The Kingdom of Aesteria, known as the kingdom of the stars. Somewhere, far behind the horizon, lies this land.
For generations, the kingdom has lived in peace. The kings and queens have been reigning over Aestheria for two years, peacefully, no wars. The current king and queen will do the same, and make sure their kingdom and their people will remain to live in peace.
At least, that's what they thought.
With the disappearance of their daughter, the kingdom slowly starts to crumble. The chaos spreads, and groups form. People are afraid, what will happen now that peace seems to slowly be taken over by chaos? No one no longer trusts each other, afraid anyone may be the enemy. The fear turns into anger and suspicion, and it seems that, after two hundred years of peace, there may be a war coming.

Five years later, the disappearance of the lost daughter remains a mystery. But the kingdom has changed. The once peaceful kingdom has turned into a dark land. The Turncoats and the Rebellion, the two biggest groups that were formed during the time of chaos, still seem to fight. The Turncoats keep taking over villages, while the Rebellion tries to free the people of Aestheria.
War hasn't broken out yet, but people remain afraid. If it keeps on going the way it is now, a war may break out.


Welcome to Aestheria - Kingdom of the Stars. We are a fairly new roleplay server that welcomes all new members! We strive to be a safe haven for those who seek it, everyone is welcome!
Our server has quite a few things to offer!
- Bots! Tupperbox and MEE6!
- A lot of OOC roles!
- A lot of choices for your character!
- OOC channels!
- A wide variety of roleplay channels!

There's enough to choose from! So come join us, and discover the strange lands of Aestheria - Kingdom of the Stars!