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[Hiatus]Universal Connection: Crossover Roleplay
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[Hiatus]Universal Connection: Crossover Roleplay

[Note: We need your help. The server has recently fallen into a period of inactivity, however, we are doing what we can to fix this issue, please dont leave the moment you join just because the server isnt exploding with activity. This also means the roleplays are pratically scarce, but once again, I assure you it'll be solved once activity comes back, we even have an arc prepared.]

Welcome to Universal Connection! A crossover roleplay server where you can be almost anything as long as it doesn't break the rules! Our server allows both canon and original characters, so no need to ask.
We also have, but not limited to:

-Story arcs/events: Story arcs are huge roleplay events that can affect most if not all roleplay areas and most likely even change the course of the story itself, you can have a chance to participate in these if you wish. Events are the same, but smaller and not as chaotic, much easier to manage.

-Open space for character development: This is something we owners want to assure you can have, as you have the freedom to choose what area you wish to RP and with who.

-Kind and just staff team: The staff team here is fair, just and kind, we assure you that we have simple rules that you can easily follow. And you don't need to be afraid to ask questions, just make sure you read rules beforehand!

Those are only some things we have, you should join and look for yourself!
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