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This is a server based on watch dogs

This is a half roleplay half gameplay server

After DEDSEC SF took the world by storm a girl named “Koharu Takahashi” decide to make a dedsec fan group in Tokyo’s capital city known as “metropolitan”. 1 week after Koharu made the dedsec fan group a company who’s name is “the beginning” was born and claimed that they will protect metropolis from potential threats, that was all lies. They robbed stores, put people in cages and more. Koharu know something has to change and thus “DEDSEC TYO” was born
-_accessing database_-

Welcome to 𝚆𝙰𝚃𝙲𝙷_𝙳𝙾𝙶𝚂
This is a RP Server based in San Francisco, and on the lore of WATCH_DOGS 1, 2 and soon Legion.

°You do not have to know much about the game to join, its basically a roleplay server about living in a city and a bunch of hackers. You can be a police officer and try to stop the hackers, be the hacker that stops the bad hackers, be a normal citizen, work for a business hated by one of the top protest hacker groups. Oportunities are unlimited°
The world is yours. . .

-This server has been revived and now has active roleplayers, feel free to join the WATCH_DOGS world for an amazing experience.

What are you waiting for, Hacker? Join US.
W4T5UP G4M3R5, Join our server DED_WATCH and chat about watch_dogs also learn about making mods for GTA San Andreas or just chill n chat ^_^.

Join DED_WATCH Today

Join us as we embark on an adventure to stop the templars (abstergo and blume) once and for all. Make your own character and join the assassins and/or dedsec and help them in the fight against the templars or join the templars themselves and help them overtake the assassins and end them once and for all.
Welcome to san Francisco, the home of dedsec... will you join them and rise to one of the best or will you be a newbie to be trained by the legends? Find out in your adventure through this state....
As we have seen this E3, the once great country of England has been tarnished by the new militant state reminiscent of an Orwell novel. But, regardless, the people fight. Will you overturn the horrors of the oppressive dictatorship, or will you wallow in submission?

Your answer should be obvious, so join us, today.

Vive la résistance!
We are a dedicated discord server designed to find pedophiles on all platforms of social media and bring them to light. We will expose those meaning to hurt children, you can do your part, communicate with others, and fight a good fight.
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