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Genshin Impact Discord Hub. For those who want to play with others or just chill and talk about the game. We have grown 100+ Members so far but trying to get more people who enjoy the game or anime and manga in general. Hope to see all who join. Let's make this Discord the best one for Genshin Impact.
Sky5 is a RolePlay server for GTA 5. Our aim is to make a realistic GTA RolePlay server for anyone who wants to play and join our community. We offer a few departments like Police and for police we have Blaine County sheriffs office, San Andreas Highway Patrol. Los Santos Police Department, Swat and Air unit. We have fire/ems witch it San Andreas Fire department, AirMed and Search and Rescue unit. We offer Dispatch and of course we have Civilian. There will be more in the future such as Military related things and so on. We always have something new that we are working on as well.

Why Sky5? We think you should choose us if you want a good community and a great RolePlay experience, We are PS4 and Soon to be Xbox One and are always looking for staff positions!
≻ Updates still to come.
≻ People are supportive & Respectful.
≻ Active Chat.
≻ Staff members and Server members are supportive and always here to help.
≻ Minecraft Realm. (Bedrock)
≻ Fun Rules & Daily Announcements.
≻ Events & Fun Activities.
≻ Updating the Server Emotes.
≻ Feedback is most wanted!
≻ Most people are always 'dm open'.
≻ LGBTQIA+ Supported! :D
Hello, come join the rengoku users, we help here and its a very small community by now, our goal is to get 100 members by the end of the year, we dont require anything! Come join us and have fun!
Come hang out with people who play Minecraft, Pokemon and other stuf! also this server is a W.I.P so please bear with us!
Join the Gen 8 Gauntlet!
We are a growing server based around Swsh games.
We will have things such as giveaways as we grow as a server.
We will also have online battles and possibly an E4 when the time comes
There is people here to help you out with your competitve team and come flex your shinies that you get. We have bots such as Alcremie and Beeheeyeem as well as Rhythm and MEE6!
This is an amazing growing community for raids, chatting, and even other games as well like among us! Come hang out!
This is a new Unturned server that we're trying to grow, and build together we have custom roles, Poke-cord Rhythm and Yui, Our Unturned in game server will be modded and hopefully you guys will come and hangout! we plan to hopefully get a huge unturned community and build like a little village in our unturned server, doing raids and maybe even events as well.
Fun & Active Discord community!. We are RoyaltCraft, server that allows you to play, talk each other, chilling. We have daily giveaway too.

❔ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏ ᴡᴇ ᴏғғᴇʀ We offer a nice playable free server for everyone without lags. We can talk each others with multi language too not just English

IP address :
Version: [1.16.1 or More] [Java] [Cracked]
The server is 24/7

> Friendly and Active Community 👥
> Booster perks for server Booster 🚀
> Daily Giveaways 🎁
> Unique Roles 🔰
> Many emojis 🦠

- Free welcome gift 🎁
- Interactive Players 👥
- Pvp allowed ⚔️
- Free join 🔓
- with Ranks 👑
- Active 💻
- Towny and Nation 🏡
- Build allowed 🏬
- Survival only 🌏
- PVP tournament for a Prize ⚔️
- Giveaways 🎁
- Ticket Bot for Support🎟️
- Money is here💵
- Jail for bad people 🤬
- Trade with others 🤝
- Work ( Job ) and gain money 💰
- Shop with chest 💳
- Ingame and discord chat 🗨️
- With War and Sieges
- Villagers Shop 🛍️
- Add friend 👬
- Anti creeper explosion 💥
- Added wild teleport 🌳
- With action leveling system💎
- With sit command 🪑
- With custom craft🪓
- With login register 🔒

Read #🍀・rules before play.

Have a nice day.

Royallity - CEO of RoyaltCraft
Genshin Impact Philippines discord server was created to build a fun and healthy community for Filipino gamers of Genshin Impact.

List of things you will see in our server:
❗️ Active and responsive Admins
🇵🇭 Friendly community with helpful Travelers
✨ Streamer Program where streamers can join our Podcast
💖 Boosted server with plenty of cute Genshin Impact-themed emojis
👾 Done with Genshin Impact for the day? Come watch movies or play Among Us with us!

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!

[Ps4] ✨New Server✨ [PvP]


⭐6 man tribes
⭐15x Harvest
⭐15x Experience
⭐30x Taming
⭐105x Incubation
⭐130x Maturation
⭐105 Player Level [+40 Chibi Levels and Ascension]
⭐150 Max Wild Dino [180 Tek/190 Wyv]
⭐150 Turret Limit
⭐300 Dino Limit
⭐Cheap Craft
⭐Custom Recipes
⭐Transferrable Element
⭐Custom NPC Spawn
⭐Modded Drops
⭐Faster Structure Decay
⭐Auto Engrams [No Tek]
⭐Unlimited Pickup Timer
⭐Bushberry Seed Currency

🌟🌟Players Decide🌟🌟
🌟🌟No Admins Play🌟🌟

⭐🌠Dragon Nest M : STAR🌠⭐

Starter Package

🌟 Free Prue white costumes set
🌟 Free Spare 10
🌟 Free 1st anniversary title
🌟 Free Level 12 Jades
🌟 Free Legenday Dragon Mount
🌟 Free Legenday Fairy
🌟 Level 130 eat chocolate
🌟 2B Diamond,Dragon Coin,Gold
🌟 Awekenskill 2500


🌟 PvP Tournament Win No. 1 every week.
🌟 Free Guild level 10 When there are 10 members (inform admin)
🌟 Daily Login
🌟 Balance Nest And Lair Easy
🌟 Free refill for Diamonds, Gold, Dragon Coins,Inscription
🌟 Dragon Soul Treasure
🌟 Faction Confrontation
🌟 World Boss With Worth Reward
🌟 Balance Job
🌟 Guild War
🌟 There are frequent events from the admin many rewards

Fanpage Facebook:

@ [Admin][Dev]Cz` / Thailand
@ [GM][MOD]Livme On / Philippines
@ [GM][MOD]Jikael / Indonesia
@ [STAFF] Onee' / Philippines
Morning Dawn 🏞️🏞️🏞️🏞️🏞️🏞️🏞️🏞️is a classic , relaxation server. Puro mga nakavoice call ang tao dito hanggang sa pagtulog hahaha. Meron kasing rewards kada isang oras kang nagsstay sa vc . Welcome po dito lahat ng nagpupuyat hahahaha. Astro themed ang server namin.

Morning Dawn has:
- casino / server economy 🏣
- free for all create private vc 🔐
- poetry channel 📜
- confessions 😶
- art channel 🎨
- face reveal. 🎭
- Seasonal Gifts 🍂
-VIP Perks / Activeness Ranks
- Dank Memer, Myuu , IdlerRPG, Anigame, Owo, Robyul, Mudae.
and more exciting bots.

Naghahanap pa po kami ng admins and moderators na active 🥺.
Naghahanap din po kami ng ninong at ninang sa paskoo haha . Chour.

Disclaimer : we don't do partnership dahil ayaw ng morning dawn may may nagpiping lagi ng @everyone.

Lumber Tycoon 2 Hub! A server of Fun and Entertainment motivated by Defaultio's Roblox game "Lumber Tycoon 2"

We offer the following:
-Marketplace for trading, buying and selling
-Auction and bidding for auctioning items
- Giveaways. We do occasional BIG giveaways
- Casino. We have bots capable of hosting gambling games in the server!
- Level Rewards! Get rewards when you reach a specific level, so keep talking in the chats to get your level up!
- Building Competition! This competition will be voted by members of this server for a fair competition!
- Base Showcase. Show off your creation!
- Suggestion box. We hear you! so speak up.

Join the server to learn more!
Hello you, i create the best discord server for search the best script on the server of your choice. If the server is not displaying you can request the server script. Usually seen and downloadable within 24 hours.

- Best server script
- Request processed within 24 hours
- Script Auto Update
and more.

Come join the Wolf Family!! We look forward to seeing you <3

If link don't work:

Bye Bye!
**»»————- Hello! ————-««**
*Welcome to our server! 🎉
We are a friendly server based mostly off the game Dragon adventures.
In this server you are available to act as yourself, Trade with each other, Chat, Hangout, and even win giveaways.*
*- Trading channels for games other than dragon adventures 🌟

- Fun Bots 🥳

- Online Friendly Staff 😇

- Giveaways 🎁

- Private Server Links 🕵️

- Questions Channel for if you have any questions you would like answered ❓

- Support Channel for if your feeling down and need someone to chat to* 💔

__You are all welcomed!__ ❤️
✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎ ✌︎︎ ♧︎
This is the Official Amino Discord Server for RDAA


RDAA is a fan-made Amino community for the Roblox game, Dragon Adventures created by Sonar Studios.

We accept everyone to come and join us here in RDAA's Official Discord Server!


Join the Amino Community here!
Jeśli szukasz osób do gry w Phasmophobia to dobrze trafiłeś! Największe polskie community Phasmophobii stoi przed wami otworem!

-Bycie częścią największego polskiego community o Phasmophobii
-Możliwość znalezienia osób do gry
-Aktywną i pomocną administrację
-Codzienne sesje
-Miłe community
-Pomoc i wprowadzenie dla nowych graczy
Bienvenidos a terrarianos mobile,un server de terraria donde podrás encontrar lo siguiente:
1)servers 24/7 para jugar.
2)staffs experimentados.
3)noticias del juego.
5)una comunidad maravillosa.
Entrad y pasar un buen rato :D!!
Join this server for pg sharp keys and pokemon go .....Come lets enjoy...Together.☺☺☺ you can also search for nest, weather, distance etc in my server...
The Dark Matter Clan (DMC) is a clan for those who love the Roblox accessories Dark Matter, this environment contains entertainment and peace!

This server includes...

Rating Avatars

And probably more along the road!

So come and stop on by to join the DMC!
°•⁀➷ ::We are a small growing community looking for some members to join for our car meets and to host car meets!! ♡ ︵ . . ❞
₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Fun and chill !

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Server still being made !

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Goal of 100 members!

₊˚꒰ ꒱༉¨。Available partnerships !
°•⁀➷ :: Come stop by, will you ? ♡ ︵ . . ❞