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Free ROBLOX Private Servers with no catch, and no invites required. You can browse our Private Server selection that is all owned by matt4756, or you can post your own Private Server suggestion in the #game-suggestions channel. Members with a higher MEE6 level will have their servers purchased first. You can recommend more Private Servers based on your MEE6 Level.

To access the full server, you will have to type !verify in the #verify-here channel. After that, you will be able to join our Private Servers and interact with the community! Formerly known as ROBLOX VIP Servers. This is an unofficial ROBLOX Discord Server run by matt4756.
Hello you!

Are you looking for a server that specifies in ROBLOX Giveaways? Well, you're looking at the right server!

We host giveaways of any sort that are on ROBLOX!

>We talk about anything.
>We have a NSFW channel.
>There are multiple giveaways a day!

All are welcome! Come join and have fun!
Welcome to Honey Hive!
We are a server that accepts all 13+ gamers as long as they do not identify as male. We are a safe haven from the toxic male gaming community and host events and contests often! Come join us ♡ We host a ton of events for our members!

FreAk GamEr
-If you are looking for a Indian Discord server
related to eFootball PES 2020, you have just found
one! We organise events when some participants want
2.YouTube streams and videos of PES
3.User details in the form of application are
submitted for tournaments
4.Rhythm bot for listening songs of your choice
5.Permission to promote your server in the
respective channel
6.Pubg mobile is also Featured on our server
7.Football related server emotes, roles and bots
9.Automod for ur safety
10.Languages used - Hindi +English
11.Kindly staff

https://discord. gg/m PRXV7N (edited)

Welcome to our Dragon Ball Legends server with 1000+ members! Here you can talk and share your experiences about various games and Anime!! Our Old server got nuked but this is a revamped version!! we got:

💎Monthly Giveaways

💎Conquer new heights of a saiyan through the level up system

💎100+buyable roles just for you

💎DBL minigame,One Piece adventure game,pokemon games and much more!

💎Daily info on every Game and Anime!

Join now to meet with the greatest Anime fans around the globe!!
Welcome to Roblox Community ☺️
What do we have?
-❤️Kind People❤️
-🕊️Welcoming Community🕊️
-🔥️Generous giveaways featuring all kinds of games!🔥️
-🍀️Lots of fun game bots🍀️
-👍️We listen to all recommendations for both bots and channels!👍️
-👑️Lots of roles!You can even choose your own colour role (e.g Ocean Green)👑️
-⚡️High chances to become a Helper⚡️
Please do come and join ✨️Roblox Community✨️ You won't ever regret joining 🤗️
Kum Klub Official

A gaming server heavily oriented towards voice chatting. We play all sorts of PC games (See below) so if that seems like your type of thing, consider stopping by!

Grand Theft Auto 5
Hand Simulator
Human Fall Flat
Left 4 Dead 2
Sea of Thieves
Team Fortress 2
Tabletop Simulator
Payday 2
Garry's Mod
A small US based server with friendly people to chat with. We have multiple events every week including party games and movie night. Can't wait to say hi :)
Welcome to Bread.

This is an active server and you can request bots you want to add!

We do:
-Lots of bots
-Myuu giveaways
-Invite rewards

If you like bread and having fun, this is a server for you!

In case the link on Disboard didn't work, try:
Welcome to Good Vibes! This is a chill server for everyone to have fun on and make new friends! If you’re a fan of SU or anything else,enjoy your stay 😊🥰. ALL FANDOMS ARE WELCOMEE!!! I also want other content creators to join and promote their stuff! Hope you all enjoy your stay!
sincerely- OG Pink Pearl#0666 (Owner of the Server)
Welcome to Murder Massacre, This server is all new with great and awesome staff!

-MM2/Assassin Trading
Great place to offer your weapons that you are trading!
-Middle man
We have trusted middle mans to help you with huge trades.
-Trade advisors
Help you with trades that you are unsure about.
Giveaways with each milestone.
Great way to bond with the community.

Hope you join.
Nova Zulu Is Your Gaming Community, Built By Your Fellow Gamers. We Operate Multiple Game Servers & Websites. Join Us For PC Gaming, Magic: The Gathering, Table Top Gaming, DnD & More!
We are a giveaway and trading server for Dank Memer. (Not directly associated with Dank Memer). Also, rob and heist is disabled so no worries!
also has tacoshack and some other bots to play with and no NSFW
Ciao! Siamo i sexy boys e abbiamo deciso di rendere il nostro discord pubblico. Siamo agli inizi ma se cercate della gente per parlare o giocare a qualsiasi cosa siete i benvenuti:

-Siamo molto attivi
-Siamo aperti ai consigli
-Abbiamo diversi canali e bot per la musica
-Aperti al black-humor e memes
-Siamo anche molto goliardici

Se ti abbiamo convinto che aspetti a entrare?
We are a PoGo server that just wants to provide a place for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves.

We offer our own Nest website which gives you all the coordinates to the nests we have on record and is updated every few days or so (The MasterNest)

We do:
• Shiny hunts ( x2 a week at least)
• lure parties (x1 per week)
• Raids
• GPX Routes for both iOS & Android
• Quest coords
• Location Spawns (NYC, Zaragoza etc...)
• Abundance of information & help
• Flex channel
• Anti-flex channel
• Gym flip requests
• PvP battles
• PvP Coords
• Weather search
• IV Chart Search
• Raid Counters Search
• Cluster Spawns
• Games (mewbot etc.)
• Coordinates (Posted by Articuno bot)
• Meltan Boxes
The server boasts a warm & welcoming atmosphere that anyone will fit right into, all are welcome (Spoofer or not) We hope you’ll come and join us and become part of the PoGo CDC family.

**Remember to select your roles to access all the features the server has to offer**
join or die >:3 were chill and fun. If you leave we will hack yer account. come for drugs
On this currently small server we like to play a few different games mostly on steam, and want people like you to join to add to the fun of playing multi-player games.
♡ Welcome to Imagination™️, wonderful person! ♡
♡ All the emotes you need! ♡

㊋ Meet a lot of new interesting people
㊋ Make new awesome friends
㊋ Have fun with entertaining bots
㊋ Self assignable roles
㊋ NSFW (pornography/hentai)
㊋ And many more wonderful features
♡ Join my server and be part of the community! I lob u all ♡
Welcome to Tyler's Hangout!

“What do you have in your server, you might ask?" Well, we have!

🚔 Great Admins.
🛡️ Epic Security. (Pings are disabled and we have a anti-spam bot, so we are raid proof!)
❤️ Respect towards you no natter who you are or what things you like (as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, of course)
🤖 Many bots for you to have fun with.
🔔 Verification system!
🎮 Custom game roles to ping if you wanna play with others!
🎥 Event Nights!

And more!
Minecraft Java

Welcome to HyperMC!

HyperMC is a community where you can talk to other people without having to deal with all those annoying people that just make it a bad experience. In this Discord, you can receive rewards on my Minecraft server (

Why join the HyperMC community?

You should join the HyperMC community because it is a family-friendly, but also unique way to interact with others online, at the same time giving back to the community with giveaways, island top payouts, and more.

What does the HyperMC community have?

↬ Giveaways
↬ Live Streams
↬ Reaction Roles
↬ Minecraft Server
↬ Skyblock is top payouts
↬ Karaoke Nights
↬ Game Days
↬ Friendly Staff
↬ Discord bots
↬ Anime Chat
↬ NSFW Chat
↬ Music Channels
↬ Support Team
↬ Ticket System
↬ And more!

We hope to see you in the HyperMC community very soon!
A place for all the gamers to meet each other and play together. Server still in development. We also have some cool game bots.
Hello! Voidtide Fandom is a server where a YT Channel called "Voidtide Studios" will be doing events, videos, sneak peeks, etc.. in this server! Well..If you like our channel..probs dont even know it.. but check it out please :) ~ Toaf | Everyone is welcome :D