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-✩ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒫𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝒪𝒻 𝒮𝓈𝒶𝓇𝓁𝒾𝓉 𝑀𝑜𝑜𝓃 ✩-


Greetings newcomer,

I am Alpha Shadow, the leader of The Pack of Starlit Moon. We are only a fledgling pack still learning the ropes and climbing our obstacles but we have faced quite a few hardships in our time so far from rogues to spies. We have a rather close knit group who relies heavily on one another and is typically warm and welcoming so long as you are! Our drive and our goal is to survive the calamity that once befell our ancestors, a divide in the pack that destroyed it. There are many positions in which to strive for, many advancements that can be made and many goals that can be set. We value loyalty, ability, and kinship above all else here within our pack. We hope that one day we can become more than those before us once sought after, we wish to walk the path to success and happiness. Will you walk the pack alongside us or in adversity to us? Join us and may we walk along the same path!


🐺》➳ We are a semi-realistic Roleplay Wolf Pack!

🍭》➳ We are a child friendly server and rp! No explicit content is allowed here.

💘》➳ We have many rp channels and occasional pack events!

✨》➳ We are an Open rp! The application is simply to see what roles are needed.

🦌》➳ We have many ranks available! Including Council ranks.

💬》➳ There are many ooc chats for you to get to know the people you’re rping with!

⚜️》➳ The server is not very strict but we strive to create a safe environment.

🎉》➳ We have many fun bots and are always open for suggestions!

Some time ago, the son of an ancient king was born. This son was Kaiser, along with his other litter mates. Kaiser’s father was a tyrannical brute, and was even blamed for the death’s of his entire family. Kaiser grew up under brutal judgment and abuse, both mentally and physically. The sire never objected, however, because he thought that at least in the end, he’d gain power after his father’s passing acting as his heir and next king, though when Kaiser’s brother was chosen for the throne instead, it sent him over the edge. Kaiser acted out in a violent matter and attacked his brother, though his father put an end to it and banished Kaiser, so that he would be alone and would have to leave. Of course, Kaiser did as told, out of fear that his father would kill him if he didn’t. A few followers went with Kaiser, and with these followers he started a pack of his own, Red Stream. Seasons have passed since then, and now the pack has grown in numbers and is finally beginning to flourish. What will the future hold for Red Stream?
Long ago, a huge wolf pack existed among smaller groups. Unfortunately, this pack didn’t have much of a structure other than their Alpha pair. This lead to lots of disorienting fights and useless conflicts with the smaller groups.

After the bigger pack managed to take over all the land, the prey started to go scarce. Herds felt overwhelmed at the number of wolves there was. The pack started relying on hunting smaller mammals, which fled from the place as well. From there on, everything started going downhill. Some animals and insects started overpopulating without their natural predators. Nature started to collapse on itself.
There were severe losses. Many died of starvation, a few decided to leave to find food for themselves. Then the Alphas disappeared. The wolves didn’t have anything nor anyone to rely on anymore, so they dispersed. Many ran away from the territory and started their own packs, or joined others as a dispersal. Only a couple of the wolves from the pack decided to stay, but they slowly died out from the prey loss and the self-isolation because of paranoia. But something else seemed to be happening in this now remote place...

After years, the territory is finally habitable again, herds finally are back there, and the natural balance is restored. New wolves are drawn to the place, with many dispersals wandering around. What could happen now? Will there be new packs? Or the will old disaster make them flee? Most importantly, why are there voices seemingly coming from the woods themselves?

- We are lgbtq+ friendly
- We have dice mechanics to determine the success of hunting
and much more.
Unfortunately, we are still a WIP server. A lot of the actual mystery of the roleplay will be revealed later. However, we still need more members before we start properly. It would be awesome if you joined!
This description will be edited in the future.
The Blue Blood pack is fairly new and is accepting all new members. This server is a bit more realistic but it will have events taking place that members can vote on.
⌘Tʜᴇ ᴘᴀᴄᴋs ᴏғ Kᴏʟᴊɪ Isʟᴀɴᴅ⌘
Between the UK and Greenland you'll find an island named Kolji. It's quite big and filled with it's wonderful nature. The Southern part of the island has been claimed by the humans, small villages and maybe 1 or 2 cities will be found there. The biggest part of the island towards the north has been claimed by it's nature. Animals roam free through the forests, mountains and all the biomes of the island. One stands out of all of them: the wolves. These canines have created packs all over the island, some of them small others huge. Some pack are friendly, even to humans. Others only think about fighting and killing. At the west coast of Kolji, not too far from the humans either, you'll find The Pack of Roaring Rivers. It's one of the most well-known packs on the island. Being led by the young Alpha Dusty, the pack is known for its kindness while still being good in fights. That kindness also helped The Pack of Night Walkers have a good start. After the pack had been murdered and chased out by humans, TPoRR helped the 2 remaining survivors start there pack somewhere else. Evelyn became the queen (aka Alpha) of TPoNW. The pack is situated east from TpoRR more toward the centre of the island, near the sun lake. Together the packs live peaceful sharing a border, a meeting ground and a great friendship between the two leaders. Will you join TPoRR and help others while always being prepared for a fight? Or will you join TPoNW and help the new pack off to a great start as they keep growing? Kolji Island is always full of adventure and new things for you to discover. So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun!


What we offer-
• loving family
• people of all types
• caring admins
• active, and interesting rp
• fun bots! even our own one
• currently looking for active people to give high ranks!
And much more! Come join our story, and see what we’re like!

(we recently moved servers, it's now much easier to understand!)
During an experiment, a faulty machine leads to a nuclear explosion, killing a majority of the nearby population and forcing the survivors to move far away. However, left behind by the humans are the canines and a desolate wasteland. Domestic dogs must learn how to survive in a post-apocalyptic city, but not only that, wolves and coyotes have entered the picture. Dogs must submit to a superior, tyrannical pack led by bloodthirsty, brainwashed wolves and coyotes with foxes as their henchmen. They patrol the streets and search constantly for new prisoners, leaving the lower packs no choice but to go into hiding. Will the dogs submit to the new, cruel system brought unto them-- or will they persevere?
we are a friendly LGBTQ+ furry server that accepts all fandoms, sexualities and genders. We are a chilled community ranging from role-players to gamers to artist! come and join this wonderful community!

We have:
1) Awesome staff
2) Self-Assignable roles ranging from LGBTQ+ roles to Furry roles (using our cool reaction role system)
3) multiple channels for certain topics
4) a cool levelling system
5) top security bots and admin bots
6) our very own custom mascot bot
and much, much more!!!

Come join today to be apart of what we offer! :D
Sköpun is an all canine rpg, with a fantasy twist. Set in their own world there are many mythical tales and creatures. Our plot is lightly based upon; Brother Bear (film) and The Sight (novel.) The canines live within their own world, trying to fit in with all the other species. Whilst the spirits and Gods guide them they never give them answers. The world of Sköpun and everything within it, the canines will have to overcome by themselves.

Our plot is detailed, with many subplots a long the way. Members are included every step of the way. Sköpun also offers;
• Competitions.
• Quests/Missions.
• Unique diverse character creation.
• Multiple characters.
• Fun & loving community.
• Dedicated Staff Team.
• Open suggestions to the server & roleplay.
• Much more. (To find out our detailed plot and everything else come swing by!)
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Sanctum Of Wolves █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

"Three main packs rule the lands, the relationship between the three main packs is constantly being pulled in many directions. Will you choose to ally yourself with the mighty but reserved Ferai? The violent and wild natured Wraith? Or the vain yet well known Matari? Or will you choose a path to create your own destiny?"

Our server is

-LGBTQ Friendly
-Open and Welcoming, if you find yourself struggling to get involved the community enjoys helping!
-Exclusive linearts commissioned to be used as bases for your characters you have the option to use
-Giveaways involving art and games
-A unique DnD based battle system to make role playing more interesting
This is based off Aphmau's Falcon Claw University Series. You arrive into the university that has many different species and people with variety with different abilities. This is one of the biggest universities in this parallel universe. This is a chilled out relaxed roleplay for aphmau fans and other fans that might want to just have a university roleplay and might be interested in the aphmau fandom. Enjoy yourselves and have fun.
The Forgotten Packs is a semi-literate wolf roleplay that takes place in a land long forgotten by mankind. Four packs live together, bound by one code, worshiping five gods. These five gods and goddesses aren't just a religion, they're family, literally! Join the server and pick between The Liandi, Agora, Impela and Esinti packs or if that's not your style you can you rogue and become a packless wolf.
The server is based off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Warrior Cats but this doesn't mean you need to of read the books or even know what they are! We have a handful of people that didn't even know about the books until joining.
We offer a great server with
60+ roleplay channels
Supportive and active staff
An interesting plot
Lots of anime talk
A creative approach to the warriors series
No roleplay/spectator role
So come on down and give the forgotten packs a try! Who knows, you might just find exactly what you're looking for.
You stumble through the brambles, rapid breathing escaping your jaws. The cold reveals your breath as you look up, but that is not the only thing you see. 2 larger wolves watch your movement. A dark, coffee-colored pelt advances towards you, teeth bared as his eyes lock onto yours.
"This territory belongs to our packs. If you have a reason to be here, I suggest you say it now." His voice drips authority as you hear.

What will you say?

This roleplay includes two packs, The Pack of Whispering Nights and The Pack of Dancing Suns. The server is still being modified, but new packs are welcome to join and we accept lone wolves! Come join the family today!
Therian’s Meaning:
“A Mammal Of The Major Group Theria”
🐺 ━ Therian Shadows ୨✪୧ ⊹₊˚˖
.││ │.✫
││ ✪
│♡ ° ✷
♡ . •

Feeling Bored, Nothing To Do During Spare Time? This Is The Place For You! This Is An Entertaining, Educating, Family Role Play Wolf Pack Server!

❝ ━ -ˏ💫ˎ˗ ️ What We Offer ⊹₊˚˖࿔
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Supportive, Caring Members !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Many Pack Ranks (Eta, Epsilon, Etc) !
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Fun Playful Bots (OwO, Dank, Etc.) !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Fun Pack Daily’s (Polls And Quests) !
꒰꒰️ • ✨ ๑ Role Play Channels !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ Exciting Role Play Plots !
꒰꒰ • ✨ ๑ Server Booster Role !
꒰꒰ • 🐺 ๑ And Much More~
❝ ━ -ˏ💫ˎ˗ Join Today! ⊹₊˚˖࿔
⚒ The Rivalry takes place in a long stretch of rolling hills with many different groups of wolves, however this roleplay focuses on two specifically; the Kingdom of Cywyn, and the Kingdom of Gwaetha. See, they were once a single Kingdom, the Kingdom of Theressa. Due to some strongly conflicted beliefs within the Kingdom, and a long battle, it was split, into the two polar opposite Kingdoms they are today. However, who will get claims to the sacred burial grounds, which holds the bodies of some of their most revered ancestors?

It has now been 6 years since the split, and the war over the burial grounds has gone on for 5 years, with no end in sight. The fighting has momently waned, as they bregrudgingly take the moment to nurse their wounded. However, right as they return to fighting, some darker, forgotten outside forces begin to move once more.

⚒ The Rivalry ⚒ is and includes:
x 15+ Age Limit
x Two sentence minimum post limit
x 2 Kingdoms, an Empire, and a Band of exiles to choose from.
x Engaging roleplay
x Big future plot events to expect!

Which side will you choose?
A fun roleplay server run by helpful staff! Will you join the Wolfdogs, Dogs, or Wolves in the brutal, war-filled world of Akeci? What will your canine’s power be? Your main faction? Only *you* know!

Welcome to The Wolves of Yellowstone official Discord server! This is a server set on supporting our upcoming comic series of the same name! Even being in the server, and talking actively will help. Everyone is welcome, especially if you're a fan of wolves, animals, literature, art, Yellowstone, community, and, of course, comics! Stay tuned for frequent series updates and snippets! We will soon open a website of mine (currently under construction) which will have a section based on the series and information on it. We'd love to have you!
*~>Welcome to Amaguk!<~*

Come take part in the wild North American landscape of the 1920's as a wolf or a normal human! We welcome all across the globe to take part in being a majestic and misunderstood world of the wolf!

Current Information

**Welcoming and friendly community
**Helpful staff
**Open to Partners and Allies
**Music, Memes, and fun bots
Mendeku is a very warm and welcoming server, with enthralling, active roleplay that has been going strong for almost 4 months! Come see where your character fits in!
Tensions rise between the packs of the forest, as Silent Oak continues to terrorize those who inhabit it. Silver Ash is now led by a power-hungry tyrant, who has teamed up with the Silent Oak Master. Lunar Creek continues to suffer from Silent Oak's vicious actions, leaving their Alpha at a loss of what to do to save his pack.

Far off, a fourth pack roams, looking for new land after leaving the snowy mountains. However, their journey becomes takes a turn for the worst as a crazed no-fur begins to follow them, using it's sleeping gas as a trap for the wolves. Will they be able to escape the terror of the no-fur, or will they succumb to it's dangerous gas?
We have:
+Friendly staff!
+LGBT+ Safe and Inclusive server and roleplay!
+Safe and fun community!
+Plenty of pack-specific ranks to choose from!
+Engaging plot!
+Biweekly giveaways!
+New roleplay channels!
+An open spot for you!
+ Soon to come: Custom color roles and self roles!

Roleplay is getting intense, come and join!
~ The New Era ~

Hello my fellow role player! Did you hear about The New Era? No, well here's a little bit about us.

The New Era was created as a next chapter for The Crimson Dawn pack. We are semi-literate and active server looking for unique wolves like you to join our pack. Our server has special ranks, roles, multiple role play channels, voice lounges, and much more. We are looking forward to meeting you all!

Darf ich vorstellen?-Mein Rudel
Wir sind eine verrückte Gruppe hobbyloser Menschen. Du suchst Leute mit denen du zocken oder vielleicht auch nur reden willst? Dann bist du genau richtig im Rudel!

Was zocken wir?

-Rainbow Six
(Zukünftig kommen mehr Spiele dazu)

Was bietet dir das Rudel?

-Einen übersichtlichen Discordserver
-Neue Freundschaften
-Talks für die Jeweiligen spiele

Was suchen wir?

-Aktive Mittis, die Spaß an allem möglichen haben

Wenn du dir sicher bist das das Rudel das Richtige für dich ist, dann tritt einfach mit dem link bei! Wir freuen uns auf dich.

LG Luna
╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗
Âmes Solitaires
╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝

• revamped/revived server from 2017-18
• stray dogs with limited slots for humans/wolves/wolfdogs/coydogs/etc
• member driven, literate, setting and plotlines
• friendly staff, hoping to have a big friendly community
• open to partnerships!
• open to suggestions and ideas
• member made packs and two groups to chose from (1 introduced later)
• hoping to have monthly events in the future
• other fun stuff, so don't be shy!

"Set within a small town Brașov, Romania, the town is slowly loosing it's population. Soon-to-be a ghost town, the feral and non-feral stray population has increased. Tourists are becoming rarer and rarer, the town is losing funds...people are leaving for a better life. Those who stay will have to deal with the soon 'dog explosion' when a certain family moves in to investigate the decaying city.

Will you live out your life alone, perhaps with a friend or two. Create a group or try to tango with the large presences that roam the streets? It's up to you, this is your story."
The Nightshade Pack’s territory lay deep in the heart of Yellowstone National Park in western Wyoming. Mountains lush with evergreens and pine trees make up most of the landscape, with rivers and lakes throughout. Fields of geysers also dot the terrain, and meadows full of tall grass make a great feeding ground for prey animals such as deer, elk, moose, and bison.

The Pack’s origins vary from story to story, but legend states that two brothers, Sköll and Weylyn, were born and raised in the land. They reestablished a pack there after a forest fire swept through the territory and left the land barren of all life. Under the rule of the pack, the landscape thrived and became a haven for both prey and predator alike.

The Nightshade Pack is surrounded with other packs, all of which pose a constant threat to them and their territory. Since the pack’s territory lay in Yellowstone National Park, plenty of humans can be found in the territory’s boundaries. Hunters cannot legally be found inside the Park, since it is protected by the humans’ government.

The threats posed to the pack are very treacherous and require the cooperation of the whole pack to overcome them. Many different individuals make their home in Nightshade, and all have something to offer to keep the peace in the territory. Will you aid in the prosperity of the pack?
🩸OvaCuria Empire 🩸

🩸 Welcome To OvaCuria Empire🩸

Here live Vampires of every generation.. Old, New, Royal and even Ancient Vampires.
We are a coven protected by the dangers outside the walls.
Here we are welcome. . Here we feed among the humans, they are simply our slaves, we need them for food.. driven sex.
They are property.
Back in 1776. . the wolves appeared in the woods, creating their home, they found out about the humans and are determined to stop us. They think we should all be killed , and we think they all should be killed. .
What goes around comes around right?

Which side will you pick?
The Vampires?
The Wolves?

Or become a simple Slave/Blood Bag.

The choice is yours.

Join us in fun/drama/fighting and splice of romance.

•LGBTQ Friendly.
•Fun Bots.
•No Bullying.
•Up to 5 OC’s.
• 16+ Server!

•Looking for responding/responsible Admins. .