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The Sentinel Inn
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The Sentinel Inn

This world is large and vast. Filled with many magical creatures, immortal and mortal alike. Humans, elves, dragons, dwarves. They all live in this vast planet together in harmony (for the most part).

Who created this world though? Who rules the strong northern winds? Who brings us the sun and moon each and every day? The answer is simple. The gods.

Are you a god? An immortal? Or a simple mortal adventure? The choice is yours come join us to find out.
KomachiSama Bumpeado hace 9 horas

Calificaciones & Reseñas

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FreezerBurn FreezerBurn
This place is so much fun if you love Greek Mythology mixed with Dungeons and Dragons. I highly recommend it.
hace 69 días
2 1
Springtrap Springtrap
Amazing and Fun
The Sentinel Inn is an amazing server and incredibly fun to be in. The people here are very nice and are very fun to role-play with. The staff are strict but also very fair and nice. They are very welcoming to new people, and will help them get set up and answer their questions and such. People have a lot of freedom to do whatever with their characters, as long as it doesn't mess up the role-play or break any rules. The rules are also very fair and easy to follow. While there are fights and arguments every now and then, the staff do their best to resolve them peacefully first before getting stern. There are arguments and fights every now and then but other than that it is peaceful and very fun to talk to them, along with everyone else. I have a very fun time with the people in the server, and I love role-playing with them. I highly recommend it.
hace 72 días
3 1
Lys Sun Lys Sun
Really nice and welcoming
I joined this server and a moderator welcomed me directly and let me take my time to create my character and answer my questions.
I was a bit lost because it was the first time I joined a role-playing server,
The members are really nice and conflicts are always resolved quickly, when there are any. Mods create events where everyone can join and keep everything entertaining.
I recommend it based on my experience and the fact that the community is really welcoming.

The lore is really interesting and takes place in a new world based on Greek mythology. Without any high level engineering as gun or anything like that, but we got magic ! You can choose to play a god or a goddess, an immortal or a mortal.
hace 75 días
3 2
KomachiSama KomachiSama
Great Server
Not every server is perfect. There is no such thing. This server does have flaws, but in the end it is still very fun place to roleplay. The mod team lets people have MOSTLY free reign on how to create their character. Mod team is great, they are very helpful in answering all your questions. Yes there was one bad mod member, but they left and were punished accordingly. In the past there has been some issues and things were chaotic with very stubborn members, but the mod team worked together to keep things afloat and now they are stronger then ever. I highly recommend this place to roleplay. Great members, great lore, great characters.
hace 75 días