like Los Santos And Blaine County
The Type Of Roleplays We Create Are Life Roleplays, Meaning Anyone Can Do Almost Anything! We Carry Some Restrictions For Certain Ranks In Order To Teach New Players The Basics Of Roleplay. For Experienced Players We Offer A Probationary Period To Ensure You Get Your Deserved Rank For Your Skill Level.
Because We Are A Life Roleplay We Need Police So You Can Apply To Help Us!


Departments Include
➥ Los Santos Police Department
➥ Blaine County Sheriffs Office
➥ San Andreas Highway Patrol
➥ Los Santos Fire Department
➥ Civilian Operations
➥ San Andreas Communications Center


Even Though We Are A Small Community Give Us A Chance To Show You What We're About
Apotheosis Studios is an Independent Studio of artists currently working on The Red Opera RPG, a musically inspired 5e Edition Campaign; Shadow of the Moon a 3D Roguelike Action-Adventure RPG, and Illustrated Novella. We are also responsible for The Last Amazon, a fresh perspective on Post-Apocalyptic storytelling which chronicles the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the disparate groups and leaders that have risen after World War III.

This Discord server is meant to be a place to interact with other fans of Apotheosis Studios books and games, as well as its creators! This is also a great place to get behind-the-scenes information on what we've got going on. So excited for you to join our community!
server desc is being worked on : D
we are just a very vibe server that has dank memer
invite rewards are back
thats a thing
Welcome to the Divine Dreams, where your unconscious desires lay rest and a safe haven awaiting you!

Our server consists of just a chill and simple atmosphere for everyone to enjoy!

We play Smash Ultimate a lot, voice chat often and like to socialize with new people that come our way!

If you can take some time to read this, why not join and see for yourself what this server has to offer?

You're welcome in open arms and are free to be yourself as you please, so join us in this never-ending cycle of Divine Dreams! (:
:ringed_planet: ༻°〓〓°༺:star_1:༻°〓〓°༺:aestheticplanet:

𝐃𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐂𝐨𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐬

:rocket: ༻°〓〓°༺:star_1:༻°〓〓°༺:man_astronaut:

Become a Cosmonaut Today!

:earth_americas: O U R F E A T U R E S :earth_africa:

● ● ● ● ● ● :rocket:
● 【:EEEmoon:】⁃ Trading Channels
● 【:sun_with_face:】⁃ Daily Giveaways
● 【:EEEmoon:】⁃ Daily Heist & Failrob
● 【:sun_with_face:】⁃ Daily Pepecoin
● 【:EEEmoon:】⁃ Premium Server
● 【:sun_with_face:】⁃ Reduced Cooldowns
● 【:EEEmoon:】⁃ Max Server Multi
● 【:sun_with_face:】⁃ Epic Booster Perks
● 【:EEEmoon:】⁃ Ready to Help Staff
● 【:sun_with_face:】⁃ Friendly Community
● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ┛
A pretty basic social server, for anime, talking, being a bit lewd, and that’s about it.
Greek mature game agnostic server for people willing to try and play new games, as well as discuss common interests.

✔️ Languages spoken 🇬🇷 Greek & 🇬🇧 English
✔️ Our 1100+ members play 1000+ games
✔️ Board Games & other IRL activities (Athens only for now)
✔️ Channels about Free / Offer Games, Anime, Memes, Hardware, Movies, Series, Art, Programming, NSFW, Music, Animals
✔️ Automatic role assignment & other unique features supported by our custom server bot
✔️ Game specific notification / Find people for any game
✔️ Streamer friendly
✔️ Transparent moderation (visible bans, reasons etc)

Steam group:
Welcome to 🎃The Nintendo Realm🎃.
[📈]We are a small growing community that has over 30 members.

[🎮]We will have conversations about all types of Nintendo games.

[🤖]We have a verity of Bots and Emojis

[🏆]We sometimes host community events

[😎]We also don’t tolerate any sorts of rudeness to anybody.
We hope to see you soon at The Nintendo Realm :).
Un server pentru toate persoanele care au simtul umorului, respect si prietenie.Aici nu facem diferente.Daca te deranjeaza ceva, poti vorbii cu ownerul serverului.
▬▬▬▬▬Drama Out.▬▬▬▬▬
Haiii semuaa
Kami seluruh member D.O ngajak kamu untuk join server kita.
Drama Out adalah tempat yang cocok buat kalian yang lagi bosen, galau, badmood, sedih dan lainnya.
Disini kalian bisa temuin temen curhat waktu kalian sedih, temen mabar waktu kalian bosen, bertukar informasi dan saling memberi saran.
Kita pastikan Owner, Crew dan juga member D.O Humble semua
▬▬▬▬▬ •Come Join us• ▬▬▬▬▬
Join our discord server, for free modded borderlands guns don’t join it easily offended but it’s all joke and we are just here for fun
Общение, совместные игры, турниры, розыгрыши.
🎉 Ongoing TW Octane giveaway to celebrate 1000 members!

🚀 Rocket Labs 🚀
The Rocket League community on Nintendo Switch.

Our server includes:
🛸 Frequent Giveaways
🛸 Trading Channels
🛸 Active Middlemen and Price Checkers
🛸 Car Designers
🛸 Tournaments and Events
🛸 Pokecord and Crate Simulator
🛸 ...And so much more!

A Online gaming community!! Right now we mainly play among us! Looking for gamers that want to compete in tournaments and with a team in multiple games! I want to build this brand and organization to the moon! Join now and feel free to invite completive gamers, or people that want to hang! We do monthly giveaways! We also are doing giveaways for member mile markers! at 250 followers we're giving away a $50 steam gift card!
If your looking for a good community to have good laughs with and tomake new friends while being retarded this is the place for you
Este servidor foi criado para os inscritos do Hiro, e para jogos e conversas. Entre pessoal, chame amigos e anime este chat morto!
A small new server to hang out and have fun.
We play Among us and Minecraft and other cool games.
Voice rooms are open always.
We have a open Minecraft server that 100% works and you can access it at anytime and play on it all day!
We stream on twitch and have a good time. Join us!
This is spenzrl's server this has a stupid name only Indians might be able to get it but this is an English server and join and hav fun everyone is nice to each other . This server maybe dead coz of lack of people but people like u who stay can make this server a better place :D ^_^
This is where we play among us together. But we have other games too, it’s still in a work in progress, but I guess it’s something. Enjoy your time here