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sullivan sullivan
epic gamers
This is a good server for minecraft and fortnite gamers. Our goal is 50 members by the end of 2020. Please help us grow this fantastic server bigger :3.
ahora mismo
Simyon Simyon
Good server
I like this server because its a small one with only 20 - 25 people online and i like that. If you want to have a nice chat with the very active owner then do so.
hace 39 segundos
DaVinci1836 DaVinci1836
Very good and friendly server
This server is a vey good and fun server. The people in here are very nice and friendly. It's also active and there is fun bots and you always have fun in this server. 5/5
hace 1 minuto
JustMonika JustMonika
Absolutely Fun, Amazing, and Friendly Server created by Angelica Hale!!
Angelica Hale created this server to get closer to her fans and she's done exactly that! She has created a fun environment that keeps me coming back for from different games, to gaming rp, to different events such as talent contests and fan-art contests!! You cannot help but make friends due to the interaction with other fans!! It is a great outlet during these times of quarantine and the server just keeps getting better! I just can't get enough!! It has to be one of my favorite servers ever! And now with the new added Karaoke channels! I'm hooked! I'm definitely recommend this server! Join it! You won't want to miss out!!! Cheers!
hace 1 minuto
Daniel | Daniel |
Server mit viel Potential
Wir sind die deutsche Community für Area F2.

Bei uns bekommst du alle Informationen sobald sie vom Entwickler veröffentlich wurden und wirst von einem Moderatoren Team Rund um die Uhr betreut.
hace 4 minutos
Fade Fade
Very chad server
They give free stuff and i like free stuff so i take free stuff.
And if you want free stuff you should join and get your free stuff.
They mostly give away clothes that looks very nice.

hace 5 minutos
kogutkogut kogutkogut
Wszystko jest git.
Nic nie jest złe!
:) :) :) :)
:) :) :) :)
hace 10 minutos
Beerus-Sama Beerus-Sama
very good server
this server is full of very kind and nice people. very good server with toureys and stuff
hace 15 minutos
Sapphire Sapphire
Respectful community, fast service.
Enjoyed my time there, excited to watch it grow.
hace 17 minutos
princess ♡ princess ♡
best ddlc server out there!
if you're looking for any doki doki literature club servers to join, you've come to the right place! doki doki emotes club (ddec) is a server with 100% originally drawn and cute emojis of the ddlc characters. it also has a small and amazing community filled with incredibly nice people. the server is super organized and clean. it even has self roles you can pick out (which, in my opinion, is a must-have for discord servers). the owner is super nice and if you ever need anything from them they are always open to answer questions. overall, this server is amazing and i recommend you join and see for yourself!
hace 19 minutos
8BitBaker 8BitBaker
Awesome Community, Growing Server!
This is a great server if you're looking for a smaller atmosphere to discuss gundams and gunpla! Mostly active during US hours with a few members on (but less active) during European hours.

Daily conversation about Gunpla, all ages welcome as long as you are within Discord's TOS age restrictions!
hace 21 minutos
iShock Review
One of the best community gaming community out there. People are helpful and friendly. It's nice being part of a community that still plays and loves one of the best RTS game franchise ever, CNC.
hace 21 minutos
!                O S M A N /19 ! O S M A N /19
Mükemmle Eğitim ve oyun sohbet sunucusu
HACK oyun sohbet discord sunucusu çok güzel :) kalıcı arkadaşlara hediyler veriliyor :)
hace 29 minutos
☬Astral_TM☬ ☬Astral_TM☬
Polecam wam wbić na ten serwer. Mamy tu troche martwo ale żyć trzeba :p. Dołącz do nas!
hace 33 minutos
Ponger Ponger
Amazing server overall
Wholesome and organized server, But the reason i'm giving 4 stars is the staff members, Some of the staff members would argue about useless things and some wouldn't even do what they're supposed to do. But overall, Great server.
hace 34 minutos
Mace he/him Mace he/him
Awesome Server!
This is an awesome server! It's a good place to hang out and make new friends. It is a super supportive and positive place, with good security measures in place to keep everybody safe! 👌100/5
hace 34 minutos
arrows arrows
best gaga server 2020
great server to hang out in and talk about gaga or other artists.

isn't like haus of gaga which is filled with old men and an owner who tries to justify pedophilia x
hace 35 minutos
Akaicha Akaicha
Good community
Untuk kalian yang emng bener bener nda tau mau gabung kemana, silahkan mencoba server ini, dan dijamin mungkin akan menambah teman.

server ini member nya ramah semua dan saling menghargai satu sama lain

untuk pemain game yang ada di member ini tidak begitu banyak, dan mayoritas mereka bermain PB, dan merekalah yang mengenalkan ku tentang game tersebut.

hace 36 minutos
'Wolfie-Kun 'Wolfie-Kun
Thank you my dear gods Bipro and Levi for inviting me . This has to be the best server , very chill and friendly BUT if you do haram they cut pp :((
hace 37 minutos
Cool server
great community and active members mostly active on Fridays but you can always have a good time :D
hace 39 minutos
4queijos 4queijos
todos sao ativos e conversas de acordo com as normas do discord as pessoas colocam
hace 42 minutos
I was in this server for quite a while and I've got to say it's a pretty fun server it has a lot of active members and it's great overall.
hace 47 minutos
The Best Server I Have Been In
This Community is better then any community better then the Twitch Community And Even better with these community’s with 1000 of members all though we don’t have so many members we all still support join up today to enjoy the best time of you discord experience because we all chat and act like family together so cmon don’t wait join up today!
hace 48 minutos
Jakubeggg Jakubeggg
Wow, ten serwer jest naprawdę dobry! Znalazłem na nim osoby do grania w różne gry, a nawet po pewnym czasie udało mi się dostać do grona administracji!
hace 49 minutos

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